2021: A Year Ahead Spread (and mini January 2021 Reading)

Andrea Furtick

2021 is quickly approaching.

As 2020 comes to a close and we all may be taking the time to look back and reflect, now's also a great time to look forward into the future with The Afro Goddess Year Ahead Spread.

Perspective is Everything.

Grab your decks! This spread is built with the Afro Goddess Oracle as the base, however if you only have the Afro Goddess Tarot Deck, that works well too.

But what's the difference between the Afro Goddess Oracle and Afro Goddess Tarot decks?

So let's get started! Here's the Spread and instructions:

How To:

In your meditative state, with focus on creating the most fulfilling year for yourself as possible, give your AG Oracle deck a good shuffle.

Then begin laying the cards, 3 each for each month, in a clockwise position beginning with the 1 o'clock position.

Use the last card as the "Focus of the Year."

Then read month by month.

The center card is your focus for the month. Then Use the two outside cards to provide insight of the focus card. 

And then...grad your AG Tarot for clarifiers.

So let's have a look at our sample read:

And Let's Go Through The Sample's January:

In January, our Focus card is The Book. This tells us that something will be learned. It could come from traditional book learning, reading, or research of some kind...but some mystery shall be uncovered. 

Supporting this focus, we have The Tree and The Key. The Tree is a card about things that run deep..."roots." When coupled with The Key, a card illuminating a principle factor in a situation, these two let us know that what we are to learn will be very important and affect our "roots."

Not enough, I know...so let's grab the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas (Special Edition) deck and pull clarifiers.

Now this is much more illuminating.

That thing we are going to learn with The Book will take us OUT of a deepened state of anxiety or anguish, as shown by it's clarifier the 9 of Swords in reverse. New roots will be taking form with The Tree and a new cycle will be beginning for us, as shown by the Tree's clarifier The Wheel of Fortune. This information learned will be so important as presented with The Key; but also will be literally like cups running over and wishes granted, as shown by the 9 of Cups.

And numerologically speaking, two 9's and a 10.... an ending and a beginning. 

This is actually such a beautiful January. I receive this and I hope you do too, lol.

Your Turn! :)

So grad your decks and a notebook, because you are going to want to record this (it's a large spread and a lot to remember).

So here are a few random tips:

  • Even though the spread is designed for both the Afro Goddess Oracle and Afro Goddess Tarot decks to be used, it is possible to do the spread without the Oracle deck. Only have the Tarot deck, that's fine, use the Tarot cards (same instructions) until you get the Oracle too... ;)
  • Spreads can be personal. I've done this spread before with the monthly focus in the center and instead of blending the two outside cards for a detail, I've made the left card a strength for the month and the right card a weakness. You are welcomed to adopt this principle as well if it calls you.
  • Again, write this reading down!!! You will want to look back later for guidance...so snap a pic and write it down.
  • See something that looks not so favorable? Again, perspective is EVERYTHING. Foresight is freedom, and preparation to create a different outcome is key. We create our own reality here at the Afro Goddess Connection, Free Will is our superpower. lol
  • Have an Afro Goddess Rune Set? Feel free to pull a rune for each month as well, and then use the corresponding mantra/chant/spell in the booklet for personal power each month.
  • Shake your Afro Goddess Eye of Epiphany Perception Orb once for each month and record the advice. (DO NOT SLEEP ON THE ORB...it's the true definition of a "magic ball." Might look like a toy...but is it tho...

Have an AMAZING 2021!

2020 was hard for so many of us, as a collective...I know, we're ALL tired.

However, 2021 seems to hold a new promise, and I wish you all the abundance in life that your soul can stand. I speak upon you the spirit of resilience, the spirit of The Supreme.

I wanted to be able to open up readings for this, however due to my constantly increasingly busy schedule, I just can't. So I hope I've detailed it enough for you to be able to perform the readings for yourselves and each other. 

"Don't just give a man a fish. Teach him how to fish."

And in fact...wasn't that the focus card for the entire year? (The Fish card is a positive card about abundance and the flow of its presence)

So next year...may you be a badass fisher(wo)man. 

Peace and blessings. Share this spread with anyone you think needs it.






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  • Janina on

    Greetings sis,
    I purchased your tarot deck in the early part of last year. I haven’t been able to use it til now, my daughter and I both have a deck and we did your year reading last night. The imaging spread/laid out is amazing and I thank you for that, it all resonates beautifully .. only thing for me is the text is too tiny tow my 55yr old eyes to read, my daughter had to read mines for me. I’m hoping you have a PDFs version that I can refer to. Thanking you in advance


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