2022 — The Year of the Key: Afro Goddess Yearly Divination Predictions (with extended January reading)

Andrea Furtick

2022 — The Year of the Key: Afro Goddess Yearly Divination Predictions

As the creator of the Afro Goddess Divination collection, a professional divination reader, and master manifester — I read the oracle and tarot systems with the pure intentions of assisting my client/the collective with ideals that can provide true paths to one’s personal progressive change. Enjoy.

2022, come in. We’ve been waiting for you.

After the last several years have consisted of major changes, shifts, and endings occurring all around and within us, most of us are now welcoming 2022 with both hopes of new beginnings and a position of peace with what is, was, and will be.

And as we enter 2022, know that the energies suggest a powerful year of counteracting both obstacle and circumstance…however, it also suggests an unforgettable year of tactfully gaining great and lasting rewards.

So remember, tis the journey itself that holds the most important weight of the story; so be sure to honor every step — every high…every low…

Be ye not afraid to LIVE.

So let’s discuss the journey set for 2022.

Bon voyage.

Focus Card for the Year: THE KEY

2022 will be an important year of great weight upon one’s future to come. 2022 will be one’s “key.”

The essence of The Key card encompasses the literal unlocking of one’s destiny. For at this moment, blockages are needing to be broken and hindering mysteries are glaringly necessary to be solved.

With that stated — know that life is all about choice and free will. So should one choose not to seek “the key” to unlock what’s to come, one must be prepared for the stagnancy and confusion at the other end of the spectrum.

Again, be ye not afraid to live.

So with The Key appearing in the position of the year’s focus, know that within this upcoming year one shall indeed have the opportunity to make a valiant choice and effort to embark upon the journey of unlocking the gifts of the future.


January: The Fish + The Bear illuminating The Heart

An aggressive amount of abundance could very well rush in to “balance” a situation. (Remember, abundance comes in many forms — both material and relational.) In fact, BALANCE is the obstacle to be overcome this month.

Thinking of The Fish card individually, know that each fish within a school must do their destined part to contribute to the success of the whole. So what “parts” of your school of fish are lacking and disrupting the formation?

And when you think of The Bear, a bear is indeed one of the most powerful and aggressive land animals there is. So consider this — should you be exercising more or less aggression in your pursuit?

With these details in mind, one can surely achieve a balance in some area of abundance that has been lacking prior to this January with strategic effort.

(As a special extension of clarification for the month of January ahead, we’ll get some deeper guidance from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition deck.)

Gain balance in January by listening to one’s intuitive desire at intuitive times.

Nine of Pentacles in the Action to Implement position suggests that you’ve been working hard towards something and it’s time for the fruits of your labor to bloom by your command — however, the key here is one MUST command the garden! The powerful falcon awaits your instruction, pentacles await your picking, and grapes await your gathering. All are available to you, so shall you command them into your possession?

With The Son of Pentacles in the Action to Eliminate/Adjust position, Universal Spirit is acknowledging the hard work and effort you’ve put in, but most of all — they recognize your patience. You have tended the garden. You have worked the fields and weathered all conditions. You have waited faithfully — however, NOW you must stop waiting. You must harvest your rewards by standing tall and being aggressively proud — like the mighty Bear — of what you’ve done.

So in January, could it be that one’s greatest balance shall be achieved when one truly recognized how great one is themselves? Quite possibly.

Month by Month Overviews

February: The Man + The Book illuminating The Star

In February, a man (or you, yourself, if you are a male) may offer to you a lesson or piece of knowledge that will provide you with a certain amount of optimism towards the progression of your path.

March: Birds + The Tower illuminating The Ship

Too many voices. Unsolicited advice may appear in March. You are on a journey you either must take alone or be selective about whom accompanies you. Listen to YOU.

April: The Coffin + The Whip illuminating The Scythe

Celebrate in April. The end of a restricting situation has suddenly come. And with this pain’s ending, breathe easy — it’s over OVER.

May: The Snake + The Clover illuminating The House

A lucky transformation has come in May to set a lasting and strong foundation. Be on the lookout for its magical appearance.

June: The Crossroads + The Stork illuminating The Cross

To whom much is given, much is required. A decision on your part in June will affect the load you carry. Be smart. Delegate. Don’t burn yourself out before you get where you’re going.

July: The Moon + The Garden illuminating The Ring

In July, subconscious fears could hold you back from recognition should you choose not to commit to the spotlight. The light is shining on you, but do you want it?

August: The Rider + The Tree illuminating The Mice

A health scare (but JUST a scare should proper care to be administered) concerning you or someone you love is possible in August. Pay attention to any warning signs you may see.

September: The Child + The Ankh illuminating The Black Fox

New beginnings, regeneration, renewed health, and/or even a baby’s birth is possible in September! And with family matters at the center, one must always — even in joy — move carefully to protect the unit.

October: The Bouquet + The Lily illuminating Clouds

Passionate interactions in October could clear up some misunderstandings. However, don’t get caught up romanticizing anything — allow those clouds to roll and see what’s really there.

November: The Letter + The Sun illuminating The Mountain

In November, written communication or conversation of some sort will alleviate some type of obstacle you have been working to overcome. Allow the Sun to shine on you.

December: The Goddess + The Anchor illuminating The Dog

In December, loyalty may be proven by a woman or you could be proving loyalty to someone yourself (if you’re female). Either way, this act will be the new foundation of what’s between the two of you.

2022 will be a valiant journey, and I hope you meet it as a valiant warrior.

Resilience is a superpower that each of us possesses…and if you were unsure if you had it — I’m pretty sure that version of you is right around the corner, should you allow it to be.

May your journey in 2022 be The Key to unlocking all of your deepest desires. Ase.


Want to perform the above reading for yourself? Here's the recipe! lol

using the Afro Goddess Oracle deck (main deck)

and Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition (clarifying cards)

So there's the recipe. Want the "special sauce" from the creator of the deck herself? Click here!

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