2023: How to Use Your Willpower to Climb the Mountain of Life

Andrea Furtick

It’s not supposed to be easy — it’s supposed to be worth it.

We’re all just on a path to what we think is happiness. No map. No guarantees…just faith and footsteps.

And if 2022 wasn’t your finest year— no worries, 2023 is here!

The world may be constantly changing, along with our individual circumstances and relationships, but one thing remains constant — the power of YOU.

Although it may sound cliche, willpower will always be a superpower. To be able to control one’s actions, emotions, and urges in this tempting world is “key” (and coincidentally the center card from 2022’s spread); but even with the strongest willpower…it also really helps to know what you may have to use that willpower on…in advanced.

And where one may suggest the divination practices of oracle and tarot for predictions (which leaves one helpless to a pretold end result), I’ve grown accustomed to utilizing oracle and tarot for means of predictive perspective (which leaves one in charge of the end happening through a calculated choice or self chosen course of action).

— because it’s all up to YOU.

That’s right, YOU single-handedly hold the power to ignite your deepest flames of desire and manifestation, but will you?

The delicate (or not so delicate) balance of thoughts, actions, emotions, and materialization equate to all that we are — so with that, our level of self knowledge and control truly equates to all that we will be.

And there it is again — our will…the tiny seed we need to truly be powerful.

2023 Spread using The Afro Goddess Oracle & Tarot Decks

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So here’s our “predictive perspective” for 2023—

Afro Goddess Oracle Mountain Card

…centered around the oracle card of The Mountain.

Let’s take a moment and really discuss what it would realistically take to climb a mountain — and why so few succeed.

Conquering a mountain would take balance, agility, and focus in both preparation and persistence.

To scale a mountain, one would, at core level, need a strengthened and advanced level of physical and mental fortitude that has most likely been developed through a great deal of training and practice. The terrain will be uneven, the weather patterns unpredictable, and the wild animals that lurk will present challenge. So clearly, there is more than the risk of falling associated with the mountain— but also the risk of real danger and possible death if one succumbs to the elements it surprisingly presents.

So again, how powerful is the power of your will? Is it truly powerful enough to set foot upon the glorious peak few ever experience?

Not sure? 2023 just might be the year you find out.

2023: The Mountain + (The Two of Pentacles & The Sun)

Life could truly improve and get really good for you in 2023 — if you allow it.

Atop The Mountain lies a glorious view accompanied by easy breathes and a once in a lifetime type of peace. And although the journey to the mountain was frightening and full of risk, this place is indeed full of nothing but recognition and reward.

Illuminated by the energy of The Sun card, your efforts in the year 2023 will glow in magnitude. This could mean an abundance of joy — or an abundance of pain; all dependent upon the energy you exude towards your journey… so be careful of your words and actions.

And in regards to the Two of Pentacles, be sure to stay focused on balance. Do not pour so deeply into one area of life that the others lack and fall apart, as that would be counterproductive. Instead, concentrate on carefully taking care of all responsibilities within reason and not excess. Excess will arrive eventually, but only if you follow the formula of balance in the beginning.

JANUARY: The Bouquet (The Black Fox + The Star reversed, Clouds + The Empress reversed

In 2022 you may have planted some seeds that have still not yet taken blossom— however, in January you will start to finally see the first of those blooms.

The Star reversed asks you to stay confident in yourself as you pursue the role of The Black Fox and provide unconditional service and care for those that you love and care for through your actions in the material world. Now is a time to focus on YOU when doing business, and that will bring about the balance that will provide increased focus on your loved ones in your family life.

Know a difficulty may arise, and if not a difficulty; it could be a misunderstanding or moment of general confusion. In this moment, The Empress reversed asks you to stay dedicated to the project, task, person, or situation at hand. Have faith and remember why you are doing what you’re doing, that will get you through.

FEBRUARY: The Moon (The Key + Son of Swords, The Mice + The Devil)

Blossoms from January will shine bright in the striking light of The Moon in February.

A new piece of information will arrive swiftly with the Son of Swords; and that information will be The Key to something otherwise stagnated.

You may want to keep this advancement to yourself, as some Mice may be near and ready to infect your pure plans with their Devilish intentions.

February is a month to move in silence, don’t let anyone in that doesn’t need to be there.

MARCH: The Bear (The Scythe + Four of Wands Reversed, The Ring + Four of Pentacles)

Stand tall, The Bear indicates that your strength will be noticed and you will be seen as a powerful leader and defender in March.

The Scythe will bring a swift ending to any home or team level miscommunication you may have been recently experiencing; and The Ring will provide commitment to the stability and calculated balance of the Four of Pentacles.

Hold onto what you need to, but have some flexibility in your compromise. A powerful partnership is possible in March, so be strong but mindful of aggression. They already know you’re in charge!

APRIL: The Stork (The Tower + Nova: The Universe reversed, The Anchor + Daughter of Cups reversed)

At the start of 2023, The Stork brought in massive transformation and you began bravely rising to the occasion every day. You found stability with The Anchor, but that will only last as long as you remain confident (as says the Daughter of Cups reversed).

You’ve been flying high — until now; but at some point you started having harmful thoughts, or falling to the illusions of imposter syndrome.

Could it be possible that all the laser focus on your work has led you to a place within The Tower full of isolation, exhaustion, and sadness? It does not have to be this way, believe in yourself and find the joy in your power again!

Nova: Goddess of the Universe — in reversed — shows us a powerful soul that has somehow lost confidence. See what others see. You wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t deserved. Find your bravery and fly again.

MAY: The House (The Tree + Eight of Swords, The Rider + The Seven of Swords)

In May, we focus on The House — where you may find yourself doing some work on your inner self, family relationships, or the foundation of your financial situation. As indicated by the Eight of Swords, a (possibly self inflicted) moment of restriction has occurred — so what will you do?

The Rider let’s us know you will need to think and act quickly in this matter; and when coupled with the Seven of Swords, know that should you find yourself needing to conceal something, be careful of loose lipped spectators. The focus is on you, and ONLY you have the power to free yourself from this issue. You will not need anyone else’s approval or opinion to act on your own best behalf; so don’t even ask.

JUNE: The Ankh (The Birds + Goddess of Pentacles, The Crossroads + The Emperor)

As the ultimate symbol of restoration and renewal, The Ankh will bring in a welcomed and joyous renewal or birth in June.

Connections made between The Birds can lead to an abundance in the material space, as indicated by the Goddess of Pentacles.

At the Crossroads, it is clear that you made a brave choice to embody the energy of The Emperor and take control of what was balancing in your orbit— now leading you to a place of harmony and plenty.

Congratulations. Enjoy this moment!

JULY: The Star (The Coffin + Judgement, The Lily + The World)

You’ve been making progress so far, as indicated by The Star, and your optimisms are indeed guiding you on the right path.

However, Judgements are everywhere — from partners to possibly even police matters — someone, somewhere may be trying to enforce their opinions or rules upon you. No worries though, as it looks like you may be putting the last nail in The Coffin on caring for the Judgements of others (marvelous) and looking forward to living life unapologetically your way from now on.

In fact, this new Lily energy of freedom most likely will reignite your passions and bring in the intense and lasting change you’ve been looking for in your World.

Stay focused on your authentic path…YOU decide where it turns.

AUGUST: The Whip (The Clover + Seven of Pentacles Reversed, The Snake + Eight of Wands reversed)

It hasn’t been easy, says The Whip. You’ve been working harder than ever lately, but you’ve been feeling less free and more skeptical of all the time, energy, and/or finances you may have invested here as shown by the Seven of Pentacles reversed. BUT before you give up — The Clover will be delivering you a blessing of luck soon. Stay the course, what you desire will bloom soon enough.

And if you wondered — why so many obstacles? The Snake and Eight of Wands reversed indicates some deceitful information or actions may have been the reason. If done by you, shed this ideology and change your ways; if done by another… know there is a snake in the grass that you may have to kill (or be killed…your choice).

SEPTEMBER: The Cross (The Child + The Ten of Swords, The God + The Son of Pentacles)

Clearly you’ve been carrying a pretty heavy load, as shown by The Cross.

A possibly painful, but definitely final, ending approaches (via The Ten of Swords) in this matter and brings with it a new beginning as shown by The Child.

The God is here — so prepare to meet an important man in September. He may offer help in fertilizing the crops you’ve been working to grow in the energy of The Son of Pentacles.

So…shall you accept his help or offer? Again, it’s up to you!

OCTOBER: The Letter (The Dog + The Ten of Cups reversed, The Fish + The Ten of Wands)

October offers us newness in the form of The Letter and will bring in new communications or conversations of loyalty, with The Dog.

Should there had been a Ten of Wands type strain on your flow of finances, indicated by The Fish, expect to see that let up as a result of communicative exchange.

However, this may not be so much of a gift — but perhaps a loan, investment, employment offer, marriage proposal, university acceptance, etc. Basically, you will have to do or give something in return. Be realistic of what’s expected of you with The Ten of Cups reversed and ready to do your part to make this a mutually beneficial situation.

NOVEMBER: The Goddess (The Garden + Three of wands reversed, Heart + Nine of Pentacles)

Some frustrating, but necessary, setbacks may occur in November as shown by the Three of Wands in reversed. However, know that — as you walk through your Garden of accomplishments and see fewer than prescribed blossoms — each bloom must individually blossom in its own time. Enjoy what’s there and patiently await the rest. Perhaps the Universe will send in someone to assist…

In fact, they will. A woman, The Goddess, will come in to be your helpmate as indicated by The Heart. Whatever agreement reached with this woman will fertilize your crops and produce the fruit of labor you’ve been expecting.

And should no woman come, and you yourself be a woman, this month is about you finding pride in what was, joy in what is, and strength to solo produce what’s to come. You’ve got this, go out and get that Nine of Pentacles!

DECEMBER: The Book (The Ship + The God of Swords, The Sun + The Four of Swords

You may find yourself flipping through The Book in December, absorbing knowledge and facts to elevate your situation. The factual truths you will find while in this energy of the God of Swords will place you upon The Ship — a place of hope in the face of the unseen to see the magic of one’s futuristic destiny.

The presence of The Sun illuminates to us that there will be a glaring victory attached to this information, so the Universe asks you to believe it when you see it without contest, as shown with the Four of Swords.

Simply absorb, apply, and take the ride. The winds in your sails will do the rest.


2023 may not be a complete walk in the park — but it will have it’s moments.

Wasn’t the “Gonna be your best year…abundance will overflow” reading you expected? Know that problems will ALWAYS be, so this is a REALISTIC view of what’s to come.

So what can you do to combat the trying times to come? Whatever you will. Think about this —

Imagine getting a divination card reading that showed you going outside at 3pm on a Friday, stopping at a specific street, smelling a specific smell, sighting a strange dog, and seeing a red car rushing towards you in efforts to harm you… not listening to those signs and then finding yourself lying in a hospital bed thinking, “I should have known when…”

…well I just told showed you all the 3pms, all the street signs, all the distinctive smells, strange dogs, and red cars — of 2023 — in advance. Perhaps you’ll stay home. Perhaps you’ll reroute. The choice belongs to you. Remember, time is an illusion and you’ll make it to destiny when you’re supposed to, not a moment before or a moment after.

Just do your best with what you know, to be the best that you can be.

Happy 2023.

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