"Amidst the Chaos, Creation Dawns."

Andrea Furtick

 "Amidst the chaos, creation dawns."

There is no greater threat to the force of creation than an interruption. So over the last month or so, I spent some time learning to quiet my mind and wholeheartedly obliging the requests of Universal Spirit. 

For we cannot hear, if we cannot listen...so I listened.

On March 6th, I had a birthday. Yep, this is 31. Although it is often customary in the American culture to do the "turn up" for our birthdays, the Ancestors instructed me to do the opposite and spend the time in solitude reviewing, resetting, and releasing. So it appears this caused me to Hermit mode on y'all for a bit. My apologies if you missed me! :) But let me let you in on all that's manifested in this time of solitude and introspection. 

(And if it urges you to have your own Hermit energy during this strange and chaotic time in the world...go for it!!! Besides, when's the last time you really had time to truly listen anyway?)

Love that above painting? :) Me too. It's from the up and coming Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System. So, yes, I've been painting a new deck! This piece celebrates the balance and productivity of developing both your external and internal knowledge. For if you rest upon what you already know and fill your cup with new knowledge, by your hand your manifestations shall be destined. I can't wait til Spirit says I'm done with this deck! More details are to follow... 

The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition sold out. Whew chile!!! This deck went in a blink of an eye. My deepest gratitude to everyone who was (and is still being) patient as processing, signing, and packaging over 600 packages within the last 30 days has been no small task for my two hands amidst this worldwide crisis. I'm not sure if or when this deck will return, but may they truly be treasures to all whom possess them. 

The Afro Goddess Oracle decks will now ship in April. Due to coronavirus shutting down our printing facility for several weeks, the ship to me, at Afro Goddess Headquarters, date went from March 14 to March 31. This has just been one of those things I could not control, and my deepest appreciation to all whom are patiently waiting for this shipment to arrive. According to our liaison at the company, we are on schedule for the new ship date and I look forward to sending these decks out to you all as soon as they become available.

Buttttt along with this oracle shipment, we will also be receiving a shipment of Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Classic edition decks!!! My inbox is always full of messages inquiring the return of my most popular deck, so I planned a surprise shipment for everyone whom has been holding out for this timeless beauty. 


Oh yea, and Spirit asked me to write a book. lol So over the last month I wrote a complete guide and spellbook to introduce or enhance your knowledge of the ancient Rune divination system. If you know nothing about runes, they are blessed stones with ancient symbols that provide clarity when asked a question, much like our divination cards. So along with the complete book, I've had runic sets created for us in clear quartz, amethyst, black agate, and carnelian. More information on these will be available soon...and I hope I've got you excited about a new journey to seek!

Also, effective immediately, prints have been discontinued. I will be replacing our small prints with giant tapestries of all kinds! To start, Nova: The Universe, of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition has arrived. I think this is now a much better option and value. I hope you enjoy this improvement!!!

So along with that, I'm also climbing a new MOUNTAIN that I cannot speak of yet. But just know, every move you make, every true intention, every tear you cry, is counted by Universal Spirit. And one day...that thing you never saw possible will be right in front of your face. Don't let the world distract you. Spend this time cultivating your deepest desire. So much is breaking down to be rebuilt bigger and better. 

Thank you all for everything. For being alongside these creative journies, for checking on me in the hardest moments of creation, and ultimately having faith in the work that I do. I can't say what's to come, but your going to be like...I KNEW SHE WOULD. 

So mote it be. 


Andrea, Creator



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  • Lotus Ra-El on

    I stumbled across your Afro Tarot deck after looking for an oracle deck that represented the ancestors, and that would bring about the special connection I was seeking. I have so many oracle cards I cannot count them in number. Yet I was so drawn to your deck that I was heart broken when it was sold out on Esty. I’ve been checking back and forth since last year to see if they were available, but no luck.
    I headed the call of spirit the other day to check your website and I decided to go ahead and preorder. I need this deck! Anyway I just read your article and it resonated with me very much. Especially when you said “ For if you rest upon what you already know and fill your cup with new knowledge, by your hand your manifestations shall be destined.” I have been trying manifest something for a very long time and the timing and also fear of failure has kept me from taking the leap. It’s so nice to know there are sisters out there inspiring others, that we can create and do the work we desire from our hearts instead of being a slave to the corporate world. It’s so empowering to see other women of color living their dreams, creating, and uplifting the world with good intentions. At a time filled with so much uncertainty, it is good to see like minded spirits still moving forward on their journey. Thanks for sharing and I am excited, and I look so forward to receiving my deck soon.

  • Kennae on

    I’m so excited for what is to come. All that you are creating and all that Spirit is unveiling because we cannot ever be the same again after all of this.

  • RO on

    I recieved my deck the other day and I am truly greatful as the cards are so beautiful. I took time to read this article and will definitely take from it “listening”

    What a time to really thrive


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