May 2022: EMERGENCE. (Once) Jammed Gears. Javelins. Free Flight.

Andrea Furtick


I love the discussion of what it takes for a flower or butterfly to bloom. The darkness of the soil or cocoon. The nourishment cycle. The waiting. The transformation and reveal.

So, let's begin here.

When all is divine, at just the right time;

one shall emerge the cocoon.

Unique in one's beauty, one welcomes the duty,

to contribute to a garden at bloom.


They say April showers bring May flowers.... so whether you are awaiting a single bloom or an entire garden… may the rain of your blood, sweat, and tears be not in vain.

Check out this video by psychologist Brad Yates.

Why is he tapping?

"Emotionally Focused Therapy," (EFT)/Tapping, is a brief intervention that combines elements of somatic stimulation, exposure, and cognitive therapy — and you use your own fingertips to do it. In short, it involves quick, repeated light-touch on specific acupressure points — or energy “hot spots” — to restore balance to the body's system."

So why did I show you that?

As a "professional manifester" I urge you to learn to trust the process. Our manmade creation of time can literally become the poison that infects our futures if we fall victim. The world is rushing...faster...and faster...and faster. 

However, know the ability to gracefully wait often stands in the middle of us having everything and having nothing. So how many blessings have you prematurely cancelled lately?

And no judgements; I, too, have cancelled a few of my own blessings, I'm sure; as my ego led me to an impatient loss of faith while my head led me deeply into an imposturous state.

"If ifs and buts were presents, oh what a Christmas we would have."
- character Raymond Reddington, from the tv series Blacklist


 However, we must know the ego is not faithful. In fact, the ego is indeed demanding, self serving, and stagnant. But the's soul is expansive, aligning, and sure of the unseen. For the soul exhibits faith to facilitate the future, grace to heal the past, and courage to move through the present.

Tis the soul of us that emerges; and a life lived from the soul is both expansive and free.

(Once) Jammed Gears. 

 So now lets take a journey with the original artwork of The Real Houses of Astrology (XL Tapestry available at this link).

Real Houses of Astrology Original

 There's so much to be said about this visual, astrological house map. Each house unveils a different meaning, however today we'll focus on the 6th House: The House of Health.

 *Tis also no coincidence either that the House of Health falls in-between the Houses of Pleasure and Balance, as all is by divine design.

(Get the Real Houses of Astrology Explanation & Spread booklet here.)

 The House of Health refers not only to the literal health of a person throughout their life but also to the contributions one makes, on a consistent basis, to keep one's life "healthy." This includes one's job, fitness routine, pets, analytical nature, work ethic, organizational skills, and general sense of usefulness. It is here we can see how we fit into handling issues and responsibilities both daily and unexpected. This house is the place of disciplined action in the pursuit of normalcy.

 So how healthy is your existence?

 Nestled directly in between the things we love (House of Pleasure) and the things we commit to (House of Balance), the things we contribute to (or not to) will indeed directly affect the happiness we find ourselves with and the commitments and/or situations we find ourselves in.

So is your life running like a well oiled machine? For it only takes one gear to stop for the others to all are interdependent. 

"So Drea, How do we get OUT of this jam???"

Directly across from the 6th House of Health is the 1st House of Self...and that's the answer...just be YOU. And not just any old version of you, but the version of you that is a bit aggressive in pursuit. In fact, add a little Aires energy to the mix, being that it is represented by the 1st House of Self; and give it all you've got to unjam the initially jammed gear and all the others will start back running with ease.

And yes... I am indeed a Magician whom uses alchemic fixes for almost everything, however sometimes the ONLY fix is ACTUALLY rolling up our sleeves and working it out. 

Know that faith without work is dead in every spiritual practice or religion, and the Universe is here to support our efforts... not take the place of them.

Want to hear more about the houses? Listen below.


So now that we've gotten unstuck. how do we move forward?

Let's now visit everyone's favorite tarot storybook, The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Explorations.

Now with energies flying high,

and winds blowing in the sky, 

eight wands focus and take their best shots.

But see how one's caught the wind just right;

and leap the others in the light,

making this the beginning of a victory well fought.

 Are we Olympic Javelin throwers? Professionally, no. However, when it comes to the game of life; one absolutely must be!

So let's imagine what it takes.

Before the javelin is ever thrown, it takes a bit of vision and aim to create the path to the distant place in which the javelineer envisions.

Imagine yourself launching a javelin. First you FOCUS on your may hold your breath as you steady your core and squint your eyes to exact your vision. Then carefully you angle it, and find the perfect ALIGNMENT because it's your moment, and you're ready to shoot your shot. And in a quick moment, you are in PURSUIT, and nothing else matters as you launch your javelin towards your goal. You exhale. Your body loosens. And just as sure as you are that you will be victorious, the Universe carries you farther than you ever dreamed possible...a win well deserved.. all because you aligned...and you pursued your decision to win.

Focus: Blocking Out the Distractions

The world is so full of noise; and often I feel it to be designed to be an obstacle course full of chaos in hopes of us purifying it through our soulful efforts and transmuting said chaos into peace.

And when I say "world," I am referring to both our collective and individual worlds of existence. No existence is avoid conflict; remember, all is connected, all is YOU.  

But as you stride along your journey, sometimes a tunnel vision is necessary.

Now let's slip into our imaginations again...

Imagine you were the leader of an army, fighting in the heat of battle alongside your soldiers. Sword drawn, you're swinging with all your might with laser focus on your target. Then suddenly one of your comrading soldiers taps you on the shoulder, in the heat of battle, to ask how much longer the battle will be?

(Swords are still being swung at both of you, by the way.) 

HOW LONG WILL THE BATTLE BE? As long as it takes! And at this moment  this internal distraction is unnecessarily putting you both at risk...distracting BOTH of you from actually fighting such a necessary battle...that you both are in together.  

So as a leader of more than one, what do you do for the rest? To sustain this cuts out distractions, feelings of limitations, and all whom lack belief in the actuality of the path.

Then one continues to fight to victory and stands with only the strongest at their side.

For you are a warrior, and you shall act as such...focused on the pending victory at hand.


Blessings. Onward to June.

News & Announcements

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Editions: Arrived & Shipping

They say "tell God your plans and he'll laugh at them." 

So true. So true.

If you can recall, the Special Edition restock was originally scheduled for May, however, in an attempt to appease customers during the sellout I tried to move it up to March.

God, the Universe, and my Ancestors must have "rotfl;" because when they said May...they meant May. And now, in May, the decks are here. Such a story to be told of it's arrival, however, not one I can publicly share just yet. Just know, another battle for melanated creation won; and yes, tis truly a battle that I'll share with you all one day. 

Shipping is beginning immediately. Thank you all for your patience and understanding while your lifetime treasures took a few extra months to prepare. 

TIDE (The International Divination Event) in Dallas, TX  May 20-22, 2022

 I can't tell you all how very excited and honored I am to be a keynote speaker alongside some of the most talented and knowledgeable divination writers, practitioners, and creators of our time.

If you can be in Dallas the weekend of May 20-22nd, this is definitely going to be an amazing divination conference that could truly change your life.  

So come hear me speak alongside so many other divination professionals, practitioners, and experts and enjoy a weekend packed full of wonderful activities.

Can't physically make it? Grab a virtual ticket!

More information, here.

But seriously, I do hope you can make it... I have a feeling it will be a great time of connection, a great time of growth, a great time of EMERGENCE.

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