August 2021: Envision. Explore. Expand.

Andrea Furtick

Happy August Connection!!! Oh how the year is flying by, and I hope each of you are finding a way to stay fluid during these times. Regardless of where you are in life or the world, I sincerely hope each of you are safe, happy, and healthy.

So let's get into our message to begin the month!

Envision. Explore. Expand. 

 Believe it. It's already happening. My darling, you are on your way. 

The Goddess in the III of Wands, from the AGTA Special Edition, is a true Goddess of expansion and enterprise. Being one of true ingenuity and foresight, she sees the opportunity ahead and forges forward in harmony with any obstacles that may arise. At this moment she knows that door is open JUST for her, and with each and every step she gets closer to what's next.

And then we have The Daughter of Pentacles, also from the AGTA Special Edition, which is a card of new ideas to materialize. So in correlation to the III of Wands, if you've been needing to know how to get closer to that new door or opportunity, take this as an indication that it may be time to allow some new ideas to take form into reality. Have no fear...the ideas are already there; as you absolutely have known what to do but either weren't sure how to do it or if it was even possible. However, Universal Spirit want you to know it's more than possible... it's destined and it's happening.

So let's choose a card from the Afro Goddess Oracle to see exactly what may be coming in. 

 Well... you'll be getting your big Bouquet!

 As said in the AG Oracle guidebook:

If it's in LOVE, this could represent a happy and blossoming union. Good things are happening and you are basking in the beauty of your mutual growth. Enjoy it.

If it's in CAREER, a great opportunity could be blossoming for you! Success is yours for the moment, so enjoy the fruitfulness of the blossoms while everyone is in awe of your beauty and worth. This is a harmonious time; so relax, be the best you, and be the best at what you do.

Health: an indication of good health and improvements to poor health.

And with the Bouquet card representing the number of 9, know you can expect something in possibly 9 days, 9 weeks, or 9 months. (Take it as it resonates to your own situation.)

So take the time God(dess) and be sure to actually "smell the roses."  Honor how far you have come and be open to receive the gifts the Universe has in store for you in the very near future. 

Keep striding, because some information could also be coming in to you quickly. Stay aware. Stay on task. Stay on the path.


I hope this message has blessed you with some guidance in some way!!! Now let's get into our updates!

AGTA Special Edition & Afro Goddess Oracle: Ships Coming In!

Well actually, ships came in. lol

The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition and Afro Goddess Oracle decks have arrived into the country and are awaiting the carriers exchange. 

I'm so excited to say shipping on these two deck styles should hopefully be able to start in about 10 days. 

I want to thank you all for your patience thus far and thank you in advance for the patience you will have as I work through the orders. (It should take about two weeks from arrival to distribute the decks.) Tracking numbers of course will be issued via email or SMS messaging (dependent upon what you chose at time of purchase) and if your address needs to be changed, please send your order number and new address to

(Still) Crafting: The Clear Vision Duo Deck System

 I want to first thank you all for believing in the vision and pre-ordering during production. Your patience and trust is greatly appreciated.

We are over half sold out before arrival, and it truly warms my heart to know you all know this deck will be just as much of a connective device as it's predecessors. (Still need to order? Here's the link!)

However, I do want you to also know that because of the luxurious materials I chose for the deck's formation, this deck is has very delicate production. Lots of layers. Lots of coatings. Lots of steps. However as foreshadowed in the last blog, our diligently working company is not complete just yet. 

But could you had put a rush on the first Rider Waite Tarot's development from Pamela Coleman- Smith in 1909?

So when are they coming? Let's say less than a month, but hopefully no more than that. Know we are the FIRST to do transparent edge cards and a clarification deck of this nature within our community, and both our and the printer's companies pride themselves on quality; and with that formula, only divine greatness can exist.

See you on the other side.

*Oh, and if you ordered the Mega Bundle: No'll receive two shipments.

A Beloved Product Returns: The Stride Classic Candle Set

For everyone who loved the candle sets, they're back for a limited time!!!

It's a magnificent 4 piece, 8 inch candle set.

For the Goddesses of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini, the CLARITY AND BALANCE CREATING beauty, the 🌬GODDESS OF AIR.

For the Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn Goddesses, the MANIFESTING AND INNOVATIVE 🌍 GODDESS OF EARTH.

For the Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio Goddesses, the INTUITIVE AND EMOTION STRONG 🌊 GODDESS OF WATER.

And last but not least for the Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius Goddesses, the FIERY AND PASSIONATE ENERGY of the 🔥GODDESS OF FIRE.

Together, in balance and harmony these energies live within each of us, so pay homage to who you are...but just know, whatever you need its there...walking with stride. 🥰 So find your balance, and STRIDE along. 💛

These candle sets are available to 20 lucky God(desse)s!!! Godspeed lol in snagging yours, here.

(And please do send photos once you get them set up!!!) 

New Partnership Alert: Third Eye Bag in Portland Oregon

Reading is fundamental, and so is a knowledgeable community.

 So as the new structure for the Afro Goddess Wholesaling Partnership program rolled out in the past weeks, I was overjoyed to connect with the energy of the Goddess Michelle at Third Eye Bag. 

Together with her husband, they own a magnificent gem of knowledge (a.k.a. bookstore!!!) in Portland, Oregon and I'm elated to have the Afro Goddess collection join in their stock of books and spiritual tools and accessories.

If you are in the Portland area, please go check them out!!! If you're not local to them, check out their wealth of books, etc. on their website,

Thanks Always! Psst... a special offer is coming soon...

If you follow on Instagram, you know I've been developing an intentioned oil called Dolce Abyss Love and Intimacy Attraction Body and Ritual Oil. As a happily married woman of 8 years and counting, it is my pleasure to share this oil with you all. 

And as the ritualic aging process is coming to a close for the first batch at the end of the week, I'll be uploading this magical formula for purchase within the coming days...with a surprise offer AND another additionally available formula that we have yet to discuss.

I have been receiving such AMAZING feedback about the vibrations of the Mrs. Pentacles Supreme Manifesting Body & Ritual Oil. For everyone unlocking their greatest power at this time with use of this oil, I'm so proud of you (and me lol).

See yall in a few days with more details on this development; but in the meantime, thank you for allowing me into your mental space and I look forward to sprinkling magic all over the world for years to come. Blessings!!!




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