The Way of the Wildflower

Andrea Furtick

  Let's face it. Some of us have it and some of us don't. Not all of us are blessed with the instinctual gifts of the "green thumb," myself included. However, with some knowledge and practice, I bet we could all grow a pretty decent garden if we had to; full of beautiful flowers and avoid of weeds.

But if all things are necessary, why do we pull the weeds from our gardens? Why don't we let them stay too? Well to be honest, alone a weed is still a flower; it is just a flower growing in the wrong garden; often either because it looks different or its roots prove to be too overpowering for the other flowers to survive. So we pull it out, as a sacrifice for the comfort of the others; the ones whom belong. Hmmm... now doesn't that sound familiar; my strong, black Goddess friend? I bet it does. So let's be real. There's no doubt about it. You KNOW you're a m'fuckin flower! However, under your current conditions, are you also a weed?

The environment in which a flower blooms must be ideal. The soil must be balanced with nutrition, and there must be enough room for it's roots to spread out and create sturdiness. It must be showered with sunlight and blessed with the essence of patience, as no flower blooms overnight; because it's a process. YOU are a process, so in essence, don't suffocate your own growth by planting yourself in an unfit garden.

 Now let's talk about your environment. And by environment, I mean your relationships. Are you surrounding yourself with worthy connections and like minded individuals? Are they nurturing you and your spirit with support and compelling theories relevant to your positive evolution? If not, know a bad environment or relationship can suffocate you with everything from the  loneliness of outgrowing your counterparts to the outright ridicule of your very blossoming. It's nice when people are confident and say, "I don't need anyone to like me." That's noble, but unrealistic af. Everybody needs somebody. We all need human interaction and understanding. We crave it, it's in our nature. Even if it's just one person, you do need them. So make sure you have planted yourself in the right garden, with all your sister flowers ready to germinate and bloom in harmony. 

Finally let's dig a little deeper. You've found your garden. But now, how's the nutrition in that garden sis? There seems to be a lot of instant spiritualists popping up everywhere. Now I'm not deflecting from the nice thought that quite possibly we could have all gotten severely fed up and began restructuring ourselves in unison, but I'm also wanting to warn you that some weird people do actually plant synthetic flowers in the ground. Meaning, be sure you are educating YOURSELF. Don't trust everything someone tells you and most importantly, meditate and take control of your own growth and ascension. One of the most  beautiful things about this life path is that there are very few rules. Each Goddess pursues her own path with her own rules, rights, and rituals. So don't let anyone tell you that you're doing "it" wrong. Only you will know what works for you.

  So it's important that you know now I'm not here to tell you how to do anything. I am only here to encourage you to try with the sharing of my experiences and ideas. That's it. I'm encouraging you to be you, your best you. So it is my advice to be open minded and try different things. Explore meditation, yoga, tarot, deities, auras, spellcasting, fixed candles, ritual baths, Goddess gatherings, and so much more; sis go explore it all. Find your garden sis. Be the badass, blooming flower that you are! Anchor yourself in nutrient rich soil with you sisters, and dance in the wind...because you're not just any flower, sis you're a wildflower. 

Until next time. Love and Light.

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  • Tawnie Brown on

    I love this! Full of light and love. This is definitely something to meditate on! Thank you!

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