Andrea Furtick

Breaking news Afro Goddess Connection!!!!

So as I've explained within our last blog (catch up if you need to), there has been many factors delaying the release of this deck. 

Again, I want to extend my undying gratitude to all our AGC warriors out here going through this "pandemic production journey" with me, with grace. You all have been so supportive and understanding of how difficult this round has been. I can't tell you how much I appreciate y'all!

Well the end of our wait is near.

Our production team is finally having success with our new material (because the transparent material was not an easy height)

Check out this video I made with the clips they sent me. :)

Legacies take legwork. Stay ten toes down.

 You gotta give it your all, even when you feel your all falls short; because Universal Spirit WILL assist. Just keep going beloved. Destiny awaits.



Please be reminded:

  • All orders placed are reserved comfortably from this FIRST EDITION shipment. All "Mega Bundle orders" were split and either your order is still open or you've been created a duplicate order to hold your deck. Good things ALWAYS come to those whom wait. Y'all the MVPs.
  • I'm hoping to get get a shipment and delivery date next week, and I'll be right back here again to share.

 Still need to snag this for your collection? Now's a great time! Quantities are steadily being claimed, and please be advised that the Pre-Order price ends when the decks arrive here to me in Atlanta. 

Again, what's timeless often takes time. And when these decks do arrive, may they bless you and your families until the end of time.

Have a Happy Weekend!

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  • Tawanda on

    Yaaaaay finally 🤗🤗🤗

  • Sherri on

    You are amazing and I’m so excited about mine that I have told everyone how amazing the decks are 💜 only the strongest will survive an I see you demonstrating strength my the heavens continue to bless you

  • Airrial Gates on

    They look so beautiful already. I can’t wait to receive this deck when it is ready. Keep up the great work Drea!

  • Tania on

    Yay!! Can’t wait!! So excited!

  • Summersays on

    I’m so excited!!! I feel nothing but positive vibes now and ahead. Can’t wait to add this to my collection of all your other decks that I have!! Truly good things come to those who wait.

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