December 2021: Finally...One Reaches Clear Vision. (Updates, Links, & more)

Andrea Furtick

Happy December Afro Goddess Connection!!! Oh what a year it's been.

Be it your year was full of highs, lows, or a wild combination of both; remember, we must always honor every step of the journey...

…for each step within The Fool's Journey, in itself, is a grand accomplishment.

 Clear Vision Duo Deck Update & Reveal

After 6 months of production (4 unforeseen due to major pandemic related complications and shortages), The Clear Vision Duo Deck System is finally approaching the port this week! Yay! Shipping of this deck will finally begin THIS month.

Thanks so much again to everyone for waiting out this very hectic pandemic production. Your patience has been golden.

And as always...good things come to those whom wait. And this "good thing,"'s magically magnificent. 

Check out my unboxing of the sample copy I got this week in the video below, and be sure to watch all the way to the end for a special message. :)

 I'm so excited to finally be able to share this monumental deck with you all. We have fought a long, hard battle; so may you enjoy this victory as much as I do.

And may these decks bring years of magic to you and those whom you touch. 


The Fool: So What's New in 2022?

Soooooo much!!! 2022 is quickly approaching and I hope each of you are ready to disassociate yourself with the past and take a fresh leap of faith into the future.

And even though the past can be our greatest teacher, it could also be our greatest drawback if we neglect the need to let go of what no longer serves us and make room for the new.

(And if you need some assistance in releasing...try our Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath Salt. It's a powerful releaser and transmuter of negative feelings and energy. It is also 50% off til the end of December! :) No code required. And pssst....12/18 is the last full moon of the year, so this bath would be PERFECT for that moment)

Because I know I am! Check out some of my newest plans for 2022:

Afro Goddess NFT Genesis: The Great Reprogramming

"We are all the same, regardless of stature or circumstance. We all want to be loved, admired, and appreciated by someone. We all play the side games of love, pain, fear, and more — just in hopes to find a place unknown to us on a path with no map. We all live every single day hoping to see the next and to find as many moments of joy possible in between the present and one’s inevitable transition. We all are just trying to smile, see, do, and get to what’s NEXT.

So as the world reprograms, century after century — to get faster and more “efficient,” know these things, these all incompances — will always remain the same. Know we are all working to Reign Supreme of our own realities. Know we are all simply just on parallel, yet unique journeys to evolve."


-from my blog article A New Mixed Media: My Journey & Evolution as an Artist as I Enter the Digital NFT Blockchain World

 Be sure to take a moment and click the hyperlinked article above to learn more about NFT basics, my decision to join the NFT Metaverse creation space, and learn about our upcoming genesis collection.

In fact, as a special surprise, before the collection does it's scheduled launch on 12.11.2021, feel free to have a walk through of my metaverse  NFT Art Gallery. This was such a cool project to birth; I hope you enjoy the experience!

Click here,, to join in on your own and/or check it out below in this recorded clip:

 Meet Me at TIDE in Dallas, TX in May 2022

So excited about this, and I hope you all will make plans to join us in Dallas for a weekend of divine discussion and pure fun.

So I've be a keynote speaker at TIDE, The International Divination Event next year! I can't wait to share more on The Fool's Journey and my philosophies on storytelling and creating a life that ne would find to be "award winning." Hope you'll be there!

There will also be 3 other amazing  keynote speakers from various locations and back grounds, and well as other speakers and activities involving divine beings from all over the world. This is going to be a wonderfully elevating moment in time. Join us. (also check out the vending and other participation spaces available at the link in the bio as bring your business too!)

Find out more, get tickets, and makes plans from here:

Also Coming January 2022:

Our product line will be expanding tremendously. New books, new adornments, new apothecary, and new art is already in the works.

I'm also putting together a really cool 12 month community growth concept called The Energy Field. I'm not going to say much more for about 2 more weeks...but stay tuned.

Thank You 

The last two years have been a really wild ride, wherever you joined in the journey; know I appreciate your kinship and support. I wish you all beautiful starts to next year. I hope you find the strength to release the one and follow your own light to that place predestined for your greatest joy. 

Be back soon.


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  • Leslie Boyd on

    OMG!!!! I love my new deck, the Clear Vision Duo! It came today as a wonderful birthday gift to myself. Andrea, your artistry is superb and top-notch quality. I am happy to be a fan/supporter of you and your talent. Along with the Real Houses of Astrology booklet, I am ready to do readings with a clearer, sharper focus. My heart is overwhelmed and joyful!

  • Alexandria Smith on

    Your updates are everything! I’m soo hype for the clear vision deck & hope to meet you in Dallas! Love&Light, Stay Magical! ✨

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