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Andrea Furtick

I sincerely hope this message finds each of you both physically and emotionally well.
Back in November, when I found myself trying to explain to my customers the effects of a mysterious illness in China slowing our production, I never actually thought not too short after we would find ourselves in the same place.
The world has literally slowed to a trickle, and I do hope you all are doing whatever you can to stay both physically and mentally healthy during this time. Allow this solitude to shape you, not shake you; as only in stillness can we truly see.

"This is NOT what I had planned!!!
Me either. Plans are funny that way....

Isn't it interesting that some of our favorite memories spawn from moments UNplanned... we have to hold onto that theology at this time. There's wondrous adventure in the darkness, and treasures in the shadows... trust your instincts; for this is a moment for the brave to evolve. DO. NOT. GET. DISTRACTED.

If you've often found yourself too busy in your day to day to even be able to daydream of something new, something better; now is the time. (Then write it down... makes it REAL.)

If you've been chasing the dream tirelessly, accept the invitation now to rest and rejuvenate so that you can reenter the race strong and focused.

And if you're worried...financially...you are not alone. But we are a resilient people, and if you can allow this destruction to free you to be able to see the path of destiny, the reward WILL be great. Every tear you cry has been seen and your heart has been heard. Do not give up...instead grow from the soil...for then you shall blossom.

But above all, remain flexible. Everything is changing now... it's HEALING and rebooting. Allow that energy into your existence. Allow faith in your destined path to lead you to it AND through it.

And...I'm no doctor, but add some fresh juiced lime or lemon juice to your life if you haven't already. It's an excellent source of Vitamin C and great immunity boosters. I've been juicing one a day, and having it with a pinch of salt (tequila shot style lol). It's kinda tasty... give it a try. :)

Deck Shipment Update
As seen in the above photo, US Customs is playing no games. This box contains the bags the decks come in; as each component is created by a different company. They (Customs) are opening EVERYTHING that comes across the border. Getting shipments now from overseas is taking three times it's usual time length.

Are you waiting for your Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck or Afro Goddess Oracle deck to arrive?

Me too. The decks have been printed, however, due to limited, or basically nonexistent air travel, the decks are having to travel to the US via boat. Thank you all for your patience during this hectic time. As soon as the decks arrive, all existing orders shall then be assigned tracking numbers and fulfilled.

If you need to adjust your shipping address due to quarantine location, please email with the adjustment and the headline ADDRESS CHANGE.

This has been one of those situations I've had to just accept what is and that I can do is wait...and I appreciate each and every one of you for being supportive through this time as I try to compete with larger business scales and survive this storm stronger than ever.

Still need to place your order? There's still time to get in line. Historically, both decks are fast sell-outs and preorders assure your deck once orders are dispersed. Thank you and welcome to all who will be joining the collector's circle this round! :)

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