Discussions With Universal Spirit: Sifting Thru Stagnation

Andrea Furtick

Once upon a time, it was all going so good....and now out of the blue, it's not. As this mortal existence is about the balance of spiritual and physical creation, our Spirits may inadvertently feel down, or less than, when our bountiful strides in manifestation unexpectedly become small steps. But just because your rapid progress may have currently slowed a bit (and you're not sure what to do about it) that doesn't mean that this stagnation in growth is permanent. Can you fathom that quite possibly you have exhausted the growth in this phase and need to begin the next level anew? Whatever this situation may be...no worries. For  you are now only at a crossroads, and this too shall pass.

Using the cards from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Deck, Universal Spirit and I discussed it over coffee this morning. 

Check it out.

cards from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck

So you found a "thing." It looked like a great opportunity to you, and the Daughter of Pentacles indicates that you indeed loved it and, with only the best intentions, you focused every bit of energy you had on it. This "thing," you wanted to grow and materialize; and guess what...you did!!! The Nine of Pentacles shows that not only did you hone that opportunity over time, you manifested a pretty glorious garden as well. However, even with all the independent Goddess energy here, you still somehow managed to end up feeling like The Supreme in reversed.

In the upright, the goddess of The Supreme is balanced and in total control as she knows she is everything and everything is her! But at some recent point, something got out of whack Goddess, because your Supreme energy is reversed; illuminating that you have indeed forgotten who you are and the unique powers you possess within the situation. You might be feeling as if the very "thing" that you wanted is now suffocating you, and alongside the energy of the Six of Pentacles, you may be now feeling as if you have given too much, and just as the Nine of Cups is in reversed; even with all you have and have accomplished, its simply just not enough and quite frankly now you want and need more. 

So what's the problem??? Why can't you move forward with this "thing" the way you intended? 

Well the Ace of Swords being in reversed indicates that even though ideas may be present for expansion, you are either lacking clarity on how to push forward out of this stagnation or subconsciously not being confident enough in your own skills and abilities at this time. You must believe in yourself and use that same sword to cut away at the confusion in order to make space to create clarity within your "thing."

But how can you create this space of clarity so that you can victoriously move forward? Believe it or not, this foggy vision has been the root of your stagnation and with it, it's been hard for you to see your way. So meet The Emperor. The energy of the Emperor comes with balance of both wisdom and calculated action. Here the Emperor uses his passion and focus to control and balance four (representing the connection of mind, body, and spiritual balance within the physical world) suns. He is grounded in his stance and has a deep plan for his solid movement. He is protected in his mission. He is absolutely on his way to victory, and if you take a quick glance in the mirror as you read this post and your mindset begins to shift, you'll recognize the Emperor is YOU

With the adaptation of the Emperor's calculated and passionate wisdom and action, you will restore the ever necessary qualities of balance, enjoyment, and fruitfulness to this "thing" as shown by The Lovers.

So I guess it's time to buckle down and mentally calculate what it'll take to manifest the next step. So what's coming for you? The Eight of Pentacles shows a lot of work head. And the Five of Wands illuminates the upcoming physical problems (it is what it is, nothing worth having comes easily) that may arrive within creating the next level. But it's all good Goddess. The Ten of Wands shows us that your change of perspective and new found clarity will guide you to a time of lessened burdens surrounding that "thing."

Because on the bottom of the deck...

...what you're headed towards is the stable and emotionally fulfilled time of the Ten Of Cups. So find a way to get your Emperor energy up, because this is definitely an outcome that you're going to want. 

I know that when it's been good, and even may have already exceeded your expectations, you can actually find it difficult to imagine that it could get any better. Butttt.... don't limit yourself. Spirit sends in stagnation when we get comfortable with our progress and unknowingly stop pushing forward on our own. It's funny how the Universe works. However, I've said it time and time again, the Universe conspires with you, so it honestly could be just nudging you into the next phase...of glory.

So believe in yourself and the power you bring to that "thing." A new and calculated approach to it's expansion is all you need to push forward.

So take an easy breath. The Universe is watching your efforts.






Peace and light. I do hope this helped you with whatever stagnation you may be feeling at the moment. Blessings to you beloved.



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  • Barbara on

    I love your vibe and your creation always wanted some tarot card created for us made by us. please let me know when your next Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Deck full order will be ready. love to have a deck…..

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