March 2022: For Light Shines Brightest When Piercing Through The Dark. As Winter Ends, Spring Begins. (Updates & Announcements too!)

Andrea Furtick

Hey, hey everyone! In January I took to Instagram live and explained I am only able to create the visions that we hold dear, only after and due to my honest efforts towards striving through my own moments of darkness in attempts to climb out of "the black holes" and experience "the light" for myself.

With life being our greatest teacher, the end of Winter and the hands of destiny landed me in the middle of a very particular life lesson just mere seconds before the Spring Equinox.

A forced lesson we all attempt avoiding but eventually will have to face; a "crash course" in Death (in more ways than one), twas the curriculum for the times.

So, now... story time.

A Channeled Message: Tempering Death

As Winter drew to a close and Spring began, Death has came for it's routine visit. Masses of physical and situational endings and transitions in our lives have brought permanent changes to many; some welcomed and some not, some foreseen and some sudden, and some resulting in feelings of divine fairness and some the feelings of divine neglect.

Either way, Winter and Death bonded together once again and swung their mighty Scythes...leaving many in a state of Temperance, an important (yet slightly foggy) pause in between one's worlds. 

Unavoidable grief, confusion, and dismantling stood (and still stand for many) vividly in our faces as we strive out of hope, ambition, and faith for tomorrow. The rain pours heavily these days, be it from the sky or the wells of our tears.

But again... "Even if you are not ready for the day, it cannot always be night."

So to be in the throws of the night, existing in the darkness of its arms and subject to the strike of it's storms...all one can do is stay focused on the rise of tomorrow's Sun while fluidly dancing with the hands of the Universe's greatest destroyer and creator, Death.

500 Miles To Graciously Spare A Dime.

For if there is one thing about death, it cares not for our desire or convenience. It comes when it wants, and collects what or who it wants; avoid need of our permission or support.

Over the last few years, as the pandemic has swept it's veil over the world, I have sat close by and witnessed death dance with some closest to me to a variety of songs; however most were spared and left by Death on the dancefloor, but just recently Death decided to finish the finale and escort someone dear to me into their next transition from this Earthly realm.

So my human heart broken when my mother called and said we'd suddenly lost Auntie Delores. A lovely woman she was, with a voice as smooth as jazz; and such a beautiful dance with life she had had. 

A moment unexpected, yes. A moment unwanted, absolutely. A moment inconvenient, most definitely...especially as my presence was then requested at home in South Carolina.

As the now "out of town" family member, I spent a few moments panicking on how much further this impromptu trip would put me behind in my work and inconvenience my schedule. Shame on me.

And then on a close second thought, I remembered the Auntie whom always smiled at me with joy and made herself available for me every time I requested; so how dare I not attend and honor the life she breathed into me. So, with my world on pause, off I went to South Carolina.

And this is where the light pierces through the dark...

After having witnessed a certain pain in my father's voice over the course of the week it brought absolute joy to me to see the light in his eyes to see all four of his children in the same place at the same time, for the first time, in over 4 years. So as he sat reminiscing with his siblings (all now in their 70s and 80s) and looking out at me giggling with my three siblings (33, 37,48, & 50), I saw a smile from a man looking at his entire world all at once...past, present, and future. 

To had been able to stop time for him at that moment, or at least slow it down, would have been ideal. Unrealistic but to savor the moment of the present was all we had.

As for my Auntie Delores, she had a burial surrounded by those that held her dear. After the Marine horns were blown and the final words said, I disguised a dime in the center of the pink carnation I place on her casket. May this silver aid her in her journey beyond the crossroads.

Why spare Auntie a dime?

Well it was not only because she loved bingo, and a silver dime is indeed the gambler's charm (especially if you can find one from a leap year); but more importantly it was to aid her with the crossroads Gods and crossing into the spiritual realm. 

Auntie Delores will be added to my alter space when the time is right and written into my Clear Vision lineage log. Delores coincidentally means "lady of sorrows," and oh how this sorrow has brought me back in touch with all the feelings that matter. 

And through the darkness, there is light.

Until we meet again Auntie. <3

 The Setting of 32 & Rise of My 33rd Sun

The day following Auntie Delores' burial, was my 33rd birthday.

All religions and spiritual practices agree that the Master number 33 holds a monumental significance in the area of wisdom and intellectual manifestation. Often associated with the idea of guidance, Master number 33 encourages us to know that anything is possible through divine change and reminds us to use our knowledge, talents, resilience, and optimism to follow our life's purpose to our greatest destiny. 

So what has one learned on their way to destiny? Many lessons, I'm sure!

So what better way to commemorate this unique moment in time than with a mini-documentary on just that, a selection of 33 lessons I've learned in 33 years; producing, "This is 33."


I must say, in hindsight, I thought of so many more lessons I wish I'd had room to add. From my theory on combining patience and productivity to what all our life cycles equal up to...perhaps at some point I'll create a Part II. 

And even though I know it's customary to throw parties to celebrate a birthday, in today's age of technology, I invite you all to create your own versions of this video, regardless of your age; because your children and long term lineage with hear, see, and thank you until the end of time.

A Project In Progress: The Fool's Journey in Blossom


 So if you recall from the Mid January blog (my apologies that there was no February blog, the dark holes led me forcefully through its lessons and it went by in an absolute breathe and a blur), I explained I was pursuing the realization of the Afro Goddess characters into dolls...well there's so much more; as it's a blossoming story.

I've had this vision for a while, and Spirit said it's time. The Universe has removed every comfortable hinderance and is forcing me into the submission of the full rendering of their cause. And again, honored I am to have been chosen.

So, as the plans for our dolls are beautiful... who are they? Where did they come from? Powerful we all are, but do we know it? Is it instilled in us? How shall I use this project to document that?

Stay tuned to find out. Tis quite a journey to be had.  

Special Edition Arrival: Update and Details :)


As explained also in January, due to popular request the Special Edition shipment was moved up to March (this month) from its original plans of May.

I'm starting to realize that a few of you were unaware "from the March shipment" means from the shipment arriving to our headquarters within March...and that left some of you expecting personal shipment details literally March 1st...

(I've also realized that when Spirit told me May the first time, I should have listened; yet instead we were antsy children trying to control the situation...and now I fight a new fight...ehh, lessons, right?

"Be ye anxious for nothing."

Think about it: In hindsight, consider how this date change collided with the happenings of the world and the happenings of my own existence, all because I chose to indulge the timeline shift...resulting in a domino of other happenings...remember, Spirit always knows and sees where we cannot...

So at times, listen to those warnings. *message for someone...)

I know we are reaching the end of March now, and the excitement to hold your deck may be unbearable. lol However, please don't sit at your mailboxes just yet, as the shipment has yet to come off the boat.

So here's the specifics:

Creating a custom stock of decks is a very delicate process and takes quite a bit of time. Shout out to our printer, whom was indeed on schedule to complete the process within the second week of March, however as the world turned, yet again, their facilities were suddenly closed due to  government mandated efforts to contain COVID spikes in their area.


But NO WORRIES, the facilities reopened 10 days later. 

And after having just completed the large task of sorting and packaging the cards/booklets...(perspective: because someone by hand puts the cards in order for us), they were then loaded onto the boat.

Ahhh....the trusty boat.

So because Covid had seemed to have taken a backseat when the decks were put into production, we'd projected that we'd be able to go back to air shipment, which is about 10 days long. However a World War kinda maybe started... and fuel prices skyrocketed overnight. If you think we're all crying over gas for our cars, imagine the price jump for an overseas shipment transport weighing more than 600lbs.  

Still need to order this deck? As a constant sellout, the shipment is 50% claimed, and you are welcome to get in line for your own copy of this magic now.

Quotable from mwah:

To continue to have to withstood "pandemic" production throughout the last two years has honestly been more than exhausting. The world is constantly changing, shutting down, erupting, and crumbling in different ways daily. It's made independent creation so difficult, HOWEVER, as a true believer in always, delay does not mean denied...and for this life changing tool, I send you a virtual wink when I ask you to allow yourself to simply wait. With all the grief and turmoil in world today, that's all the more reason I press on to leave these jewels of knowledge in the world for the generations to come. This is one of those things, if you get it YOU GET IT...and I appreciate and salute each and every one of you that honors the war I fight every day to provide a narrative with the content and control we deserve. A few of you know the battlefield I, as one person, stand on, and you have made the decision to stand so valiantly next to me...just know I'm speechless and it mends my Spirit every time it breaks. 

So as always, much gratitude to everyone whom collects the Afro Goddess Divination Collection and believes in the true magic it holds. Tis not just an item to be bought, but a path to endless paths. A light. A connector. A timeless and priceless treasure.

Legacies take legwork, and that's exactly what I've been doing since 2016. A test of faith in a destination unseen it has been, however victory awaits me (And you too :)).

Clear Vision Duo Deck Systems: SOLD OUT (For Now)

Easily one of the most significant collaborations to date between Universal Spirit and I, it's no shock that the first shipment of the Clear Vision systems have been claimed. Twas a rocky road to it's birth, however the everlasting impact this deck system will eventually have on the world is beyond worthy of any and every delay withstood and obstacle overcome.

Because for the right "why," almost every "how" can be withstood.

This deck system will reappear soon. Add yourself to the waitlist via the listing should you need to have this in your collection.

Speaking of the Clear are some relationship spreads I made for you all. <3

 There are still a few boxes of the Clear Vision to ship, so if your order is in, no worries if it hasn't arrived yet (with or without tracking tracking yet, it's coming). I'm still a "working crew of one" and with my aforementioned (and unmentioned lol) excessive amount of unavoidable family duties recently...just know you giving me the space to live and be a real person through your patience, even if you didn't understand at the moment, was more than appreciated.

2022-2023 Afro Goddess Personalized Year Ahead Prediction Report (PDF) Updates

Awww...another ABSOLUTE honor....the amount of you requesting my input and guidance on your existence :) humbles me greatly.

I believe divination cards are best used when solving problems. Sure, it's nice to hear all the abundance that could potentially arise, however, it's more important to me to share glimpses into the possible issues and problems one might have. Patterns to note: Problems beginning in one month have the ability to carry on through the next few; but imagine if you'd solved the issue within the first month? Imagine the turbulence that could have possibly been avoided or at least braced for... 

Ohhh the power of foresight and free will.

If you are waiting on your report, all will be completed and delivered to your emails by the end of this week. Thank you for your patience and respect as I gave and continue to give each and every one of you my full effort from a fully balanced spirit.

In another realization, this written format is quite impressive yet extremely time consuming at its current 9 page length, and realistically (coupled with the rest of my workload) I cannot continue in this elaborate manner. So, last this listing will disappear March 31st. 

Beyond then, I will be exploring other methods of divination delivery, that may work better for everyone. Truth is, Spirit has me, daily, doing very necessary readings/discussion sessions with different souls that they've led to me in one way or another; and I'd love to continue the path of helping everyone make peace with their pasts, positive shifts within their presents, and mindful strides toward their futures. However, with my current schedule, this is becoming extremely difficult so hopefully some adjustments to the process will allow me to fulfill this important need in a way that doesn't deplete my energy so much.

Spring Arrives After A Winter Hiatus

The winter was particularly brutal this year, and forced many of us deep into our elements. The losses and obstacles faced both collectively and privately have whipped us about like the iciest winter storm...but Spring is here.

For me, I allowed the heavy load I carry to stagnate me instead of celebrating my ability to carry it. I allowed the howls of outsiders, whom would never attempt the mission I'm on, to alter how I was seeing the path. I allowed the world to "world" me. For this, I apologize and extend my gratitude and love to each and every one of you that truly stand with me and noticed me draining Spirit- but most of all I apologize to myself. I have TRULY GIVEN to the Spiritual community. If anything, the only thing I did wrong was try to help EVERYBODY to a point I could barely help myself. Death to that. Lesson learned. 

Please give yourself whatever apology you need today. And tomorrow, we live brand new.

Death came. Death went...yet, Death will also be back. So what shall one do with this life?

Believe. Rejuvenate. Blossom.












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    I just wanted to say that this is the most beautiful deck I’ve seen in the 2 years I’ve started my spiritual practice. I really love the original deck and wanted to know if this deck would be available soon?

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