End of August 2020: "Onward to the Harvest" (ALSO AGC updates inside)

Andrea Furtick

Seems like we're always talking about patience and waiting over here. lol :)

What can I say, I'm a "slow burn."

But really, patience is a virtue and indeed provides both time and space for a balanced breeding ground of necessary planning and destined growth.

So whatever you've been waiting for...it's coming, and fast too.

Son of Pentacles

You worked for it. You did. That idea you had, that thing you did; it took patience, planning, and hard work. Often you were lonesome, and often you were weary, but you were never a quitter.

The Son Of Pentacles, of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas (Classic Edition), appears for us at a time when we have been tending to something we hope will produce abundance in one form or another. Be it a business or venture you would like to see produce profits, a relationship you would like to materialize into a deeper union, or energy expended you would like to see regenerated and returned... this card indicates not only was faith kept but also positive, diligent actions were performed along the way. 

Universal Spirit saw you. They heard you.

And for that...

The Rider, Afro Goddess Oracle


...something you've been desiring is coming in fast.

The Rider, of the Afro Goddess Oracle, alerts us that something is approaching quickly. Usually an omen of positivity, this card carries such a gift with it. 

So let's check-in in one day, one week, one month, and one year... (May only the most pleasurable and profitable things come to the soul reading this in these times. So mote it be.)

But, Universal Spirit, what exactly is to come in with the Rider?

Death & Two of Wands, The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas (Special Edition)

An ending is coming. Could it be an end to the act of desiring, with the birth of said desire's physical manifestation? For the Death card, of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas (Special Edition), brings in not only an end but also a transformative new beginning. 

And when coupled with the Two of Wands, of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas (Special Edition), know that expansion is on the way to you. Now is the time to carefully consider your long term goals because your patient actions have indeed set you up for success. 

May your truest desires be your destiny, my love.

Emergence, Clear Vision Duo Deck (not yet available)

If you read our last blog, we left off with me unveiling the artwork for the card "Emergence" for my upcoming deck, the Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System. This card shall be representative of it being time to emerge your cacoon! The time alone has been productive but it's time to spread your beautiful, unique wings and feast upon the abundance that has bloomed before you.

So, with that being said, let's pick not a card...but pick a painting! lol

Below are the next three cards that have been created for this deck, and I'd like you to choose either A, B, or C as your clarifying advice in what it's going to take to manifest whatever you are trying to manifest at this time.

"Pick a Painting" lol













The Goddess Genni, The Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck (not yet available)

Painting A: "The Goddess Genni"

It's going to be like you just wished for it and it arrived. The Goddess Genni brings something to us "just like magic," BUT she's also a little tricky, as she is a legit Genie, therefore she often slyly brings us something we don't want as well. So be very careful and specific when you're asking the Universe for your desires at this time, as you will get exactly what you asked for. If you want more clientele, that will mean more work; if you want to be pregnant, said pregnancy may not be super easy, or if you want a new car, you may experience an uncomfortable situation with your old one...just in whatever context, be prepared for the parallel of good and bad. 


The Huntress, The Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck (not yet available)

Painting B: "The Huntress"

You may have "to "catch" this one. Crouched in the night grass, this Huntress waits patiently for the right time to strike. Her eyes are fixated on her target, but even as she is beautifully illuminated by the moon, her opponent knows NOT that she is there. She has a plan, and a plan if that plan isn't the plan. She is not alone, as she is protected, so she indeed feels no fear. And when the moment comes, her strength and confidence shall aid her a victory. So, my love, stay out of sight and have just a little more patience. Also, stick to the plan...it's almost time.


The Arena, The Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck (not yet available) 

Painting C: "The Arena"

Sometimes we have to fight for what we want. At this moment, all eyes are on you. Some people are cheering for you, and some people are supporting your public demise. Either way, the outcries of onlookers not even strong enough to ever enter the Arena cannot be your concern. Your present concerns must be those obstacles before you, as you may not even be sure of what's to emerge those caves. But what you are sure of, is that you've trained for this and you are ready to slay anything that jeopardizes your victory. PERIOD. So now's not the time for fear, you've got to fight. So may your spear be swift and your shield be mighty. And after you slay all your obstacles, the crowd will cheer. They will cheer so loud you'll forget all the pain. Fight on.


And of course, let's check in with the Afro Goddess Runes

Afro Goddess Runes (Carnelian set in photo)

 So be it freely given or by positive force, your success is written, my love. 


Thanks for checking out this blog's message. Feel free to share any feelings you may have about this message in the comments. Now on to the updates!!!

Updates & New NEW!!!

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition: SHIPPING 


Whew! So if you're unaware, the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition sold out before it even arrived on August 19th. On August 20th, shipping began for the August shipment. As of today, August 25th, orders 3700-4049 have been processed. That means, I have assigned tracking information to these over 300 orders and signed, blessed, and packaged them; to be dropped tomorrow. 

Orders beyond 4049 shall continue tomorrow. Thank you all for your understanding as I am really going as fast as humanly possible. Please do not email for your tracking information before August 31st. It really is more work to keep emailing you all back my loves instead of just diligently moving along the list so you can get the email you actually want... the email saying it's shipped. lol

(And for those of you who feel I'm a small business so I should have time to address every situation and email (as there are literally times I don't even see your email due to volume), please understand the term "small business" refers to the number of employees, not the amount of work. I'm no small business in the amount of work. (I am also a wife and mother of 2 as well.) lol As humbly as I can ask, please respect the fact I so eloquently detail things in writing here on the website for everyone to digest...if you don't see further info, that's probably all the info I have. Reading is fundamental...but I probably don't have to tell YOU and you're possibly not even the person this is for, you read down this far. lol Thank you for understanding... xoxo "A Warrior in the Arena")

The Fool's Journey EXPANDED: 

The Fool's Journey & the 56 Minor Movements of Exploration

The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Exploration

So, once upon a time, I wrote a cute little book called the Fool's Journey. I've gotten countless emails about how adorable it is, how mothers are reading it to their children, and how it reminds you of fable books from your childhoods in the best of ways.

(See a sample read here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6CRUQrCpUs )

This has indeed become one of my most proud projects, so I decided to expand it to include not only the Major Arcana but the Minor Arcana as well.

So if you've enjoyed the darling sonnets of the Fool's Journey detailing the Major Arcana of the tarot, you'll fall absolutely in love with The Fool's Journey & The 56 Movements of Minor Exploration as it details poetic sonnets for every single card in the tarot! (This is also an EXCELLENT learning tool.)

The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Exploration

 These hardback beauties are spectacular. These shipped in with the decks, so they are available to ship immediately. 

Happy reading. :)

The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Exploration

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas (Classic Edition) RESTOCKED

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas (Classic Edition)

Yesss!!! So guess who has a double shipment of our classic beauties in stock?!?! It's MEEEE!!!! lol Since I can never keep these tiny little paintings in stock, I got us a double batch this time, hopefully, that'll last us more than a month! lol

So if you've been waiting for this classic beauty, now is the time. Shipping will begin firmly on September 1st, in the order of receipt. (Order earlier, get it earlier.)

Afro Goddess Oracle: PreOrder from November Shipment

Afro Goddess Oracle

 Already printed and aboard the boat to Afro Goddess headquarters (I just laughed so hard...what century is it again?!?!), a shipment of Afro Goddess Oracle decks will arrive in November. Preorders and more information can be found on the listing.

Before we go, here's a win for PATIENCE.

Who remembers this?

Afro Goddess Doll Prototypes

 So a few months ago, I wanted soooo badly to bring to life a vision on MY STYLE of Afro dolls. I posted this on Instagram and had people worldwide trying to get me to custom make them a doll. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of time available; so I shelved the project...

...until Universal Spirit and I had coffee together one morning about 2 months ago. Five minutes later, I had this raggedy brain to paper sketch:

And that's where it all got magical. And after months of meetings and revisions, my manufacturing company sent me the first sample last week:

The Supreme Figurine

I must have stared at this touchable version of my imagination for hours. 

I'm STILL staring at it.

So in the winter, a mass stock of these Supreme Goddesses will be available. 

I'm telling yall...patience, planning, and persistence. 

That's all it takes. 


Thanks so much for reading my blog, my love! I do hope the message was relevant and updates informative. I'll be back soon. Feel free to comment below or share this with friends. 

Until next time...Ase.






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  • Pearl on

    I just got my oracle deck today (yaaayy). Beautiful as usual. Still waiting on an updated blog from you lol. But patience is a virtue. Awaiting the announcement for the clear vision deck. I love the classic and special edition decks also. I wish the special edition was the same size as the classic but still love them both. This is my first divination set period and thank you for representing us, as this was my main reason for my purchases when I became interested in learning. Keep up the great work!

  • Quondra Willis on

    Just received my tarot cards (first set ever) and my onyx rune stones. I’m so super excited, I can’t take it. Time to read these guidebooks. Next purchase will be the Oracle cards, and maybe The Supreme statuette. Thank you so much.

  • Pearl on

    Update: I just got my deck today (smiling) I am letting it charge up some more but I will do an unboxing on YouTube later. Still a new YouTuber so be patient with me lol. YouTube name TheBlackPearl. Thank you! Waiting now for my classic and oracle decks, then CLEAR vision.


  • Aj on

    I’m just ready to receive my deck at this point. Patience is a virtue though lol

  • Helen on

    Good day how much will painting C be when it’s available for purchase?

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