End of December 2021: To Be Forever A Phoenix. (also updates & reveals inside)

Andrea Furtick

"2022 come in. We've been waiting for you."

We've made it through another year! Marvelous. Celebrate. Surviving the world today is indeed a victory in itself. lol


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So much to share as the year ends...let's get into it!!!

2022 FREE Yearly Predictive Reading Now Available

So once a year I use all the Oracle cards (and tarot as clarifiers) to provide a predictive self improvement reading. Over the years, many have found success with the mindfulness of this reading...so enjoy! :)

Check out the reading here (spread instructions included).

Need and Afro Goddess Oracle deck? Snag one here.

Looking to Leave 2021 BEHIND and step into 2022 ANEW? Forever A Phoenix on Sale now for $20.21

 If 2021 was a challenge for you, I OVERstand the feelings of wanting to just wash it all away...as you should...and you could.

Check out the Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath now.


 Afro Goddess Classic AND Special Edition Tarot: SOLD OUT

Whew...it's been a busy couple of months. I want to thank each and every new and returning collector.

Officially, at the moment, both The Afro Goddess Tarot Classic AND Special Edition decks are sold out.

A reprint is currently expected in early Spring. Add yourself to the waiting list on the listings should you want to be notified immediately of this decks restock.

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Classic Version

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition Version

(Have an existing order for one of these decks that is still processing? No worries. Your deck is accounted for and will be on the way soon!)

Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System: FINALLY ARRIVED AND SHIPPING NOW


At the beginning of December I received the very first sample deck of the Clear Vision, and instantly...it was worth every second waited.

Check out the unboxing and details here in our last blog, December 2021: Finally...One Reaches Clear Vision. (Updates, Links, & more).

But now the wait is over! 

Shipping will begin THIS WEEK! Please keep in mind there are about 400 existing orders for me (yes again, just ME the Magician not the machine lol) to work through and your patience as I reach your order is greatly appreciated. By end of January, all existing Clear Vision orders shall be delivered (hopefully sooner).

Still need to order? Since the deck was on backorder, there are not many available copies of this deck. However, for about 70 of you...snag this monumental FIRST EDITION PRINT of this brand new system now! :)

Order My Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System

All wholesale options for this deck are currently unavailable. 

Being the Magic I wish to see in the World.

Again, I enjoy being quite The Magician and bringing my visions to life. Check out The Magician Tarot Necklace and our gorgeous Mind Your Manifestation Stud Earring Sets.

So magical! So unique! So melanated! :) So us. 

Check them out now!

 Afro Goddess Collector's Magician Tarot Necklace

Mind Your Manifestation Collector's Earrings

New Art Projects OTW

 So in the coming months...I'll be revealing the most AMAZING project. So much work to do right now...but it'll be soooo worth it. :) Stay tuned...

...and be sure to meet me at TIDE In Dallas, TX (May 2022)

So excited about this, and I hope you all will make plans to join us in Dallas for a weekend of divine discussion and pure fun.

So I've be a keynote speaker at TIDE, The International Divination Event next year! I can't wait to share more on The Fool's Journey and my philosophies on storytelling and creating a life that ne would find to be "award winning." Hope you'll be there!

There will also be 3 other amazing  keynote speakers from various locations and back grounds, and well as other speakers and activities involving divine beings from all over the world. This is going to be a wonderfully elevating moment in time. Join us. (also check out the vending and other participation spaces available at the link in the bio as well...so bring your business too!)

Find out more, get tickets, and makes plans from here: https://theinternationaldivinationevent.com/

Thanks again!

I honor every step each of you have taken with me on this journey. And may we still be side by side when destiny appears. :)

I wish each of you the most amazing year in 2022. 

Be ye not afraid to live.

Bon Voyage and Happy New Year.

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