End of July 2020: August is Near and It's All Becoming So CLEAR

Andrea Furtick

Hey, hey everyone! It's been a super busy, yet "EPIC-ly" amazing month here at the Afro Goddess Connection. I've got all your updates (and yes the Special Editions are still on track to ship in August...not necessarily August 1st...but IN AUGUST lol) at the bottom of the blog; along with some newly manifested projects. BUT FIRST, Universal Spirit asked me to transcribe this mass reading. (Sorry, I'm not available for personals. Love yall.) Enjoy. 

In order for one to believe in divine timing,

one must believe all that's to happen to truly be divine.

So, how deeply do you believe in your divinity; and in the idea that Universal forces aid you along your quest to obtain positive ascension?

At the very basis of it all, ultimately the goal of this life experience is to manifest and ascend. Stay focused. Are you still focused? It is becoming way too easy to lose our focus on ascending into a higher realm in the smoke and mirror maze of our 3D existences these days. Sometimes it all gets too hazy...with worldly expectations shackling our spirits to mundane limitations; for it is in those moments it can appear as if the clouds are just seemingly too thick to see beyond. Thick clouds can limit your vision and make you feel cold in the shade, however, know that the Sun is always there, warm and shining, whether we can see it or not. 

But, now, how deeply do you believe in the divinity... of even the CLOUDS?

The CLOUDS card, from the Afro Goddess Oracle (AGO), illuminates moments of uncertainty and illusion; and when clarified with the TEN OF PENTACLES, from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas (AGTA), this highlights the cloudy road one may often experience on their way to their greatest destiny.

Silence the noise,

so the clouds can roll;

the horizons can clear,

and the story unfold.

To silience the noise,

allows the narrowing of the vision,

where one can move beyond the clouds,

and go forth with precision.

 Noise. What a noisy, noisy world we live in. 

The chatter of the BIRDS (AGO) can be a very heavy CROSS (AGO), or burden, to bear. What others expect of us, how others see us, and how they may feel that they can sit high and look low upon you with judgemental views...it can become quite the emotional and physical weight. (Carry tension in your shoulders much?)

So what's to be done?

The GOD OF CUPS (AGTA) invites us to sit upon our well-deserved thrones amidst the turbulent oceans swirling beneath us with both compassion and conviction. To master your emotional self brings great strength to the mastery of your physical self. For just as anxiety produces error, know that the balance of strategy and stillness often predicates success.

To ignore the chatter of the world and listen solely to the voice of your own being is often very difficult but still monumentally important to our own personal growth and ascension. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? What, or who, would you be if you had no cares of judgment or scrutiny? What life would you build? You're a God(dess), right? 

Well if you're truly a God(dess), it's time to reign. It's time to narrow your vision and steady your scepter. It's time to commit to your impending glory.

The RING (AGO) is a card of commitment and when paired with the BLACK FOX (AGO), this combination shows that a commitment to being focused on your success is needed.

Although some may argue the fox to be a charming thief or trickster, others applaud the efforts of the fox for his dedication and resilience; as his well-intended goal was always his and his family's survival. So be the fox. The world will always be noisy, and people will always have judgments and expectations. But the fox knows he is only responsible for the happiness of himself and the ones whom he loves. He moves along, unbothered, (poised at first sight but silently prepared for a fight) doing what he must to enjoy abundance and happiness within his private sector.

For home is where the heart is. Again, stay focused.

And if your focus has drawn weak, and the clouds have rolled in... The NINE OF WANDS (AGTA) invites you to JUST. KEEP. GOING. 

You have worked hard on this journey to your personal happiness, and yes you may be a bit tired and beat down from the noisiness of the world, but know that Universal Spirit has sat ringside along your battles, and has heard and seen your efforts. You are both protected and blessed, and most importantly; you are almost there...almost to that next chapter... and oh what a shame it would be to give up now! Know that you have the help of your Guides and Ancestors to utilize; and all you must do is ask and be open to receive.

Just don't give up on your happiness....because the Sun will always rise and shine.

 In Final Advice from the cards, allow tempered STRENGTH (AGTA) to bring about the resilience, patience, stamina, and forethought necessary to conquer the climbing of the MOUNTAIN (AGO). To experience the view from atop Mount Kilimanjaro is a luxury many never get to afford; as also is to experience the freedom of true happiness and personal success. 

So do you have the strength to see beyond the clouds... to avoid the chatter of the world around you....and FOCUS? Can you grant yourself permission to carry on as your authentic self on your authentic mission, regardless of the possible turbulent environment? And if you can, when you reach the top of the mountain, know the view will be spectacular and unlike anything many have ever seen. 

So stay focused; with both your actions and your thoughts. Keep climbing. You're almost there.

So let's have a pull from our Afro Goddess Rune bag.


Isa is a rune where clarity is raised after a moment of stillness. The stillness of frozen water can both destroy and preserve while illuminating its contents. So as you take a dilated view of your truest desires, allow what doesn't align to be destroyed and what does to be preserved. 

Feel free to use the Isa rune with our affirmation in meditation to help you obtain the clarity you need:

A chill in my bones,

as what's solid as stone,

freezes to still in the night.

I welcome the cold,

and the truth that it holds;

as it's revealed in the morning's light.




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And so much more is coming yall...more decks, more tapestries, more books, more pendulums....as well as something SO INCREDIBLE, I'm literally overjoyed about it silently in my spirit lol...

Thanks to everyone whom respects my intense focus, and I hope I have or will help you find or keep your intense focus.

And as a last note, I'd like to share a sneak peek at new artwork just completed for our upcoming Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System:


When all is divine,

at just the right time; 

one shall emerge the cacoon.

Unique in one's beauty,

one welcomes the duty,

to contribute to a garden at bloom.

 Don't let the world rush your magic. Some of the most special and beautiful things take the longest time to create. Trust in your parallels with the Divine.

This Clear Vision deck is going to be so special when it's done! Thanks for reading. I wish you blessings, clarity, happiness, and love.

Feel free to share whatever in the comments....feelings from the reading, the cards themselves, and if you like the new artwork! :) And as always, thank you for all the positive energy we exchange with each other. I value you, your support, your messages (even if I am too swamped to respond), as well as your well wishes on this journey I've embarked upon. Much love and appreciation yall, really.





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  • Leslie B on

    Andrea, I can’t give you all my money. I’m such a fan of your artwork and great insight through your blogs. The Oracle deck and Nova tapestry are gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to make a “healing/war room” with my collection of cards, crystals and artwork. Your talent is phenomenal and appreciated. I can’t wait for the new merchandise. Also, bring back the candles. I missed those apparently. Absolutely marvelous!!!


    Are you going to bring the goddess candles back? Because I really want a set lol. If I buy a goddess deck today. Will I be in the August batch of shipments?

  • Tanya on

    I’m telling you I was just on your website yesterday because I thought of you when I was doing a reading with my AFGT cards! Wow!! Then I get the email and excitedly come to see a reading and new goodies coming soon! Joy! Thanks so much for sharing this reading I think it’s so needed, especially during these challenging times when we all tend to lose focus. Indeed the clouds can block our vision.
    I love the new artwork and I can’t wait for the deck to be completed! Let this serve as notice I want one as soon as they’re available! Your art just truly speaks to the intuitive mind. This does wonders for working with one’s higher self to bring about answers and more clarity! I hope all is well and thanks so much for sharing your gifts with us!

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