October Ends & November Begins 2020: The Real Houses of Astrology

Andrea Furtick

Death & Rebirth in the light of a Full Moon.

I hope you had/have a happy Halloween. All Souls Day. Samhain.

However you prefer to address this special day, as I know people are especially sensitive about verbiage these days, I hope you've had a great time with this powerful holiday and full moon joining forces!

Did you celebrate? Fantastic. Did a ritual? Fabulous! But as you giggled and asked the Universe for blessings of whatever sorts... did you also have a look at the day, in the way it was intended? Did you allow yourCELf to die and be reborn?

On this day, we are asked to not only celebrate the death of what's ending but also simultaneously rejoice for the wonderful births coming into existence. For in this moment, the Universe now invites us to welcome the harvest; and in the harvest; seeds will die as fruition is birthed. Let it be noted.

 The Real Houses Of Astrology: A Look into YOU

There is no better way to let go of something than to accept that it exists.

Recently (more like the entire month of September), I obliged a request by Spirit to deeply study my birth chart to face some things, heal some things, and release some things....so I can get some things....ya know? 

When in deep study of the birth chart, those, "Yep! That's me!!!" moments hit different when it's a list of possibly not so positive aspects of your soul being illuminated. But what's written in the stars is who you truly are in your soul...so will you recognize it, come to terms with it, and allow it to fuel a rebirth brighter than ever before?

I did. You should too. So grab your birth chart, and if you've ever been confused about the meanings of the houses, enjoy the journey below. (Don't have your birth chart? There are tons of free birth chart generators online. Gather your birth date, place, and time and try one out. For that is where this journey begins.)


So house by house, we build the vision...


House 1: House of Self

 House 1: House of SELF, "I AM..."

The House of Self governs the actual self, beginning moments, appearances, first meetings, and one's general approach to life. It is here, in our Sun sign, that we are illuminated to how the world may see us versus how we see ourselves and how those two concepts merge to create our initial moments and meetings. Our outlooks lie here, which highly affect our choices and decisions, which can have a grand impact on the situations we find ourselves in.  As this house does speak to the recognition of one's full potential in this lifetime, one must work here to allow the inner body and the outer body to shine brightly, with strength, on the cliffs of "the Firsts."

Who are you?


 House 2: House of Value

House 2: House of VALUE, "I HAVE..."

 The House of Value governs our general attitude towards the concept of possession. This is the place where all our humans needs are (possessions, sex, and all things that bring personal satisfaction) and also the place that shows us the path we take to acquire those needs. This space thus highlights your daily routine, priorities, work ethic, and even your actual job.

What do you want, and what will you do to get it?


House 3: House of Sharing

House 3: House of COMMUNICATION, "I THINK..."

 The House of Communication, speaks to one's state of mind, and the way we project and process information, thoughts, and connections (connections with siblings and those like so especially lie here) both written and verbal.

As a house of intellectual travel, this house may show active learning one pursues to elevate the mind, such as higher learning, seminars, study, and training. 

As a house of transportation, this house also shows a space of short trips, cars, and technical equipment.

What do you know, and how do you know it?


House 4: House of Home & Family

House 4: House of HOME & FAMILY, "I NURTURE..."

The House of Home and Family illuminates one's family roots, family traditions, emotions, foundations, children, and "mother energy." It is here we can see our relationship with our maternal or feminine figure, as well as how we see the idea of domestication. This house represents our deepened roots to ancestors and spiritual foundations. Our idea of a comforting environment is generated from the sum of these concepts, and we nurture the joyous pieces of this house well into our adulthood.

How were you cared for, and how does it affect how you care?


House 5: House of Pleasure

House 5: House of PLEASURE, "I GIVE MYSELF TO..."

The House of Pleasure is our space of personal creativity and the things that bring us true joyfulness. Here lies romance, love affairs, creativity, self expression, childlike joys, play, fertility, and entertainment. One's motions here are voluntary; and to give of oneself to create something new, here serves not only a physical joy but also the mental joys of emotional satisfaction as well. For it is here, fun lives. 

What do I enjoy contributing to, and what pleasures come to me from it?


 House 6: House of Health

House 6: House of HEALTH, "I SERVE..."

 The House of Health refers not only to the literal health of a person throughout their life, but also to the contributions one makes, on a consistent basis, to keep one's life "healthy." This includes one's job, fitness routine, pets, analytical nature, work ethic, organizational skills, and general sense of usefulness. It is here we can see how we fit into handling issues and responsibilities both daily and unexpected. This house is the place of disciplined action in the pursuit of normalcy.

How am I disciplined, and to what do I give that service?


House 7: House of Balance

House 7: House of PARTNERSHIP, "I PARTNER..." 

 The House of Partnership illuminates the moments in which we freely join another. Here we find marriages, relationships, business partners, contracts, sharing, and the efforts of equality being actualized. Here, one shall give cooperation during unity, and meanwhile finally get a view of oneself in context; meaning, one finally gets to see oneself giving their best to another part to create a whole; and see an end result of like desire for all involved.

To whom do I join freely, and for what cause?


House 8: House of Transformation


In the House of Transformation, one gives to receive; either voluntarily or involuntarily. Here we find the principles of sex, intimacy, shared finances, taxes, loans, joint ventures, mutual goals, and partner's resources. Being commonly referred to as "one's secret power," this house is where we circulate our energy with another in a way that we expect a return. With that being said; death, wills, and inheritances appear here as well. Transformation is not always comfortable, but in this house it is here.

With what and whom do I circulate my energy, and what becomes of it as the result?



House 9: House of Philosophy

House 9: House of PHILOSOPHY, "I EXPLORE..."

 In the House of Philosophy, all sorts of explorations take place. Explorations of actual travel, higher learning, cross cultural relations, law, religion, and wisdom are all embarked upon here. For in this house, one may find themselves in a space that one can seem to be both physically still and journey abroad simultaneously. What an aspect of magic (which is represented here as well)!  

What do I choose to explore, and how do I explore it?


House 10: House of Enterprise

 House 10: House of ENTERPRISE, "I ACHIEVE..."

Opposing the feminine energy of the House of Home & Family (4), the House of Enterprise can represent the more masculine aspects of rootedness. Here we see long term goals, career, structure, status, public image, and fame. Here, we see the heights one may climb for success. Strength of both mind and physicality is shown in this house, and used best to help one achieve their ultimate ambitions.

What do you want to achieve, and how shall you achieve it?


House 11: House of Blessings

House 11: House of BLESSINGS, " I ASPIRE..."

 In the House of Blessings, we come upon our vision and the ones that share that same vision with us. Here lies our true friends, groups, and associations; as they provide support and no judgement of our humanitarian efforts and visions for the future.

In fact, the people here generally share such vision and lead us to feel that we may have essentially found our "tribe." This house focuses on how we connect with these individuals in a joint pursuit of happiness. 

To whom have I joined, and for what cause do we unite?


House 12: House of Sacrifice

House 12: House of UNCONSCIOUS, "I DREAM..."

 In the House of the Unconscious we explore our dreams, subconscious minds, intuitions, instincts, and all things hidden. Here we explore all possibilities, even if they never truly existed, and that act of "maybe" in some sense provides an aspect of semi preparedness where we may have never felt prepared before. With our subconscious trying to act on our behalf, it can prepare us, defend us, and propel us, should we decide to honor those notions. For it is in this house that we see what can be, be it a joy or a fright; we still can get a glimpse of the unknown. In this space, we see all things that are possible; and in that true choice lies.

What do I dream of, and shall I make it reality?


Now, can you see yourCELf?

The Real Houses of Astrology, original (not available)

Such a journey the Birth Wheel is! (Comment "Part 2" below if you'd like me to explain MORE details about the birth wheel that pertain to personal growth and development.) 

Thanks so much for joining me as I try to unlock all aspects of my personal power on this physical plain, and I hope I inspire and assist you all in doing the same. 

And if you wondered; because this was such a personal expression for me, the original is not available for purchase. However, I did do a thing for y'all:

The Real Houses of Astrology Tapestry

"The Real Houses of Astrology" Tapestries!

So if this is some magic you'd like to add to your home, check out these XL tapestries to add to your décor, do readings on (totally large enough to do a mega reading with 3 cards a laid on each house), lay out on the beach on, use in your spiritual space, or whatever your heart desires. 

I totally love seeing how y'all make use of the tapestries!!! :)

So if you'd like one, check them out here.

Otherwise, I hope you've enjoyed the lesson and the art. Please know I have so much more to share. Be back soon. ;)










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