December 2022: A Fated Happening & Falling into the Future (FREE Spread inside)- CAREER

Andrea Furtick

When nothing is certain— ALL things are possible.

If one’s destination is destined— why so much stress over the journey? We as humans naturally have a need to know but unfortunately often lack the foresight to see. When those two concepts combine, a fall into mental, physical, or financial chaos can occur as we search for a path we think wholeheartedly is best, even when in reality— it’s not.

Could you see that if you were truly continue down the same path would only cause you to panic and become more lost? Perhaps there are times we must stop, look around, and redirect for our own good. Tis true, anxiety is one of the greatest causes of error; so why so anxious? Why so unsure? Or better yet— why so rigidly blinded by expectation that one is unable to see forward movement ahead?


"Would you rather be right or rather feel good?"

As energetic beings searching for our own individual rightness, it can truly feel like it's going so wrong in the actions of either attracting or repelling. However, that outward projection of our vibrational content is really not that much of a mystery but simply the feeling of the Universe's yeses and nos; also known as one's intuition.

With that stated, know much is on the spectrum between spiritual intuition and human desire. Where on one end we may have persistence, an attractive action, on the other end shall most always exist worry, a repelling thought.

So how do we— avoid worry of the outcome— properly build momentum through attractive actions in a space where we are unsure? Keep in mind, mismanaging the balance of the two most definitely will leave one with distorted and probably undesirable results.

Ironically enough, when we let go and provide the least amount of resistance, we can maximum the flow of happenings towards the future.

"But what if I fail or fall?"

And by fall, do you mean that subjectively embarrassing moment where you find yourself in the destiny of a place YOU didn't intend?

One thing about intention— it's a non binding plan and definitely not guaranteed to be seconded by the Universe! However, tis still Universal law— all things occur by design.

However, still it can leave one in a state of confusion, sadness, anger, or even depression when intentions don't go "as planned."

Find your intentions going awry? Perhaps a dive into the spread below could help.

A Spread to Help You Fall— Gracefully.



As we approach the entrance of 2023, now is a great time to hold the mirror up to ourselves in efforts to adjust for our future.

Your greatest you really could be one season away— should you allow.

And although written from a career perspective, feel free to also use this if you're seeking a relationship or anything tangible to have as your own in this life.





Have a meditation over these questions and draw a card from your deck for each, or enjoy my community draw below!

-Actions to stabilize my emotions during this transitional phase?

Daughter of Cups: To date you may have had a rigid view of whats to happen, however The Daughter of Cups is asking you to lose that— because what's coming may be oddly presented. So have a breathe, lose your rigid vision, and expect the unexpected. Be ready to explore this thing you otherwise would have overlooked with passion and gratitude.

-In what motion shall I release myself from the energy of self sabotage?

Goddess of Pentacles: The day you decide you will be— you will be! It's that simple. Here The Goddess of Pentacles illuminates for us a confidence and control that is proving her ever abundant. Be more confident in the fact abundance is yours, and reposition your perspective to view control in your hands within those spaces you once felt powerless. 

-Advice on dealing with the aftermath of toxic endings, soured partnerships, and/or unpleasant encounters?

Nine of Cups: Although Nine of Cups represents full cups and wishes fulfilled, in the grander scheme of things— what was done was truly an easy accomplishment for you and where cups once were peacefully you grow, those same cups will begin to overflow...sometimes in a bad way....i.e. jealously and unnecessary rivalry. These connections know you are capable of and pursuing more— but they are here, stuck, at nine. No judgement, we all have a journey, but yours won't end here, with these people, in this cycle. You are the one on stage. With grace, go forth to find your 10 of Cups! Leave them where they're at. They have existed stage left on your journey, and that is where your focus lies.

-How to boost my inner confidence amidst external chaos and confusion?

The Sun (reversed): In any orientation, to receive The Sun in a reading is a positive omen; however when The Sun appears in the reversed, you are the one whom doesn't see the light within you. Have a hard look in the mirror and truly see all the wonderful things about you. Look so long that you blind yourself! But seriously, you indeed have the merit to be confident, work on actually taking the action. Stand tall and be your own light.

-The fated happening connected to this situation is...

Two of Cups: Get this right...and that partnership, connection, relationship, or contract will come through. Destiny is guiding you...extend your hand when the time is right.

-What blessing of advancement is coming towards me without my knowledge?

Son of Swords: By indication of the Son of Swords, incoming is a positive and transformative conversation or news. Permanent change is ahead.

-Action to accelerate my growth?

Son of Wands: Lose your fear and act. Charge forward, but be not recklessly impulsive. By indication of the Son of Wands, you will have the strength of the Rhino guiding you; so whatever you do... know it will be impactful, good or bad. So make a plan and go forth with confidence and action.

-Action to avoid stunting my growth?

The Empress: Keep creating...keep nurturing...keep cultivating the seed you've planted. The Empress tells us that the time for birth is approaching, so keep patient and remain focused on the task of delivery. Any pain you feel in this process, although notably intense; it will soon fade away. Look forward to the joy of fruition. Breathe. It may not be time to push just yet— but when the time'll know.

-What superpower of mine should I be using?   

Three of Wands: Resilience is indeed a superpower. The Three of Wands is a card about working with our obstacles and staying flexible on the the road to success.The door ahead is open, so gather your courage and stride with the good and the bad.

-BOTTOMLINE (Bottom of the Deck)

Wheel of Fortune: THIS is the change you desire. The Wheel is turning in your favor in due time; stay patient, faithful, humble, and strong. The tough cycle you have been in is closing, do not let the pain weigh you down; instead use your strength to carry the load of newness and success to be upon your back.


2023 can be your year. Let's get there together.

I've got big 2023 goals and I hope you do too. Forget a vision board party— let's build the fucking vision— even if we must adjust the vision from time to time.

May this spark the plan within. Ase'.




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