Late February 2021: The Phenomenon of Almost & Getting Closer to the CLEAR(est) VISION

Andrea Furtick


Welcome to Friends Old & New!

Blessed connection everyone! I do hope at the time you’re reading this you are healthy, happy, and safe.

(Or at least healthy and safe…if you’re not necessarily “happy”…you’ve arrived at the space in which we work on that together, so definitely get comfortable and keep reading.)

As our little community of collectors has grown drastically within the last few months, I just wanted to extend a welcome to all my new collectors and send more of my love to all my continuing collectors. Where there used to be few, I am beyond gracious that there are now so many. Realistically, it is getting more and more challenging for me to chit-chat with you all individually, so I do hope you feel right at home reading here as a growing community of thousands of spiritual thinkers.

If this is your first blog read, please know: The art is for sale, but the vibes are FREE. So even if you’re not expecting an order at the moment, you are still more than welcome to continue to come through and check out these blogs for all the downloads that Spirit and I have worked out and discussed for me to share with the community.

(You’ll also see some behind the scenes my creative efforts and enjoy my randomly quirky humor and often poetic, Piscean nature.)

But seriously, if you were drawn here you are probably not one for chasing the mundane, so welcome my darling to a place where we explore feelings with thought and create destiny with action.

May the concepts of my thoughts ignite a spark of passion that will lead you on the path to your greatest desires. Ase.


The Hermit & The Number 9: Transcending the Darkness of Almost

We’ve all heard “almost doesn’t count”… but to be honest, “almost” IS where it counts.

I absolutely love the Hermit card from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck.

Just past the card of Strength, alone the Hermit stands; introspectively lighting the darkness. By seeing with her soul and trusting the illumination of her own light, she travels forward to the Wheel of Fortune, as she must, because nine (the number of the Hermit) is almost, but ten (the number of the Wheel of Fortune) is complete.

Check out this excerpt from the AGTA Guidebook:

Nine is the number of accomplishments, wisdom, and search for truth. Pulling this card invites you to take this time for introspection at all costs. You must be content with being alone. It will be within this time you will develop the true power of a spiritual master by hearing the messages spirit has for you, uninterrupted. The butterfly enters the cocoon both a caterpillar and alone. But when it emerges from its dark cultivation, it is beautiful in both sight and flight. You’re almost a butterfly, have patience with your journey.

So, clearly, the Hermit is almost at something incredibly major; and it would be an absolute shame to give up on one’s foretold completion at almost, right?

But I do know, almost is almost always never easy. There’s a lot of pain in almost. There are unclear paths and foggy visions at almost dawn. There’s physical pain or strain for a mother who is almost complete giving birth, and there are battles of the minds of those who are almost scholars.

But, even though almost isn’t easy, almost does mean you are on the way… as again, you are almost there.

So how do we get past almost? We simply just keep going with focuses intense on our own light. The growing of it. The flicker of it. What makes it shine. What makes it dim. We FOCUS…. until we see all the things, that it will in due time so brightly light, actually lit ahead of us.

For at this moment, there is only you; so one must go within to shine from the inside, out.

(Interested in that easy "story-style" tarot lesson book? It's a fantastic learning tool! Check out The Fool's Journey & the 56 Minor Movements of Exploration here.)

Drea, weren’t you painting a new deck?: Yep. The Clear Vision Duo Deck Is Happening In Divine Timing!

The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck took a little over a year to conceptualize and paint, and The Afro Goddess Oracle followed with a seven-month creative birth period. (Yes, I have spent a lot of time at almost. lol)

Neither being quick happenings, I can’t say that I’d ever should have expected The Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo deck to be any different! As it is entering into its second year of cultivation, this deck is destined to be the masterpiece that masters peace.

If you didn’t know, I hand-paint everything, so no digital work is done here until the files are created for the mass-printers. I live a “thing,” (which can often be realistically painful to bring peace or initially confusing to produce clarity), learn a lesson, and then I paint it and write a correlating message; and that’s how each card in each deck is formed, one by one.

So what is the Clear Vision Duo Deck?

Be it that the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas is modeled after the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot System and the Afro Goddess Oracle is modeled after the traditional Lenormand Oracle System, Spirit granted me the task to create my own “traditional” to add to the Akashic; and I'm positive that My Clear Vision Duo Deck will intensely bring the completion of this trilogy in a way that my soul both  craves and commands.

This is not a tarot deck, and it is also not an oracle deck. It is instead, a dual-purpose clarification deck.

One half is entitled Energetic Exchange, and it will guide clarifications about manifesting tangible things and physical opportunities. The second half is entitled Energetic Encounters, and it will guide relationships of all kinds and how these energies specifically blend with yours.

Yall, I’m almost at a masterpiece, and I wish you the strength to almost be at yours.

So let’s have a look at three new cards that have been added in the recent weeks and brief explanations of each. (And should a message grab you and ignite you in your almost, well, that would be nothing short of divine. :)

I can’t wait to share this deck with you all soon.

However, check these out for now:

Rock Bottom: If You’re Feeling Underwater…

It’s the pressure. I know. It’s the chilliness of isolation and the fear of the unknown.
Sinking deeper into your surroundings, the pressure forces the air from your body, and you feel like you’re suffocating. There is no breathe to take…but you’re still holding the last of yours — and that has to count for something.
Funny how you can still see the light shining at the top. It is most certainly there.
However, you close your eyes, because well…it’s getting darker and scarier down here. You recede upon yourself and submit yourself to the throws of your surroundings.
Or do you?
Reality is, there is nothing actually damning you to this isolated and unnecessary demise other than your own sea of emotions. Over time, your emotional pressure has become such an undeniable physical pressure…that my dear, you are drowning.
But you do know how to swim, you always did.
As this one small plant survives here, know all hope is not lost; and you can survive too. Should that mean you adapt to this icy dungeon or find the strength to spread your unrestricted limbs and swim away, the choice is yours to have.
However if no choice is made, and you stay in your current position…again, you will drown.
So shall you sink, adapt, or swim?

To Train A Warrior Goddess: Flow Of Mind, Body, and Soul

Discipline in principle, and steady in practice, training is the foundation of all mastery, including that of the oneself. As the dawn approaches and the winds encase, one steadies the fluidity of the soul with the direction of the mind and the physicality of the action.
Amidst the everchanging winds, one maintains balances. Tis no coincidence either, as one has prepared with the patience of practice, education, foresight.
With focuses set far, one's training serves one well in the moment of a fully risen sun. And should a battle ensue, or the winds quicken yet again, one shall always be prepared for a well deserved, graceful, and honorable win.

Rest & Recharge: The Power of Stillness

Exhaustion creeps in like the night on even the most valiant of warriors. For how can one's aim be precise when one's eyes are heavy? Perhaps one shall close them, for a bit. Having worked hard and fought tirelessly, even when alone; this moment of pause is well deserved. 
Allow the light of the moon to recharge you like the power of the mighty amethyst. Sharpen your mind with slumber, and stiffen your strike with a moment of stillness. 
For your strength shall be restored and path brightly lit in the morning. But for now, rest and recharge. No harm shall come to you in this moment, for the Ancestors stand guard.


Feel free to share in the comments your favorite of the three or if one particularly brought you insight!

Quite honestly, I think I'm past the "hard," lessons of the deck hopefully we'll be holding them in our hands by early June.

(Why do you think I can describe "Rock Bottom" so well...yep, I vacationed there. And whew...please feel free to learn from my mistakes sis. lol)

 Well, What Decks Are Available Now?

The holographic Special Edition AGTA decks are indeed sold out...again. I'll be bringing them back later in the year, however for now no exact date is planned.

However the dreamy The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Classic versions are available now, as well as the gorgeous Afro Goddess Oracle decks.

 Buttt... Did You Know The REIGN SUPREME SPRING 2021 COLLECTION released?

2020 may have knocked me around (It hurt too. lol), but it DID NOT knock me down.

I can't express enough gratitude to every Spirit and Ancestor who lit my path through the completion of this collection during such an uncertain time. With everything around me so rapidly changing, stagnating, and falling apart it was nothing short of miraculous that none of my efforts fell in vain.

I hope I've made both them and all of my Afro Goddess Sisters & Aunties out there proud. :)

You MUST check out the Unboxing on The Afro Goddess YouTube Channel!!!

Thanks for Allowing Me Into Your Mental Space!

It's always a pleasure to share my thoughts and new ideas and projects with you all here. 

Thanks for visiting, reading, and being alongside me in this journey.

Remember, All is connected, All is YOU.






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  • Tawanda on

    I just wanna know is there a way I can buy that Nova Card to add to my classic deck ma’am 😁😁😁? Also, I’m so ready for your new deck, can’t wait 😃😃😃.

  • Michelle Grissett on

    The Power of Stillness card is the one that speaks to me so clearly, yet I have always had a difficult time with “being still”. I rest my body while awake and sleeping but my soul is never ever at rest. The depiction in this card is what I have been striving for. I would love to put down my “weapons of protection” and rest my soul. Goddess looks so peaceful as if that space she is sitting in was carved out just for her and her soul. I want to find my space. I’m looking forward to this deck. I’m so glad I found you and your gift.

  • Valerie on

    Breathtakingly beautiful. I cannot wait to have this. I so appreciate and respect your work. Thank you, Sis!

  • LaTasha on

    I absolutely need that deck to complete my collection!!! I resonate with all of the cards and all of the collector decks that you made!! Our ancestors are definitely connected thank you for creating and showing up to share with us!! You’re truly helping me tap into me and our natural abilities through these images and interpretations!! Tarot/Oracle the best cards ever!! So excited for the new edition!)

  • Lexi on

    Can’t wait for the clear vision duo deck! I think we could all use some clarity. They are all so beautiful but something about Rock Bottom resonated with me. From from fear of the unknown to submitting to the throws of your surroundings.

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