Affording Happiness

Andrea Furtick

Truth is, there is no master plan.

At the very basis of it all, we are ALL just wandering. None of us have a map that's exact. None of us can tell the other FOR SURE what's to come. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so it's all truly subjective to our own individual desires. To experience the magic of truly existing and thriving within a society designed to test and break down your spirit to it's core is a luxury many of us never truly get to afford. Even the wealthy often bow as a slave in one form or another, chasing a destiny that could possibly always be outside of their grasp; joining the rest of us, wandering towards mirages of other people's happinesses, watching it play out for them and hoping with our fingers crossed to fit our circular piece into their square space; ALL WHILE IGNORING the simple fact that our structure is unique and therefore, so is our destined existence.

Could it be quite possible that the struggle you feel as you push along this journey, is simply because it was never your's to begin with? With the birth of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas, I explained the importance of perception. We must be open to perceptive guidance and change, because you just can't gain the bird's eye view from the ground. But alongside that concept of perception, we must advance to include both patience and precision, as you must now not only flow with the current, but also shift with intention and direction so that you can move closer into a space designed just for you.   

Do you know what you want out of this life experience?  I didn't. I thought I did. I got lost in other people's happinesses, but it just didn't feel right. It didn't flow. It didn't fit. I didn't fit. However the moment I increased my precision and concentrated on my patience, my change in perception allowed me to see my own happiness. In hindsight, I do wonder how much time I wasted chasing someone else's destiny. So consider this, who's happiness are you chasing? Are you sure it is one precisely designed for you?

It's easy to see someone else's happiness and think to yourself, "It doesn't get better than that." We do it everyday as we fall victim to trends, drool over celebrities; and will willingly break our own leg, or the bank, trying to keep up with Mr. & Mrs. Jones next door. It's really hard to be real out here these days, because to the "naked eye" we have been given a map to the PROMISE LAND and all you have to do is what "she" did and you're there! But if it were all that simple, we'd have a lot more peace in the world, however the bottom line is that there are a lot of unhappy people out here.  However just as I always tell my children, happiness is a choice. You choose to allow yourself to be happy, and happiness will allow itself to be with you. 

Lauryn Hill said it best, "It could all be so simple, but we'd rather make it hard..."

Self sabotage is a real thing, as we constantly blind ourselves with a variety of circumstances and checklists as we rush to beat the man-made institution of time. We're always running out of time, always rushing becasue for whatever reason time is obviously up. Or is it? Why are we out of time? Who said we were out of time? What else do we have to do other than EXIST? Like Lauryn said, it could all be so simple. And therefore it is indeed us whom make it hard. 

For example, if you're idea of happiness is to just be successful, that's wonderful; but at what do you wish to be a success? You must be specific in your desire to be precise in your aim. For it's only accidental to hit a target you're not really aiming for. But at the same time, you can't aim for target you can't see, so broadening you spectrum and adhering to the sways of the wind are both just as important as the shot itself.

So what does success truly mean to you here; do you mean material or emotional success? To be honest, it should actually equate to a healthy balance of the two. Neglecting one will eventually suffocate the other, so you must learn to balance the two in a way that is honorable and propelling for you. Remember, success to each of us again is subjective...and it is indeed to each his own. 

In my personal experience, owning a business has been really cool. It has a lot of freedoms and a lot of perks. But remember when I said every action has an equal reaction? Owning a business also comes with a variety of stresses and responsibilities. It is hard. Fulfilling but hard. However, sometimes it's too hard. I see people advising everyone to start businesses. Yes! Start a business, but only if your heart is in it. I support you, but I want you to know its hard to keep thriving when you're not truly passionate about something. With passion comes true perseverance and in my opinion, I don't think the two can be separated.  

No desire to start a business? Fine! The reality is, everybody is not a boss. Some people are workers and that is their avenue to their personal success. And if that's you, that's just fine. Don't delay your advancement trying to be unnecessarily seen! Know that the fastest car on the road is often a blur, and chances are the windows were up so sis didn't mess up her hair. You never saw her on the way, but couldn't take your eyes off her when she arrived. If that's you, be you, be sis. 

Either way, material success will often come to you when you honor the true passion of your spirit. That thing that brings you joy...that's it. Do that. Accept it as the key to your happiness. Unlock that door and step through. 

For me, it was art. As a small child I always wanted to be an artiste'. However I tried all types of art before I got here, all types of art-forms I wasn't passionate about, all types of art forms that eventually failed. However, my passion for art allowed me to persevere long enough to find my way, as I combined my love for art with my fascination and love for the tarot; producing a heart and spirit filled tarot deck that I can say I'm proud to be the creator of. So ultimately, having patience allowed me to combine the precision of the tarot with the perception of my art. So yes, I found success, however my apologies to you and Lauryn, I must tell you how I made it hard.

As described, we must not look into other people's happinesses and always aim with precision. Following the release of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas, I felt I needed to start doing all the things other readers do. But at this moment, I realized I was no ordinary tarot professional, and my path was so very unique. This is where I spent time examining my precision. So what did I need to fine tune my vision towards? It wasn't readings on YouTube (I'll be doing other things more in line with my spirit on YouTube soon.) or spreads to share on Instagram. I was good at both of those things, but ultimately they drained me and left me filling unfulfilled. So what was the basis of this joy? Creation. I love to there, that was my place. I am the creator of the tools that you all will use to do these beautiful lifeworks of expansion and mental ascension for yourselves and the world. This is my personal destiny, and I thank you for being apart of it. 

So to where is your true happiness? Don't be distracted by other people's happinesses. May the messages of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck illuminate the path for you. I wish you much success as you journey towards the destiny of your greatest design. And as I prepare the Afro Goddess Oracle deck to be ushered out into the world soon, I ask the ancestors that they continue to guide me in a way that is of pure light as I attempt to guide all of you. 

Blessings to you all. 

Love and light until next time <3



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