January 2021: Deep Messages. Updates. And a Dream Realized.

Andrea Furtick

Hey everyone! I've got a few messages for you all and updates at the bottom! :)

xoxo- Drea

Twas Another "Interesting" Week In America.

I spent the earlier part of the week fashioning a message entitled, "January 2021: From The Emperor to The Hierophant: Chaos Ignites Change."

It stalled (shout out to all my true writers out there with a million stalled articles), but it's opening was honestly all that was needed after all that has happened here in America this week:

 2020, numerologically speaking is 2+0+2+0= 4; with card four of the Major Arcana represented by, the control seeking, Emperor in the tarot. In 2020, we seemed to have been catapulted into a year full of authoritative movement, challenge, and chaos. And as we experienced our major balances of powers in the world to be so very visibly imbalanced, just like these four suns — we all had to simply just go with it and orbit to their chaotic command.

So fitting. And now we have arrived at the inevitable, 2021 (2+0+2+1=5), the year of The Hierophant.

2021: Chaos Ignites Change.

(The Eye of Epiphany Perception Orb, Might look like a toy...but it's not.)

First, let's talk about number 5. Just having past the number 4, the number of balance or imbalance, we add one giving us 5, a number of challenges and choaticness in need of reordering. But no worries, 6 is coming (The Lovers)… which can be a number of harmony, victory, and accomplishment if 5 is mastered; however if it's not, 5 can produce a 6 full of doubt, debts (of spiritual and physical nature), and depletion.

So within this year of 5 and The Hierophant, it is here that our choices are to be made amidst the chaos. It is here we must make a choice to commit to something greater and deeper than before regardless of distractions placed in our paths. It is here, we commit to all things involved with our consciousness and the uncovering of the truths that reside within the shadows.

The Hierophant: As Above, So Below

The word Hierophant means "(s)he who shows the sacred things." Drawn originally as a pope-like figure, The Hierophant represents all traditions, religions, political authorities, and other authorities; as well as the acts of learning, leading, listening, committing, instructing, dictating, and social hierarchy.

To lead or to be led? Both have a designated place in the world. Subconsciously, our traditions do have a tendency to lead us; even though traditionally traditions are ironically full of secrets and unknowns. But as this Hierophant stands before us, is (s)he and their traditions still worthy of your loyal service? Meaning, now is a good time to examine if the loyal service you provide to your traditions are leading you on a path you desire or a path astray? 

Think about it.

As we all watch the chaos and secrets exposed of some of our "leadings humans" of our physical world, Spirit wants me to tell y'all to really pay attention. Things are not as they appear... and this goes for our current state as a people and for us in our own individual journeys through our own individual struggles as well.

QUICK TIP: (Feel free to pull The High Priestess from your deck, spend some time with her; then shuffle the deck and ask her, "How can I lift my veil and reveal all unknown to me in this situation?")

 I think we could all use a Rune right now, too. 

Do you know why I love the Runic system? Besides the fact they are literally the most beautiful, magical stones (shown here in clear quartz); I love the clarity that the Runes provide! They send me into deep thought and provide a perspective often hidden or overlooked. And because Spirit guided me to include a meditative verse/chant for each one, the Runes simultaneously also provide me with a combatant for my anxious thoughts...and that, to me, is invaluable.

So I've pulled Gebo.

From one to another, energies exchange.

Tis something to lose, tis something to gain.

But as I release, and as I accept,

I know I can truly afford this debt.

So, know this: I've said it before and I'll say it again: EVERYTHING has a cost, even joy and truth. In fact, I actually believe that the cost of the truth is often the highest amount of all to be paid. Why? Well, because in the long run, lies are cheap.

So whatever you're after (whatever we're after), or whatever you feel will bring happiness and peace to you, it won't be free. It might cost a little, or it might cost a lot. Either way, just make sure you fully know what that cost is and if you're truly willing or able to pay it.

And with that, I, like all of you, am standing by awaiting the reality of "the exchange" and the true "costs" we're going to pay in the years to come with either option. But as I said above, "...as I release, and as I accept, I know I can truly afford this debt..." 

Resilience, yep. It's a superpower.

 Attention vs. Ascension.

This concept has been on my mind forever.

What's more important to you, to us; the attention we seek publicly or online, or the ascension we seek in our own real lives? Do you remember when Gill Scott-Heron said "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised;" remember that.

The most powerful growth happens often in the dark and in specified conditions; and not really within any possible exposed elements that would render it vulnerable during (trans)formation. It's often an act of self preservation to not be seen, but instead be heard. And in fact, it is indeed a brilliant means of evolution and strategic ascension to be able to move in the shadows. Strategy and mystery do go hand in hand on the road to evolution. Why? Because the thing we love most about a mystery, is the realm of possibility represented by what we can not see in tandem with what we can. Isn't it ironic that the concept of mystery will probably bring forth attention anyway? Everyone loves a good mystery, and everyone loves the unveiling of a masterpiece.

So master the art of mystery-- the art of not needing to be seen... and oh, the places you could go....

I hope you all are enjoying my new, deeper writing style. :)

I know I am! And my writings are feeling more like conversations to me now, and ones that needed to be had; so I'm overjoyed to finally be creating a community of "Majestic Thinkers." 

I thank each and every one of you that take the time to read my thoughts. lol

August Alsina sings in his song Fly Far,

"Somebody told me if you wanna make a difference
You must first do somethin' different
Try different levels, vow to be somethin' be special"

 So with every article or book I write, painting I envision and realize into a deck, or other spiritual product I allow to flow into existence... may it all be heard til the end of time and seen for the magic it truly is; the magic of me, the magic of you, the magic of US.

Speaking of New Magic: The Supreme Goddess Statuette

I birthed this Goddess years ago to represent the resilience I am and the resilience that all of you are. To date, thousands of you honor her existence in your Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas decks and embody her "I have divine control" energy, and soooo....it was time to evolve the vision.

This is The Supreme Goddess Statuette. This is me. This is you. This is US. I cried so hard when I saw the sample come in...she makes me feel powerful from the deck to the alter...and may she do the same for you. 

So with all her tools aligned,

and the irrelevant role of time,

this now Goddess knows she's all that she needs. 

Now connected at her core,

she's opened a brand new door,

and reigns over her existence as The Supreme.

(From The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Explorations book)

AGTA Special Edition Shipping Update:


As the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition shipment backed up to near sold out before it even arrived, a shipping schedule was created (and posted on the homepage as well as sent out in subscriber email) to catch these 500 packages up and still be able to simultaneously continue with the orders coming in daily.

Since shipping began on Dec 26, orders from September to November 28th have been filled. Decembers orders will be filled this coming week and then we shall move into current.

Thank you all again for being so kind and respectful of the methods necessary to get each order out with the proper address, packaging, and contents. As my catalog has expanded a bit, it's been a bit more to attend to, so I appreciate all of you for giving me the time necessary to properly carry out this mass shipment. 


This has been a long read, and last year was a long year; so this year I hope you hold 2021's destiny in your hands. With your order of $50 or more, add the "Goddess of the Harvest Pomegranate" Ring for FREE. NO CODE REQUIRED. *Must add the Pomegranate Ring to cart at time of purchase, no code required. We are not able to add the discount after the order is placed. Thank you for understanding.




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