July 2021: "The Masters of Mastery." New Things. Deck Updates.

Andrea Furtick

Welcome to July Gods & Goddesses!!! This month at the Afro Goddess Connection we'll be preparing for the largest shipment in our 6 years of business to arrive! Make sure you keep checking the website this month for new thoughts and new products. The time has finally come. :)

Now let's get into our chat!

The Masters of Mastery.

From the Energetic Encounters half of the Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System, let's take a look at two ends of the same spectrum, the spectrum of MASTERY.

I believe the goal for each of us in this life experience to be that of SELF Mastery. For the mastery of self, requires a humbling journey in the evolution of spirit from being self centered to the actual center of one's self. 

However what path have you taken to get that mastery? Is it that of The Puppet Master (left) or that of The Sensei (right)?

Both are masters of their craft. Both are respected and revered. However neither possess the same intentions nor the same results.

(And if a specific person comes to mind for each card...take note.)

Originals of "The Puppet Master" & "Sensei"

The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master, from the Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System

The Puppet Master is not only the master of herself but others as well; and even though (s)he may be extremely skillful themselves, this Puppet Master focuses on the use of their skills of direction and delegation to accomplish their goals.

When pulled in regards to another (platonic) in a reading, this card can easily represent any strong authority figure within your life like a boss, judge, principle/dean, supervisor, officer, or even a parent. In regards to a romantic relationship, this card shines light on the relationships ultimate power and direction being dictated by one and not shared by both. In regards to self, it illuminates how you are behaving towards whoever is on the other side of the reading; and you, alone, hold the control.

So let's talk about just that, control. Please be aware, the Puppet Master is NOT necessarily a negative card. Quite often The Puppet Master is necessary...as we all know, "the show must go on."

So there is no blame when the Puppet Master directs the unorganized and inexperienced. However, here is where The Puppet Master can faulter:

Should The Puppet Master start manipulating without concern for those on the ends of their strings, it should be of no surprise when the strings become tangled as resistance builds within the submission of power from the puppet. So The Puppet Master at all times must care for her puppet(s), (s)he must always consider if they are comfortable...for they are the one's whom ultimately must hold the position on stage or you both will fall.

The Sensei

"SenSei" from The Clear Vision Duo Deck System

 The Sensei

A different type of master in every way, this wise and poised council advises from the shadows of a willfully guided journey.

The Sensei, being not easily accessible, possesses a keen selection for those in which (s)he wishes to bestow their gifts on. (S)he knows all are not worthy of their presence or conversation and they often find contentment in solitude. However, if a Sensei invites you in, go in patient, humble, and attentive. For there are many lessons to learn from this soul.  

When pulled in regards to another (platonic) in a reading, this card can easily represent a mentor, spiritual leader, "team" leader, parental figure, or elder in age or craft. What they have to offer may require you to have an open mind. They may have unorthodox practices, but they do know what's best (at this time). Absorb the lessons they present to you. In regards to a romantic relationship, this person (and this relationship) will provide a journey to a better you. With your partner's wisdom and guidance, coupled with the trust and action you must put in, you will elevate yourself to a higher level, either or both, spiritually and materialistically. In regards to self, it may be time to share your knowledge and talents with someone. You have their utmost respect and they would do your legacy absolutely justice.

To be a Sensei, one must be of legacy. This is no ordinary master. This master is both powerful and patient, both present and longsighted, and most importantly both divine and dangerous. Do not disrespect the one in which you call "Sensei." Consequences shall surely follow if you do.

I hope you enjoyed the look into these cards from the Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck! I can't wait to share this so very special project with you all. So let's get into our deck updates! :)

Afro Goddess Pre-Ordered Deck Updates:

After 2020 was such a strenuous year on my supply chain, it's nothing short of a magical that I'm currently able to have not one, not two, but THREE deck shipments being printed at the same time. So arriving soon, are the replenishment stocks for the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition and Afro Goddess Oracle; as well as the very first shipment of the newly created Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System.

So here's the scoop:

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition:

Printed. Packed. & OTW to Afro Goddess Headquarters in Atlanta, GA!!! Currently on schedule for the predicted late July/ early August delivery start date.

 Afro Goddess Oracle:

Printed. Packed. & OTW to Afro Goddess Headquarters in Atlanta, GA!!! Currently on schedule for the predicted late July/ early August delivery start date.

Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System:

In print/Production. Well...I did give them three sets to print at once, and I'd never rush the company especially when they're creating a fresh design. They may be just as magical as me lol, however I'm projecting them to ask for an extra week (or two). All may run on schedule, however please have no fear if these arrive a few weeks-ish (if that) behind the other shipments.

Ordered the Bundle? You'll receive the tarot and oracle first, and then the Clear Vision when they arrive.

On another note, we should be approaching the sample videos from the company of our transparent cards soon!!!! Sooooo very excited about that yall, and I can't wait to share this extra unique touch with all my luxurious Gods & Goddesses!

While We Wait: Other Restocks & New Products

Affected by the supply shortage from 2020, we have been out of Carnelian Pendulums and Amethyst Runes FOREVERRRR.

Well after several months, I was finally able to connect with our supplier in India and have a new stock handmade...along with two new products! :)

  • Carnelian Pendulums are restocked! Pendulums are tools that are used to connect to your higher self and spiritual guides by asking questions to help guide, clarify, and raise your awareness. 
  • Tiger's Eye Meditation Beads are NEW! Meditation beads, also known as mala beads, have been used by yogis and spiritual seekers for thousands of years to help keep their minds focused during meditation.
  • Lapis Lazuli Worry Stones are NEW! Worry stones are believed to help relieve stress and keep your sensory inputs busy. Simply rub the indented center, take deep breathes, and feel your worries disappear!
  • The (MOST POPULAR) Amethyst Rune Sets are restocked! The Runic system is yet another means of divination that can bring us closer to our ancestors, inner selves, and outer goals and manifestations.

Check them all out now in the CRYSTALS & RUNES SECTION.

Afro Goddess Apothecary

Wow. Just wow. I'm SO HONORED at how many of you respect me enough to ask my own magic to compliment your own.

Adding these Apothecary items are so special to me, as these are my own personally crafted recipes for the magic that I've created for my personal use to forge my own path. Tried and true, each of these products are golden.

In our last blog we introduced the Mrs. Pentacles Supreme Manifesting Body & Ritual Oil as well as the Forever a Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath; and this time we introduce Bolanle Bleu Loose Herbal Blend.

If you know me in real life you know I love champagne, tea, & herbs. lol

And for a time, I was stagnant in my work, so I created this blend of carefully chosen, fully 100% legal, herbs to assist in opening the gateway to a space where both vision and clear decision resided for me, and now I'm sharing it with you.

This blend is MAGICAL. Take some time and check out the listing and find out where the very unique name Bolanle Bleu came from.

Either steeped as tea or smoked, this blend will SHOW YOU THINGS. Never been able to remember your dreams, be not surprised when you do now... Meaningful dreams. Meaningful messages. Meaningful omens noticed. 

If you're into herbs, you do NOT want to miss this calming, euphorically delicious blend of connective magic. Thank me later. lol

(And FREE tea balls with all Bolanle Bleu orders this weekend, no code required.)

 Check them out now in the AFRO GODDESS APOTHECARY.

A Quick Note on Wholesaling 

Recently I've received an extreme increase in inquiries in concerns to wholesaling the Afro Goddess Decks & Product Lines.

I want to sincerely thank each of you for seeing the value in our products and for your desire to become a partner with the Afro Goddess Connection.

Please note our original rules of wholesaling: 

  • Wholesale inquiries may be sent to theafrogoddessconnection@gmail.com
  • To control area saturation, I reserve the right to respectfully decline.
  • The Afro Goddess Connection wholesales exclusively with brick and mortar establishments. Please do not inquire if you are solely an online business or not yet open for business.

HOWEVER-- due to restructuring efforts of the Afro Goddess Wholesaling Program, we are temporarily not accepting new wholesale accounts and are suspending US based wholesale until further notice. International wholesale will continue under the current structures, however, a more efficient program will roll out soon. I want to sincerely thank all the US businesses that have participated in the past and look forward to you all joining us in a grander way in the future. Thank you in advanced for understanding.

 See y'all soon!!!

Stay tuned y'all!!!  Expansion is upon us! The Clear Vision card reveal will be coming up soon and more surprise products are being added weekly. I appreciate each and every one of you!!!








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