June 2020: Burn, Baby. Burn.

Andrea Furtick


Tower Card, Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas 

EYE told you. THIS. IS. AMERICA. There is no denying that at this point. No matter what any of our personal opinions are; our current way of life clearly is burning to the ground in a predestined prophesy. 

So as our Tower moment ensues, we clearly can't stay here; and just as the story goes, we must jump...BUT...the most important part about this entire situation is not the fall itself, but ultimately how we choose to land in the short amount of time we have before the inevitable reconnects us with the ground. How one lands from a fall can mean either scratches, a broken arm, a broken spine, or death...it all depends on your landing.

So as we are now all actively "in the fall," and we only have a few short seconds, how the fuck are we going to pull off this landing?

 I hope you've got a few minutes today, we're going to go on a bit of a journey. Let's first begin here with words from Mr. Nansi (Orlando Jones, American Gods)  as we weigh our options...

 And he is right, WAR IS UPON US; however, it has always been.

When you fail a lesson to be learned, it IS repeated until that lesson is absorbed. This is Universal law, there are no shortcuts to the destiny we desire. And just as Mr. Nansi just said, FREEDOM AIN'T FREE. So, while we have been exercising restraint and "living our best lives," our body count has been rising...

Are we ready to learn the lesson of all ages? Are we ready to truly unite in our power with more than a music collaboration? Are we ready to demand a seat at the head of the table?

As a people: We have FAILED the lesson of our Godhood, time and time again. There are no Kings and Queens here. Please understand, to be a King or a Queen is to be an elected official. To be a God, that power runs through the breath and blood within your melanated body...TIS A BIRTHRIGHT...and not at all a formality that can be stripped away...because a God or Goddess just IS.

And as we've reduced our natural abilities of ENCHANTMENT to the mere tapdance motions of ENTERTAINMENT... it renders us only with an illusion of power. And then they found the perfect mole...the media... to distort your paths, cloud your visions, and control your storms...you'll miss a mark almost every time when you can't see it.

In the 1960s, the phrase "THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED" was birthed by musician Gil Scott-Heron and popularized by the great Black Panther Party. This statement will always be one of our greatest clues to unlock the awakening of the culture. Because what you see before you now, tis not the revolution we seek...for it all must first begin in your mind. Listen to our elder himself, Gil Scott-Heron, explain below.

We must understand that the war we have always been fighting is one of mental basis; one that has ultimately manifested out of instilled fear and has been projected upon our African culture for hundreds of years in this physical plain...

We have been in this cycle, and unfortunately, we will stay in this cycle...UNLESS... we wake up and truly decide to choose the power we possess, all at once, in sync; just as our elder just said.

Why do we not believe in our own power? For the day we truly decide it so, it shall be.

Do you know why white people are so vocal with the authorities? At the very basis of it all...it's because they BELIEVE that they can be, and that most of all they believe in their authority over themselves. They believe in their power and white privilege, which is all based on a longstanding belief passed down from generation to generation... and oh how "belief" can and does change things.

We, on the other hand, have been passed down from generation to generation the belief of fear. We naturally believe we will probably be treated unfairly or harmed, and with that initial belief (which is quite often manifested into reality by their constant need to justify their beliefs)...sadly, we have already lost every time we accept defeat when we see those blue lights come on.

You can't utilize a superpower you never knew to exist...did you know you had the strength and power to create your own existence? Don't you see how all the cultures around us are creating theirs? And black people have a special thing, a spirit that goes unnamed; and it allows us to manifest rapidly should we learn to use our strength of both mind and body simultaneously. 

Funny thing is, other cultures know this about us. They envy that "thing," that superpower...that Godhood. That's why we're finding ourselves constantly being used and abused, however; should we align and unite with the collective decision to activate our own belief of authority, birthright, and GODHOOD... now that will be the beginning of the true revolution.

So at what point do we decide...quite possibly is that moment now?

Back to Mr. Nansi...he time travels...see, he's visited us once before...

 And angry DOES get shit done, but not when it's displaced. There are a lot of worker bees swarming around us... but are we calm enough to ignore what's buzzing in our ears and seek out the hive? Swat a worker bee and all the rest will attack you...but destroy the hive, (you will) destroy the swarm.

So, we must seek out the hive; for that is the key. And in our pursuit, we must readjust our mental to eliminate the thoughts of fear and inferiority, so that we can activate the authority that will allow us to generate the manifestations we all desire.

But again, FREEDOM AIN'T FREE. It's going to cost us more than just the lives of those whom we have already tragically lost. It will cost us our fear and our comfort in settling for less. It will cost us the security of excuses and the facade of the illusions we have been so graciously allowed...it's going to cost our willingness to give everything we think we might have for everything we truly want and deserve. And even with all that, tis still a bargain; considering what we have been paying to date.

But the question is not our natural ability but our readiness to utilize it.

So, are we ready? I hope so. 


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  • Tia on

    I’m giving YOU a standing ovation! Can you feel my clapping across the cosmic energy waves? 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  • Brittny on

    whew! This was so powerful! Thank you for sharing and I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with others.

  • Macy Leblanc on

    This was an empowering read!! I hope many can read and comprehend. I do believe we have the greatest superpower of all and that is why we are the most oppress. We are some special beings. If we can just all stand on knowing just that..oh my…the revolution will begin. But in the mean time when will it ever start?

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