(Almost) July 2021: Perseverance. Production. Protection. Projection. (also New Products and Updates)

Andrea Furtick

The Work of the Harvest.

The Work of the Harvest, Clear Vision Duo Deck

...tis never easy.

The temperature may uncomfortable, and there may still be a long way to go... but persevere Goddess. For you dare not leave with only half a harvest! Muster your strength if you must and forge on, even if hands bleeding.

Do not allow weaknesses to fall upon you. Forge on until your rightful bounty is before you. 

Did every blossom not bloom? Of course not; yet the strongest and most brilliant await you by the masses.

All one must do, is the last efforts of The Work of the Harvest.

It's already yours, just claim it.

-(from The Work of the Harvest, Clear Vision Duo Deck System Guidebook)


Shout out to everyone PERSERVERING

To make the decision to continue to put one foot in front of the other is one of the bravest efforts in life. 

But let me tell you a secret.

Perseverance does not require perfection. To stumble during a race does not mean one won't win. The only assurance of a loss is when one refuses to get back up; but if you can find the strength to get back up, the possibility and inevitably of a win will always be in sight.

Afraid? Know that fear brings stagnancy. And stagnancy will surely brings death in the wrong season. (So let that shit go.)

Tired? Most definitely, yes. Yet unable we are not. Victory awaits you my love. 

So I invite you now to honor yourself for all you've done and all you're going to do. And with one foot in front of the other, I salute you as you all walk into your greatest manifestations and destinies; and I into mine. :)


Here's a word:

"I am doing a great job

at living my life."

Say it, write it, think it...til you 100% know it's true.

A Dream Within A Dream

My mother found this in my childhood bedroom today.

When I was a kid, I had a music teacher named Mrs. Griffin. She was an exquisite woman. In fact, there are very few people that I believe to be able to radiate so brightly that their soul glows through the pores, but she did (and still does with her must be 100 year old gorgeous self).

In her class, she would write her lessons on the board in the most beautiful calligraphy. I thought, even from a child, it was the most elegant and captivating way of writing that could exist and I HAD to know how to write like that, like Mrs. Griffin.

So I practiced. I tried different letter styles, and I was good at all of them, but I had to keep exploring until I found the one that I thought was special. This page was a piece of that journey... "a dream within a dream."

(I was quite a mystical kid. lol)

Looking at this page now, I'm not sure where I got that sentence, but I do know I foreshadowed my path here...to live a dream within a dream.  

Life is a journey, and from one destination we see glimpses of and discover our need for the next.

For the horizons can only be explored and explained with movement and change. So go on, the world is your oyster, my dear... 

 II of Wands, AGTA Special Edition

And Speaking of Expansion: Introducing the Afro Goddess Apothecary

Ancestor Honor....me and my Great Grandmother Adeline

Now, y'all know I'm a Magician... and quite possibly THE Magician. lol 

And after years of fine tuning and amplifying my own abilities with oils and spells of my own design, I feel like it's time for me to share...some of it. :)

Forever a Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath 

Life is stressful and heavy, especially when you're striding for greatness. Ever felt like you just need to...reset? Need to let every emotion go and start with fresh thought and energy?

Meet Forever A Phoenix.

Take away the stress. Take away the mess.
Take away anything that makes me feel unblessed.
Give me back my light. Give me back my fight.
For resilient is the God(dess) that has no fear at night.

Complete details HERE. 

 Mrs. Pentacles Supreme Manifesting Body & Ritual Oil

 Not all dreams are built the same. Some of us out here wish to build luxurious presents, secure futures, and lasting legacies.

If that is you, meet Mrs. Pentacles.

Mrs. Pentacles Supreme Manifesting Body & Ritual Oil

I wear this sparkly oil daily (of course an oil from ME would sparkle lol) and use it in all my abundance rituals. And when I combined it's magic with mine...

...I shocked even myself with what I was able to produce and how the Universe was meeting my desires. (And if you've been with me for a while, you've seen the creations, first hand. level up over time. :)) 

So I've been aging a stock for y'all since the last Super Moon. Snag this now if you like as well. I'll be including more detailed instructions for use in the packages.

Complete details HERE. 


Deck Shipping News & Updates.

So it's come to my attention that sooo many of you were extra excited to receive the notification that the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Editions, Afro Goddess Oracles, and the newly created Afro Goddess Clear Vision Decks were coming into stock soon and available for order. I extend my greatest appreciation to everyone who has secured their orders for these decks!

HOWEVER, please be reminded that the decks are currently on PREORDER from a shipment arriving late July/ early August (this information was found in the listing details).

Your patience is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to sending magic to each of you soon when the shipments arrive!!!

Still need to order? Check out the Afro Goddess Divination page to complete your collection.

*The Clear Vision is currently getting the most limited. As it was a brand new deck to roll out, the quantities are quickly being claimed. So please don't wait too long if you NEED that deck from this first shipment.

Follow Us on TikTok: @theafrogoddessconnection

Yep. I'ma TikTok...teach or whatever...join me. lol

Thanks Always.

I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope all the magic you receive from me has elevated your own magic in monumental ways. 

May you Reign Supreme.

 (Pssst...Supreme Statuettes are on flash sale for $111 ($48 savings) for the weekend, grab that if you like as well. No code required. Blessings!

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