Late March 2021: May you EMERGE into Spring (A FREE Spread & Collective Reading)

Andrea Furtick


Known to be a joyous time of implementing and nurturing new ideas and fresh starts; we welcome Spring as it affords us the opportunity to witness the beauty of both visual and theoretical evolution and revolution. Tis truly a magical time of happenings; as we can see many things all around us blossoming, transforming, and procreating in real-time.

And amidst this environment of transformative change, this is often the time in which we may find ourselves anxiously awaiting the experience of OUR own BLOSSOMING or our own “moment in the sun.”

“Indeed, it IS always darkest before dawn…”

Yet within the uncertainty of said darkness, it is also so very important that we know that the most beautiful blossom forms from a single seed in just the right amount of time, in just the right environment, and with just the right nutrition for that tiny existence to expand and transform.

However, even with all the correct conditions, one still must be aware that we cannot hurry nor fully control the execution of said seed’s evolution, and therefore all one can do is care in faith because quite honestly, it happens ONLY when it’s meant to happen.

So to start off this Spring 2021, I asked Universal Spirit for clarity on the conditions in which our greatest blossoming could transpire.

So here’s the spread I created (along with some thought-provoking pendulum questions) :)

“What To Let Go.

What To Grow.

Where To Be Patient.

What I Should Know.”

…and that’s all any of us can do. All else is indeed up to the Divine and the elements. So let’s get into it…

The Shuffle

During the shuffle, I found this pair in my hands to draw my attention.

The Ten of Pentacles is a card about a happy family and happy life. All is well in this moment and the journey has led to the happiness of your desire. Coupled with the Daughter of Cups, know an opportunity is on the rise, and it will lead you to that Ten of Pentacles! Therefore, in the foreshadow of this reading, we learn that whatever “happiness” you desire, it IS coming and it’s going to surprise you (in a good way) when it does!

**Also…should it have an odd presentation, pay the exterior no mind; yet trust your instincts… as you will know that glow when you see it…

So here are our placements for the spread using our Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck.

(from left to right)

What to let go of: Nine of Cups

What to grow: Three of Cups

Where to be patient: Goddess of Pentacles

What I should know: The Supreme (awesome!!!!!!!)

Andddd we’ll be having a bit of divination fun with our clarifications this time… and clarifying each card with a shake of our Eye of Epiphany Perception Orb. :)

*Feel free to also combine each placement with the Afro Goddess Oracle and/or Afro Goddess Rune System.

How deep you go…determines how deep you grow…it’s all up to you… ;)

What To Let Go: Nine Of Cups

Clarifier: “Happiness is Rising”, representing The Sun

The Nine of Cups is a card about fulfilled wishes and accomplished comforts. And even though nine is great, it is still not a ten, meaning it’s still not complete; and therefore there is absolutely more to come.

So even though your past wishes and comforts may have been met, that same comfort may now be causing a bit of discomfort on your path to present and futuristic expansion and growth.

Quite possibly, over time, you could have outgrown your current happiness, lost interest in it, or maybe it just organically faded away. Either way, you now know you need more. And with this new internal insight, your knowledge of knowing that there is more out there for you to obtain is making it difficult for you to keep up your current stance.

Well, it's ok. Keep holding your stance the best you can, the Universe won't let you fall.

As the Eye of Epiphany Perception Orb advises: “Happiness is rising.”

(This phrase is representative of the Major Arcana energy of The Sun.)

When we use The Sun to clarify this situation, we honor the fact that “our will is our destiny.” So if our states of happiness have evolved, great. However, we must evolve too.

YOU are more than capable of shining bright as the Sun! Therefore, you must make the decision to do so. A superior comfort awaits you at the completion of the next level, so LET GO OF your comforting LIMITATIONS and get yourself ready to rise like the Sun.

What to Grow: Three of Cups

Clarifier: “Get Past the Shadows”, representing The Moon

The Three of Cups is a card about having abundant celebrations with complementing energies. Much has been accomplished here, and therefore much indeed deserves to be celebrated!

Therefore, if you have allowed fear to stunt your growth and hold you back from your full potential, stop that. 

Now is the TIME FOR YOU TO GROW YOUR LIGHT and let it shine. Others will share in your joy and uplift your accomplishments or good news.

As clarified by the Eye of Epiphany, “Get past the shadows.”

(This phrase is representative of the Major Arcana energy of The Moon.)

And to get past the Moon, we’ll need a bit of courage in ourselves and faith in our deservingness of the states of happiness we desire. To accomplish this, we must be willing to stand for ourselves and all that we are…even when we know it could all come crashing down.

However, could does NOT mean that it will; yet it also doesn't mean that it won't. This is the chance that we take with the Moon. But if you spend time growing your light, you'll be much more likely to see the path, focus ahead, and meet the Sun.

Where to Be Patient: Goddess of Pentacles

Clarifier: "Maintain Control", representing The Devil

That abundant happiness you desire is destined. The Goddess of Pentacles shows us a powerful energy nurturing her abundance, as her abundance nurtures her. 

Yet, as this has now arisen in the "where to be patient" position, I take it your ultimate happiness (even if you have had small interactions with glimpses of the happiness) has not yet manifested into stable completion. HAVE PATIENCE God(dess) WITH YOUR BLOSSOMING HAPPINESS. Keep nurturing your opportunities and dreams, for they will return the favor when the time is destined. 

When clarified by The Eye of Epiphany, we've been forewarned to "maintain control."

(This phrase is representative of the Major Arcana energy of The Devil.)

Because the energy of The Devil sheds light on temporary joys and pleasures being enjoyed in excess, I feel we are being asked to moderate the things we use to curve the pressures of the journey. A little escape is ok, however, an extended vacation in our vices can often prove to be toxic to both our physical and emotional health.

So have caution with the temporary joys and don't overdo it, because the happiness that you are after is deeply very permanent. 

What I Should Know: The Supreme

Clarifier: "Stay True to Yourself", representing The Hermit

 (This literally could not have been a more beautiful reading.)

In my storybook, The Fool's Journey & 56 Movements of Minor Explorations, the Supreme is described as followed:

So with all her tools aligned,

and the irrelevant role of time,

this now Goddess knows she's all that she needs.

Now connected at her core,

she's opened a brand new door,

and now reigns over her existence as THE SUPREME.


As far as time is concerned, we must be sure to be kind to ourselves with it, as its speed shall be irrelevant; yet we must also be sure not to waste it. Allow no one to rush your process, yet flow with each moment like the true God(dess) creator that you are. Find balance among the elements.

Also, when clarified with the Eye of Epiphany we received, "Stay true to yourself."

(This is representative of the Major Arcana Energy of The Hermit.)

The Hermit is all about looking inward for the brightest light to shine outward. So again, the light is YOU. That's the missing piece.

So make a wholehearted decision to emerge Supreme. 

Bottom of the Deck: Eight of Cups (Reversed)

Do not give up Beloved!!! The Eight of Cups (in reversed) indicates to us that what you have here is valuable and absolutely worth the effort of completion. You have worked so hard, do not quit before you stack all of your cups. For no one is more deserving than you after all you've done and been through.

Now's a time to focus on continuing to be grateful for what you have, while simultaneously striving for more to add to your harvest.

And by the way, since we've just used the word "harvest," know that the harvest takes place in the Fall. We plant in the Spring, tend to during the Summer, and harvest in the Fall. So honor that cycle and do the work to bring your ultimate harvest in, by Fall.

So just be sure to stay limitless, shine bright, blossom gracefully, and Reign Supreme.



Blessings! Feel free to comment below about your feelings on this reading. And do share with anyone you think could use it! 

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  • Callie Allen-Boone on

    Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. I have 3 of your decks and the guides. I have given as gifts some of your products and everyone loves them. I am especially grateful that you take the time to share your wisdom about the decks and how to use them. Ase’

  • Marsha L Williams on

    I am so happy I was divinely aligned to receive the special edition deck!
    I have been patiently waiting, I cant wait to get my personalized gift from you!!

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