March 2021: Reevaluate. Release. Regenerate.

Andrea Furtick

Happy March Gods & Goddesses!!! It's a freestyle blog this time...enjoy :)

(shout out to my “team” : Jade, pictured in my office chair, and Lexi, pictured in her bed :) ) Tapestries (From left to right): Nova The Universe Tapestry, The Major Arcana Tapestry, The Fool's Journey Tapestry, & The Oracle Grande Table Tapestry

Don't Forget to Spring into Spring Cleaning.

Pssstttt....."Clean that shit up."

Take that however it resonates. lol

It was about a week ago, just before my birthday, that I woke up with this energy. I had to clean it ALL up. The house. Situations. My office. My LIFE... it all was about to get a grand sweep.

As a kid, I remember dreading getting on my hands and knees to wipe the base boards for my mom during Spring Cleaning. And even though I knew the house would smell amazing and look it's most beautiful afterwards, my childlike wonder still wouldn't allow me to see past the boredom that came with repetition or the fact I just simply couldn't play at the moment. But at the end of the day (probably a spanking, tears, and several screaming matches later), my mom would turn on the lights in her freshly, sparkling china cabinet...and we'd all stop...because it was, well, MAGNIFICENT.

The house then had new energy, and the stress from both the mess and the clean up was gone.


Cleaning "it" up may cause more chaos amidst, beware. But in the end, you will have created space for new life to exist and new breaths of peace to form. Do not allow what must be done to keep you from what should and could be. 

Really. Think about it. How can we manifest in...well, a mess? Be it a mess of an environment, a mess of the mind, a mess in finance, or a mess of a union... what good can truly come from this allowed chaos?

So, it seems as if Spring Cleaning seems a bit more necessary this year, doesn't it? 

Let it all go.

But keep in mind, messy doesn't always mean "messed up." Messy can absolutely be the result of you giving your all; and for whatever reason, you now just have remnants of your efforts that have been left behind and piling up within the places where new efforts should and could have been unfolding.

And without space for those new efforts to unfold, one shall be...stagnated or even suffocated by the madness.

And even if the mess was yours, could it be time to release yourself from the imprisonment of guilt? Beyond genuine acknowledgement there comes a point in which one must either accept their fault and go on, or be buried in a space of grief and regret. Let it go. You do not have to meet your end here.

Here's A Theory.

With organized religions all over the world loosely sharing the same blueprint, is it safe to say that as they clean for the return of their saviors... as a spiritualist, we should be Spring Cleaning to reignite the saviors in ourselves?

Perhaps this is the deepened meaning of "New Year, New You." lol

Do you know the story of the Phoenix?

As legend holds, each beautiful Phoenix lives for 500 years, and only one at a time. As each Phoenix grows older and close to expiration, it builds a nest and sets itself on fire; and only then does a new Phoenix rise from its ashes.

Such a glorious story of strength, sacrifice, rebirth, and renewal. 

So Let's Welcome The Next Card for the Clear Vision Deck.

So this is what I did with my birthday, lol. I painted this beauty for the manifestation half of the Clear Vision deck.

"Forever a Phoenix"

Sometimes you can't save it. Sometimes you have to take what's left and what lessons you have learned and simply just watch the rest burn to the ground. For in this moment, it is time to be a Phoenix rising from your own ashes and regenerate yourself anew. 

Have courage and use your internal vision to complete a graceful stride through the Sea of Emotions. The sun shall light a path for you to a place that is both lush and abundant, but you must take every physical step. 

And for that tiny seed that you are will be all you need to start again. And may the lessons of this ending bless the nurturing of this new and more glorious beginning in purification and abundance.

So without fear, start fresh; for it is now your time to be the Phoenix and shine.


Put my new babies up, too! :)

 And Now My Office Has All Kinda New Vibes...Happy Spring Cleaning! with making time to clean the office, I also hung up all the new artwork. This artwork definitely brings powerful, peaceful, and productive energies to my space and I can't wait til they can reach all of your hands too.

But for now, we honor the process to paradise.  


Thank You... everyone whom came through for the birthday/anniversary sale!!! Be it was divine timing for you to get your first deck or a chance to enhance your collection with some of the new ALL really made me feel so very loved and appreciated for all that I do. Along with many of the orders came beautiful messages. I've tried my best to respond to each and every one. I can't even explain … just thank you from the depths of my soul.

If you missed the official sale, you can still use code SPRINGTIME for 10% off your order til March 12th at midnight EST.

(and yes, the code MUST be entered at the time of purchase, no exceptions)



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