May 2021: It's All Transforming CLEARly into VISION (a channeled message)

Andrea Furtick

They say that April showers bring May flowers...and yes, that's true.

True in fact, nature is remarkable, in just that way.

To achieve true transformation, one usually goes through a bit of shedding, after a period of solidary waiting, and rarely avoids the feelings of discomfort.

Think of a seed bursting through the soil...that seed no longer exists. 

For how can one be what one has never been, if one still insists on existing in one's current form? 

One can't, and you can't either. Something must always die...

Be it shame, doubt, or indecision…those aspects must meet their end...

...unless you wish to meet yours. Yes, that part.

So let's get into the reading.

The Seven of Pentacles, on the surface, is a card of waiting for initialized manifestations to take true form. But on the deeper level, it invites us to examine and make peace with what it actually takes to wait. 

Basket empty, she has, yet she has not. How frustrating that must feel to one exhausted by the heat, awaiting their due bounty.

Yet patience is all one can truly have in this moment. For a premature harvest will either not last or be no good at all.

So all one can do is continue to nurture, in confidence; knowing that said harvest's ripening will eventually take place.

But, it does appear that one is presently here all alone.

In the upright, the Three of Pentacles can represent teamwork and collaboration; however it appears here in the reverse, indicating that said teamwork and those partners are no longer, or were never, here. 

And that too is okay. 

For whatever reason, if you've ended up alone on your quest for manifestation, stay focused and keep working. Just because you don't have help doesn't mean you can slack with that excuse. And in fact, what it means is that  one must work harder and with more precision in order to succeed....

but when you reach what is destined, which is your success....

your harvest is going to be MASSIVE. 

What's so beautiful about the Ten of Pentacles is that it is a card of not just you, but also the ones you hold dear, walking the path of true happiness and abundance. It is joy. It is support. It is a fully enjoyable life.

And to come out WITH the Goddess of Pentacles...

Your incredible harvest of happiness is so very destined and near. Along with the affirmation of upcoming success; the Goddess of Pentacles also brings along the message of Self Mastery. 

In this moment, strive for just that, the mastery of yourCELf. Master your skills, schedules, thoughts. and actions.

Master you...and you'll become a new you. Just like that.

But how?

Blend it all together.

The Chariot invites us to take charge and merge situations otherwise opposing. Know that the Goddess of the Chariot stands in self discipline, perseverance, and control. 

No reigns here are necessary, as her balance of logic and emotion shall drive her forward.

So honor what you feel, and charge forward with what you know. 

And if it helps, don't look at it as a whole. Instead, live vivaciously in each step; one after the other...for the moment will soon be before you where you see all that is ahead. 






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