Tarot: The Craft They Didn't Want You To Know

Andrea Furtick tarot

Let's take a second and vow here and now to no longer fear the unknown. Let's vow to educate ourselves in areas that could potentially elevate us. Let's let go of false information and poorly presented, religiously endorsed scare tactics. Let's lose the fear of the TAROT.

But what exactly is the tarot? Well, first I need you to know it is not about seeing the future, it is more so about navigating it. The tarot is used best as a  means of perspective. Meaning, use the tarot for intuition on how to move forward in a confusing place in life. I find tarot to be mostly useful in those moments of uncertainty where I am truly finding it hard to choose the right path. Although at the same time, you can rest assure, the tarot is absolutely no secret path to "Satan."

Understand that tarot is NOT evil; as contrary to popular belief, you have to be aware that there are NO evil or bad cards. We all know the infamously negative feelings associated with the Death card. People cringe at the thought of it. But what really is "death?" Death is just the ending of something and the beginning of something else. Therefore it doesn't have to necessarily mean your LIFE sis....so calm down and find the perspective in the image. Again, it's all about perspective. And along with perspective comes power, and I say that in reference to the advancement and elevation of your own personal power.

Dating back to around the fifteenth century, the tarot is continuing to be used by generations of all races, all over the world. But why are we, as black women, so afraid? Well, I personally have to attribute that notion to the scare tactics presented by controlling religious beliefs and the strategic social presentation of the craft as an evil joke. Movies and media have done a fantastic job of brainwashing the public into believing tarot readers are swindling, dark witches that tell of death and grand destruction. Then you combine that with the Christian upbringings of "pray and trust in the Lord and leave that Devil's mess alone;" because if it's the Devil's "mess" we must be on the fast track to Hell, right? WRONG. Sis, the tarot is not going to doom your soul. (Because Hell is a metaphorical scare tactic too, but that's another conversation for another time.) In fact, the tarot just might free you.

Yes, sis, the tarot just might free you, to be YOU. You see, the power is not in the cards. The power of the tarot lies within YOU. It's all about being able to concentrate, open your mind, and firmly step back so that you can truly see. And then you take what you saw, and you apply it. So let's vow now to take the time and master our perspective. Because with the mastering of perspective and the embracing of personal power, you can truly change the game. It's time sis.

So break the chains in your mind. Free yourself to be yourself. 

Until next time. 


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  • Betty on

    I just purchased a copy. You may want to rush over and buy yours…

  • Lakesha on

    Hi, Sorry but I couldn’t find any other way to contact you. I just wanted to know when your tarot deck will be available again. I’m sooo super annoyed that I just found out about you. I NEEEEEED that deck in my life! Peace Love and Light to you sis and congrats on your success! (about to finish binge reading your blogposts! lol)

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