Messages from Universal Spirit: WHEN YOUR NEW YEAR BEGINS WITH PROBLEMS (Pick a Reading January 2020)

Andrea Furtick

Welcome to January 2020!

I know a lot of us traditionally enter into a new calendar year wanting to start everything afresh and in positive light, but in reality, we must always know that time, in the eyes of Spirit, is fluid and continuous; so those new and positive feelings just may not always translate to the present trying situations or connections that we could be in or around. This misalignment of desires and physical happenings can easily be a killjoy bringing frustration and despair to a situation that quite possibly just may not be complete yet. So before you lose faith (or your mind) enjoy this mass reading to help you navigate through whatever issues you may have.

Feel free to meditate on the question or issue at hand. Then, either chose a reading before looking on to the reveal OR you can even ask three separate questions and receive three separate answers.

So looking at this spread before you, select the row of cards that calls to you.

Have you chosen? Fabulous! Now let's see the messages that Universal Spirit has for you in regards to that matter.

If you selected Reading A:

The positive Fish card, of the AGO, at the center of this reading, illuminates that you may be worried about your money Honey.

But don't. The Ace of Pentacles, of the AGTA,  in reverse, shows you may be currently feeling some disappointment with how your crops seem to be growing at the moment. You may have even recently experienced some situations that may be leading you to believe that this crop may be going bad. However, the powerful Justice card, of the AGTA, is coming for you. What is right and just will be restored. The work you have put in will be rewarded, as it should.

So just keep swimming. Justice is coming to help...but ONLY if you're doing the work to help yourself.

So think about this: When our crops start to droop, we must nurture and protect them from elemental harm; and when coupled with patient dedication, we can revive the life back into it. What are the honest elements that are causing your crops to droop? Are you watering it enough (enough energy being put in)? Are you giving it enough sunlight (breathing positive light into your venture at all times despite what's going on around you) Is it suffocating (do you have enough room to grow to full capacity within your current setting)? Have you removed the weeds (removing the negative situations obviously holding you stagnant from progress)?

These are all the factors you need to consider. The Universe is aspiring with you, and not against you. Those abundant fish are coming for you. So just keep going. 

(Feel free to drop a comment below if this resonates!) :) 



If you selected Reading B:

The positive and passionate Lily, of the AGO, represents all that is virtuous and true. I'm instantly getting flushed with romantic steaminess, so you may be worried about a very important union that you are apart of (can definitely be romantic but could also just be a close loved one). The Devil, of the AGTA, shows the deep bound-like connection the two of you share that may be at this moment feeling SO deep it is now causing a feeling of imprisonment. Know that the things and people we naturally love, in moderation, are almost always good for us in some way. But when imbalance creeps in, in whatever form it has, that same love can crush us. 

However, wipe your tears darling. The Ace of Wands, of the AGTA, shows us there is a brand new opportunity to work on this connection arising. 

If this is a romantic connection, you LOVE LOVE this person. (So sorry I have to say...) I keep hearing "devil dick"... so I know this is a union with a spicy physical connection. If you want this, hold onto it and work on it. But do not be willing to lose your individual self to this connection. Who you are and what you want is valid and important. The passion is there, but you will need to plan for more than sex or physical interaction to move forward with positive progress. 

If this is a platonic connection, you care deeply for this person but they may not be respecting or honoring your desires in a way that allows you to be both optimal for yourself and your union. The love you two share will aid you in the hand in hand work you may need to do to mend your connection. Maturity will happen within this connection as you allow it to bloom. A new day is coming for the two of you, but you must work towards that sunrise together.

(Feel free to drop a comment below if it resonates!) :)


If you selected Reading C:

It all may be feeling so heavy right now. I get it. The Cross card, of the AGO, illuminates the heavy burden you are currently carrying and you may not be able to see an end in sight or even have anyone else that is able to help you carry this load. But quite honestly, know these burdens are put on you as a result of thinking you see the vision of yourself as viewed by others. What others think and feel about you is honestly none of your business. You know YOU and where you are going. So decide what burdens you WANT to carry and drop the rest.  

A priority realignment may be necessary here. The reversed God Of Pentacles, of the AGTA, asks you to examine your relationship with your physical burdens (bills, recreational spending, accumulation of material things, etc.) and make some decisions. The reality is just maybe it may all be too much for you to continue with at this moment if you want to have enough energy, in the end, to make it to your final destination. So the Son of Pentacles, of the AGTA, ask you to chose your most important crops to nurture and grow but leave those pesky weeds behind...they'll suffocate you in the end. 

(Feel free to drop me a comment if it resonates.)


I hope one (or all) of these readings resonate with you and helps you with that worrisome situation. It will all be ok. Just always keep your best interest purely at heart and allow the rest to come as it may. 









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  • Aniah M on

    Before I could even read my phone scrolled to group A within seconds . Of course my hard headed self wanted to finish reading to see which deck caught my attention and of course group A did . It mentioned everything and stuck out to me . Along with this year being the year of my spiritual journey and other hardships the message was very clear . Everything will be okay , I just have to believe it and work hard for what I want .

  • Evelyn on

    I chose reading A and it DEEPLY resonated with me…the piece about being suffocated and about removing all negative situations that are holding me stagnant are spot on! Thank you for this 💖

  • Aaliyah on

    LMFAOO 😂😂 SIS!!! I was drawn to Reading B and lemme tell you I do absolutely LOVELOVE him 🥰 it has been jolting tower moments between us but our love for each other does not fizzle and die out AT ALL, it could get draining for us (him being a Ram and I the Bull) we butt heads but I do believe our separation has brought clarity and maturity to us both, we mirror one another, and I literally feel certain emotions from him, we speak without speaking.. its deep. I Am so ready for reconciliation and deeper overstanding also communication between us. I laughed SO LOUD when you said “devil dick” bc giiirrrlll 🤪🥴 we are so passionate and spicy, even funnier bc I wrote a poem a few months back calling his phallus that (in different words) but that is so on point!!! Also I am absolutely in love with my AGO deck 😍 I just admired it for the first few days I didn’t even want to shuffle them lol. Btw my 2020 spread came out beautifully 💞 I will post on IG and tag 😘 Asé Luv!!

  • Ngozi on

    Row A was everything I needed to hear right now 💛

  • Shannon Cabrera on

    I chose row A and yes it was spot on with my current work situation. Thank you!

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