Mid April 2021: Behind the Scenes of the Clear Vision Duo Deck Creation Process.... Let's talk about THE ISLAND.

Andrea Furtick

The Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System: Mid Journey Check-In

In 2019, when I announced to everyone and the Universe that I would be creating a clarification system to complete the trilogy of The Afro Goddess Divination System (tarot + oracle + clarification deck), I don't think I initially realized the magnitude of the journey I was committing myself too.

And at that time, having just finished writing the text for The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Explorations, I had no idea I was literally about to embark (yet again) on yet another version of The Fool's Journey, that now I'm sure is literally leading me upon the path to the next version of myCELf within this existence.

Exciting. lol

So lesson after lesson, to create card after card; I've found myself enduring everything ranging from beautiful moments of discovery to terrifying occurrences of chaos. There were (and still are) blockages to overcome, mysteries to uncover, forces to be balanced, and more than enough darknesses to navigate. However, even though my life has been full of adventurous transformation over the last year and a half; the fortunate part about all of this is that I WAS successfully able to transcribe each lesson in a way I'm sure will bring forth clarity to countless souls over several centuries to come. 

The Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck System IS going to be quite the clarification deck.

And this has been and IS quite the "spiritual obstacle course."

But it's okay, perhaps in a past lifetime, I was a warrior...

 Part 1- "Energetic Exchange" Quick Peak

 card designs for the Energetic Exchange portion of the Upcoming Clear Vision Duo Deck System

 So as I near completion of the first half (above) of the system, entitled Energetic Exchange, I've done so with the intentions for this portion of the cards to clarify all situations involving manifestation and acquisition.

*Meaning, if the reading in question involves something tangible, this is absolutely the half you would use. Job, House, Loan, Business, Career, Education, etc.

(Missed some of the above card explanations? Go back through the past blogs; as many of them were introduced there with brief explanations. :))

With this half wrapping up very soon, it's now time for me to place all my focus on the exploration and creation of the cards for the other half of the deck.

Part 2- Energetic Encounters "Brief Overview"

The Energetic Encounters half of this duo deck is created with the intentions to clarify matters of relationships* and personal connection.

*This includes ALL types of relationships: from the dynamics within a relationship one may have with themselves, to a romantic relationship, to one with a parent, child, sibling, coworker, or even someone "potential;" in which you haven't even met yet.

So as I begin "to go hard in the paint" with this part of the deck, I'm really very excited (and nervous lol) to see the situations Universal Spirit has lined up for me to decode for the cards.

Amidst creating the first half of this deck, these two cards (below) came quite naturally to me to start off this half. 


Two As One (left) is a grand representation of the depths of unified thought and love; and Mirror, Mirror (right) brings forth a realization of evolution within oneself and its continuing process.

So now that we've got the basics covered, relationships with oneself and a positive relationship with a partner, it's time to go DEEP in the psyche of ALL relationships and how those relationships can affect us and how we feel.

 So this is where it gets interesting...

Again, it's all about PERSPECTIVE.

So recently I was talking with someone very close to me and they made the observation that, in their eyes, I lived my life on an island. 

Now I know at that moment, they were attempting to explain to me that my ever stiffening boundaries and selective approach to life may eventually become a hindrance of lonesomeness and sole responsibility; however I couldn't help but explain that, if I am on an island, I see my island as a protective place of peaceful luxury. 

Hmm. Perspective really is everything.

So, at FIRST THOUGHT, what feelings do you associate with the idea of an island? 

Artwork for "The Island," from the upcoming Clear Vision Duo Deck System

  • Does the island make you feel despair, abandonment, scarcity, or isolation?
  • Does it represent to you the perfect vacation or escape into fantasy?
  • Does it provide the idea of security and protection?
  • Are you happy with the adventures involved, or are you internally yearning to do something else, somewhere else?
  • Do you want to stay here forever, for a moment, or leave and forget that you ever came?

Now imagine the concept of a relationship, itself, to be AN ISLAND.

Relationships are extreme. And no matter how amazing the adventure starts or initially appears from a distance, there are moments of fear and uncertainty.

And in those moments, how or why one ever arrived on the island to begin with, will come into question. Did you shipwreck (a relationship of convenience or fate) or dock voluntarily (a relationship of choice)? That answer will effect your effort in surviving the elements of this new, raw, and unfiltered territory.

And with that effort... will you barely survive, thrive, or perish? Don't know? That's ok, remember, THE ISLAND illuminates all feelings of the extreme.

Intrigued? Awesome. I'll be going wayyy deeper into the concepts within the booklet. 

"I love all of this!!! Drea when will the Afro Goddess Clear Vision Duo Deck be ready to order?!?!"


Now, as a true creator, ya'll know I enjoy pushing all the boundaries of mental and physical creativity. So, please know that the manufacturing company and I are currently in discussion of some very special constructive elements for this deck.

Literally, it's going to be the most mind blowing, unique deck you'll own.

However in the meantime, I have planned an accelerated schedule to have the deck in production by mid May. 

That mean's pre-orders for the Clear Vision Duo Deck are tentatively scheduled to begin June 1st. I'm so very excited to share this creation with all of you and the world.

I'm also continuously speechless to have been chosen to be it's vessel, and equally as honored to be your messenger.

So stay tuned...

So much more is happening internally and externally. I'll have more to share so very soon. 

Until then, blessings to all of you. We're really about to all do something magical, individually and collectively.


p.s. And if you love my "Evil Eye Goddess Bracelet" in The Island photo...

 I've got a micro-quantity of about 30 of them available at this LINK.

Stay magical. Stay protected. Blessings.




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  • Ingrid Macgregor on

    I am so impressed by your work!
    As usual!
    And I can’t wait for my own deck! I have been disconnected for a while but I will definitely look around on the website for a possibility to pre order.
    I will email you soon Coach! 🐚💛

  • Michelle Grissett on

    Ms. Andrea I am so excited for the new deck. I also love working WITH my cards. I know your creative senses are in overdrive but have you ever considered in the near future to create a Journal for readings done for ourselves. I find myself writing down my cards and interpretations as a matter of growth and to see how much I’ve evolved. Just a suggestion. Keep up the wonderful work.

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