Mid August 2021: Updates & Some Real-Good, Feel-Good Advice

Andrea Furtick

Happy Mid August Connection!!! I do hope you are happy, healthy, and safe wherever you may be in the world during these often hectic and unpredictable times. And even though the last few weeks have been tremendously more actioned packed for me than normal (monitoring 3 different deck shipments, hunting for a storefront space, aggressively expanding our custom catalog, secret meeting after secret meeting lol, available product packaging, seas of emails, and to top it off the kids are back in school & I drive them back and forth everyday), I want you all to know I think of you and support each of you deeply from my spirit to yours.

Today's traditional message is a little different. I've got some announcements and reveals for you...and the reasons/situations surrounding those reveals...that's the message. Enjoy my loves. 

Afro Goddess Special Edition & Oracle Decks FINALLY Got Exchanged to FedEx!!!

As a recap, orders opened in June for shipments of Special Edition and Oracle decks to have originally been delivered to you all in late July/ early August. All was on track and the shipment left the production facilities in China on July 3rd and should have been exchanged to FedEx around July 18th...but that DID NOT happen.

When the production manger investigated the delay (for the 4th time) this past Friday, she wrote to me:

Welp. More waiting I guess...but apparently Spirit said no. <3

As of this morning (Sunday 08/15), Fed Ex has finally picked up the AG Special Editions and AG Oracle decks and have scheduled to drop them at Afro Goddess headquarters on Friday August 20th. (Please be advised there is also a storm brewing in the South and this may effect the exact drop date to me by a day or so.)

So finally on Monday August 23rd, these decks will BEGIN shipping out. Please be mindful they will be going out in the order of receipt and you will receive tracking as your order is processed. With the orders now backlogged to June, know your patience will be greatly appreciated as I work though fulfillment. We've waited this out together, so know I appreciate each and every one of you, and this collective victory is about to provide us all massive rewards for years to come. 

Need to change your address? Please email, with the subject "Address Change," your order number and new address to art.goddess.drea@gmail.com.

Clear Vision Duo Deck System: Production Update

We've turned an important corner in production of this prototype deck and have created harmony with the delicate materials.

ISSA MESSAGE: Good things may come to those whom wait, but magic abounds for those whom trust fate.

By top of September, we should have some visuals. So completely stoked.

And Now We're Looking to Set Up Shop in Atlanta!

It's taken me a long time to come to this decision, but I have, and it's time. 

There's something missing in the community. It's a feeling I haven't felt in a shop or even at events, but it's a feeling I know I can create. 

There's a permanent space missing; a haven for the progressive minded spiritualist...a dream that Spirit has granted me permission to realize.

So with that, know you're about to see a lot of new products manifest into the shop online because as my magic runs so much deeper than the artworks and collectables, it now needs to overflow into a brick and mortar establishment and create real roots here in Atlanta.

Know that the Mrs. Pentacles Supreme Manifesting Oil was my first share with the world from my personal grimoire. It's produced massive results for me, and will produce massive results for you. 

Shout out to everyone out there sparkling on their way to longevity in their material life...

ISSA MESSAGE: First of all, take this as no ploy to "convince" you to buy oils only from me...or even from me at all...but as a thought to keep in mind when you find yourself considering the magic of another to assist yours.

Spirituality has become a real "cash crop" these days for social media opportunists. (Sad but true...and it's leading to a lot of misguidance and misinformation in the community, but that's a chat for another day.) And now there's a lot of people claiming their "this does this" and their "that does that"...but does it though?

More specifically, has said practitioner effectively been able to manifest for themselves the things they are about to attempt to help you manifest?  

Think about it: Do you get your hair done from a person who's hair is a mess? No. If a stylist's hair is a mess, unfortunately you probably won't trust them with your hair; and your spiritual workings should be no different. 

So buy your love oils from Goddesses whom are in love and your prosperity oils from those whom are visually prosperous...NOT FLASHY with memes made by others and "goals goals goals" posts, but make sure you are amplifying your magic with that of Goddesses whom truly have something to show for their magic in their own lives.  

And with that being said, you've all watched me do this work for myself for years, and now I'm extending my magical recipes to the world. It's definitely time to ink this much deserved legacy.

So let's get into our two new additions and their "Issa Messages." : Dolce Abyss Love and Intimacy Attraction & Raspberry Lemonade Energy Transmutation and Protection Body and Ritual Oils.

Dolce Abyss Love and Intimacy Attraction Body & Ritual Oil

Love should be sweet. I know mine is.

I've been happily married for almost eight years now, and I have to say it pains me at times to hear the stories of my unpaired friends. 

The way we, as a people, have presented love to be viewed these days is so conditional and distorted, that sometimes I feel these new relationships often don't have a chance because they don't know how to even be a relationship. So know the magic must be matched with action...so please do feel free to snag my powerful love oil if it calls to you, but let me give you some advice for free if you're looking to find or improve a union.

ISSA MESSAGE: Love may be a feeling or emotion, but most importantly know that love is a decision. 

To make the decision to love someone with both action and thought is sometimes all it truly takes to arrive at a destiny full of bliss.

To simply just decide to care for another as much as yourself...to decide to support another as much as you support yourself... to decide to be a good partner to another whom has decided to be a good partner to you... well that's love.

And if you say you're currently waiting for someone who "deserves" you, that's fine, just be sure you also deserve them; meaning make sure that you yourself are the partner you're seeking...and know that there is nothing wrong with growing with someone, as those are often the most powerful couples because they are more than in love, they are rooted together in life. 

On another note, I keep saying love should be sweet...because it should!

Love shouldn't be hard and full of chaos, because the person in your home should be able to provide your soul peace. The one you love should be able to be gentle with you and make you feel safe, secure, and  most importantly strong enough to go out on your own individual journey in life (and you should be doing the same for them).

And if you're in a good love, you'll definitely see the other areas in your life flourish; however if it's not so good, don't be surprised when your other areas diminish too. Love can do a lot, but love can also take a lot. Know when you don't have anything left to give, then gracefully, exit.

And for whomever needs to see this, get off those dating sites and meet a person in real life. You're dope in real life. Believe it. Show it. The right person will notice.

Love is out here; just be ready for it when it arrives then inhale it like the freshest air on the highest mountain. 

Raspberry Lemonade Energy Transmutation and Protection Body and Ritual Oil

You know what they say, when life gives you lemons...make lemonade!

Lemons are one of the most powerful cleansing, rejuvenation, and protection herbs in the world. And even though they can start out sour, under the right conditions, one can truly make something really very sweet and desirable.

ISSA MESSAGE: So, if you are currently finding yourself with a basket of lemons in this chapter of life, know that it will be your actions that make the lemonade. Know that you have the power to turn all situations around. 

You have the power to let the past go and embrace a brighter and more positive future. Make the decision to be happy...then follow the Sun.

And if you feel as if you are alone, nonsense. 

Even if you're one of us that truly feel alone on this physical Earth, know your Ancestors are always with you, and quite possibly you have been tasked this mission to see how good of lemonade you can make. Give it your all. Turn every thing and everyone set against you into your willing servants. It's possible. 


Expansive Vibes: Afro Goddess Handmade Jelly Fixed Candles Coming September 1st 

 So as I said earlier, I'm aggressively expanding the stock. (Can't have a shop with just decks and tapestries, right?)

 And following the release of the intentioned oils, I developed a line of LUXURIOUS (which is actually an understatement) fixed transparent gel candles to both honor the upcoming transparent effects of the Clear Vision Duo Deck and act as potent and carefully crafted fixed candles for all of you.

For each oil, there is a corresponding candle, and even though it is not recommended to burn a candle for more than four hours at a time, these beautiful intention filled candles will burn for up to 10 hours!

(And that's if you don't just fall in love with it and use it as decor to never burn. lol)

The Afro Goddess Jelly Fixed Candles will be available September 1st. I've been burning them all last week...and each one brought with it a magical gift... can't wait to share this with yall! 

Pssttt....another recipe will also be uploaded in both oil and candle form!!!

So now y'all see why I need a shop? lol

Andddd the caliber of experience I'm about to introduce to the magical community.... I can't wait to invite y'all in, wherever we plant roots in the city.

Thanks Always.

It's about to get real REAL.

I hope I'm making everyone proud from those whom used to attend my spiritual paint classes back in 2016 to my Kickstarter supporters in 2018 to new connections being made daily.

My journey both sees and honors your's. Blessings always.


Feel free to leave a kind or insightful comment! Have a great weekend!






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