Mid January 2022: Phoenix Energy Rising. FREE SPREAD WORKSHEET. A REVEAL LIKE NO OTHER.

Andrea Furtick

Hey Hey everyone!

"Brothas how y'all doin, sistas y'all alright?"

As the full moon has just recently passed and we travel through an intense retrograde period, I hope everyone isn't being too hard on themselves or others. The world is crazy today with sickness, storms, and political mayhem; so one must be kind out here these days because circumstances are always at play.

So I sincerely hope each of you have had a good laugh today and someone to hug. I hope you ate something good and are resting easy at night. And if you're a person that never feels checked on...know I overstand and I just did.

In reality, I've been trying to write this blog for a week now, and well...retrograde was RETROGRADING. Flow wasn't right...then the WIFI down for a day with an already insufferable amount of deadlines...but tonight feels right...so let's chat.

How's Your (Not So) New Year's Resolutions Coming?

 Not so good? lol No worries. Twas not the time to start, but actually a time to end. In fact, many of us are feeling endings (or instances of deep fog) at the moment, but know beginnings (and clarity) shall most definitely follow suit.

As I've said before, one must always be "Forever a Phoenix;" always willing to die to live.

What a concept...what a sense of freedom...what a rare gift. 

The Legend of the Phoenix

 We're always talking about being a Phoenix, but how many of us can truly say we know the story of glory and rebirth we often claim as our own? Well, if you don't know the story, please allow me to share.

First of all, know the phoenix is the universal symbol for rebirth. Culturally, we may all have our own stories of its origin, however, the universal message is always the same... as is its magic and reputation of resilience. 

As legends hold, there can only be one phoenix bird in existence at a time, each magnificent... each unique.

Able to reign for a glorious 500 to 1461 years, each phoenix bird appears in the connection with the bright and illuminating Sun. And as its life progresses and it notices its own sun beginning to set, the phoenix takes action and begins to prepare for its bravest and most glorious task. So, for days, the phoenix gathers a special aromatic wood as it fashions a special nest.

And then one day, at sunset, the phoenix commits an act of absolute bravery, self-service, and self-sacrifice. With both intention and pride, the phoenix then sets itself aflame.

And even though that may sound extreme, miraculously from the same ashes of a phoenix past its prime, rises a new phoenix regenerated, powerful, and renewed.

So how could you adopt the energy of the phoenix into your own evolution? And why would you want to? 

One must aim to always be "forever a phoenix."  Constantly growing and outgrowing... receiving and releasing...for that's the necessary ebb and flow of life. But are you allowing this regeneration to happen or are you holding onto pains and dead weight?

So tell me, are you brave enough to die?

"One step closer.

I have died everyday waiting for you...darling don't be afraid …I have loved you...for a thousand years..."       -Christina Perri

(If you don't know that song...you should. Be careful what you listen to these days...there's a lot of rubbish out here. This song..."A Thousand Years"...is amazing for regenerating the spirit. And if you ever believed this was a song about love between two people...you are very, very wrong. It is a SELF LOVE & RESILIENCE ANTHEM. A song of past lives spoken and honoring the cycles of death, rebirth, and growth. Google the lyrics or listen at the link below.)


So even if the "death" was painful...know you're always one step closer to destiny.

So again, what will you allow to burn away?

Even as the creator of the decks and deliverer of this message, I, too, am not exempt from the call of the phoenix, the pain of the release, and the heat of the fire engulfing around me.

Personally, the way I've been organizing my time (or the way my time has been organized for me) is no longer working.

The responsibilities of this business is now more than heavy; with more swirling around me now than ever. My two girls now attend two different schools that begin and end at different times with an odd amount of time in between. And to add insult to injury, my husband's working a new account which isn't allowing him to do the pick ups right now...so Supermom must do it all...oh, the strength of a mother...

So between 4 and 5am I rise every day to meet with any vendors overseas (because that's what time their offices are open). I work then on whatever I can until 6:45am...when it's time to wake our girls, get them ready, and then drive them to separate schools. (Unless at a whim, which they have done a FEW times, the school decides we're homeschooling...then poof...I'm a teacher.)

At 9:11am everyday I get back home and try to start working at 10am. That could be anything from painting to writing to packaging to phone conferences and meetings to handmaking apothecary products to counseling sessions over the phone; but no matter what I choose -  like I said before, my husband can't get the kids from school right now, so I have to be done by 2pm. 

That's FOUR HOURS. Four hours to be a gazillion people and do a gazillion things. Four hours to create real change in the world. (By now you should be able to tell 4 hours is a blink of an eye in my world and a day goes by in a single breathe.) *Shout out to every MOMtreprenuer reading this!!! 

At 5pm, I arrive back with the girls. Homework must be done. Talks must be had. Dinner must be cooked. And with my laptop on the kitchen island (or paintings, packages, or whatever the task is for the moment), I now do the Olympic juggling act until my body gives out anytime after 10pm.

Go to sleep...and repeat...as I have for the last two years. I'm tired TIRED. 

So as the phoenix I've realized this situation is past its prime , and I'm gathering my wood; and preparing to burn it all to the ground.

So what will that look like?

First, what parts can I change and what parts can't I...

Hmmm...the girls may find themselves in an afterschool program soon to give me a few more hours in the day and allow me to pick them up from the same place.

This vast catalog of products I sell...will get simplified and more things will be seasonal and streamlined to alleviate some of the organizational, packing, and sorting stress. 

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions...and yes, this IS very true; so now we must let Hell do what it does...we'll let it burn... but WITHOUT us.

So Now You Have a Look at You and Your Situations



Enjoy the above worksheet to examine your own situations using the decks. Be honest with yourself. Find the path that will provide both lasting change and expansion.

Should you need the courage, I hope you find it... because joy is ahead should you be able to purge through flame all that is no longer serving your highest good.

What Helped Me & May Help You Through Your Phoenix Moments

 Change is hard. So should you find yourself amidst this and in need of spiritual help...ya know, the moment you realize you're losing control of that uneasy feeling...allow these to help.

Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Bath Salt

Spiritual baths are complete resets, and I love sinking into the Forever A Phoenix bath when I feel it's all too heavy. As a Piscean, know the water calms me; but the ingredients in this bath provides a magical release and often an easy breathing view into the strength and steps I must utilize to move on/succeed.

Ohhh...and the rest it provides after!!!

Check it out here!

Snowflake Obsidian Worry Stone

Along with the sachet of lavender and wand of selenite that lives underneath my pillow, I often go to sleep to meditation tracks on YouTube and my Snowflake Obsidian Worry Stone in hand. 

(I rub it with my thumb until I fall asleep and surprisingly enough, nine times out of ten, I usually still wake up with it in hand.)

Snowflake Obsidian can help with the following: Calming the turmoil of change, overcoming the energy of regret due to mistakes and shortcomings, increased focus, eliminating procrastination, breaking bad habits, and alleviating addictions

*This is literally my favorite crystal right now. It's moved from just night to often in my left hand all day. I feel like it absorbs all my anxieties and fears. Just magical.

Check it out here!

Bolanle Bleu Herbal Blend

Because I enjoy both tea and the art of smoking, I created this magic blend to get me closer to the Gods in both instances...as certain herbs can do that for you, ya know?

I usually partake of this herbal blend in the candlelit or sun/moonlit environment of my alter space in the evenings or early mornings. I allow it to be as quiet as possible...and soon as always, foggy thoughts clear and racing hearts resume normal pace. 

If you've tried it, as many of you have :), you know the calming and euphoric feeling it releases. 

 Check it out here!

Hope you enjoy the worksheet and grabbed anything you needed that may help your journey. 

Keep in mind, I definitely can teach you all the ways to eliminate and manage stressors/obstacles but please make sure the causes of your stressors/obstacles make sense.

Huh? Make THAT make sense Drea...

May you each to commit to the fluidity is will take to create the best version of YOU. Meaning, the path in which you think you see...should you see the road begin to curve...and it no longer look like the map you thought you saw... 

...would you keep going or stray off the path to find what you intended to see? (which is now located off the road and basically in the woods)

So in this moment you are afforded a choice...follow the memory or follow the vision...and when you look at it that way...please choice the vision every time. For memories are just lived dreams, and the attempts to force one to appear can take you through a real nightmare.

So what does happen when you follow the vision and go towards the light, even if the path is unknown?

Destiny happens. 

Will you feel unsure along the way? Sure. Will you fall? Most likely. Will you get tired? Most definitely. But will you care when you feel the sunlight at the end of the road...probably NOT.

You'll feel it. You'll smile. You'll be full of gratitude and abundance...instantly.

However, again, this happens only if you find yourself fluid enough to follow a lit, yet unknown, path. 

Bon voyage.


Hope you all enjoyed this message!!! :) Now let's get into company updates :) 

Shipping Updates:

The Clear Vision decks have finally started landing in you all's mailboxes. Y'all there were over 400 backed up orders and I have been trying to get them out (along with all the regular orders that don't involve Clear Visions) as fast as one human can.

I sincerely appreciate everyone who is just patiently waiting their turn. As humbly as I can say, once you hold it in your hand...you'll know why they say good things come to those whom wait. 

RANDOM ANNONCEMENT: No more "it's a birthday gift." Yoooo.... it's always everybody's birthday out here...lol And if it is sincerely you or a loved one's birthday, I truly hope you have a beautiful time...but your birthday does not constitute me skipping you up the list. Some of you are kind of abusive to me BECAUSE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY and that's not okay. It'll get to you. And as we are spiritual people over here, whom are supposed to believe in divine timing...please act like it. I promise I love yall and will go as fast as possible...but some of you rush me out of your own desires and it's really harmful to the way I have to operate. Thank you to all whom understand.

(One day, I'm sure I'll be the Goddess of Patience. lol)

HAVE A TRACKING NUMBER AND AWAITING MOVEMENT: It's in a stack ready for me to prep, and I'm working through the stacks as fast as possible.

STILL WAITING FOR YOUR TRACKING INFO: It's coming beloved. This is real world change and I'm trying to service EVERYONE. You have not been forgotten. I'm coming.

Everything will stabilize back to normal soon. Thank you all for understanding.

But in a few years (this time with my chest high), know EVERYTHING you own from me will will hopefully not just increase your spiritual value but also your material value... 

Allow me to show you a sneak peak...

The Afro Goddess Warrior Doll Collection

So I have been working night and day on this. 

See, I can tell you all of the above about pain and dying because I've just been through quite many episodes that have led me to forced evolution. (Because of course I'm the person who will stay at a job or in an obligation out of loyalty and not joy.) Spirit has watched a certain part of my light drain and for my perseverance, they whispered something to me, a curve in the path, and now I'm whispering it you you...

So the magic I've birthed into the world in the form of tarot is on the verge of expansion.

Image doll "characters" with meaning, pride, and true representation. Imagine introducing the joy of our spiritual realm to our children, as children, through gentle play. Imagine the embedding of self that would create.

Now stop imagining, because I'm going to do it. So it's a crazy story of how this re-entered my head after several years of accepting the project was just "too big."  It's a real scary road right now in all honesty but my guides have given me permission and blessed my roads. (and this is how I can so eloquently describe the pain and pressure in the lesson because I am not exempt...I'm a messenger learning just like you.) 

Have a Supreme figurine (or one on the way)? I love you for appreciating my genesis. Keep it safe SAFE. Wink, wink. (Seriously, there are only 100 in existence...)

To sis that supported me with the purchase of the Nova original....girlllll, bless you forever. You got the lottery ticket! :) lol

I'll be sharing more about this project in the upcoming months. (And if you read this and formed any hate in your heart because your a weirdo who can't stand to see me keep going...keep your evilness to yourself. It shall not penetrate me. So mote it be.)

But Have No worries...I'm NOT Leaving the Spiritual Community...

If anything, I hope to single handedly expand the entire community as a whole!

And you know what Nicki (Minaj) said, "If I win, you win, all of y'all getting meetings." 

That part. 

So thank you all for reading another month of my thoughts, supporting my vision, and for many of your taking it on as your own. I appreciate your grace every time I fall short and your cheers every time I win. 

Onward WE go. Til next time... stay magical.


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  • Theresa Petaia on

    I am not reaching out for my tracking number. I’m not reaching out to see where my package is. Nope, my birthday isn’t until September. I’m sure my beautiful deck will arrive when it’s God’s time. I’m so excited btw! Instead Im just sending you love and light just saying thank you for the meaningful and valuable work of art I say in the special edition deck! I literally saw myself and those I appreciate in the deck and I knew I had to buy it! Be well! I appreciate you in advance!

    Theresa in Philadelphia xoxoxo Queen

  • Gicanda Thomas on

    So glad you are in the game. Finally the things WE NEED to take this Transformation that The Ancients PROMISED TO US to the next level. Everybody but US have appropriated the things WE’VE CREATED for our edification and tried to use it for themselves at our expense. Now we’ll use it and take this on home the way the Creator Goddess of All Things intended. "Cause when WE DO IT it’ll always be a win-win scenario for EVERYBODY.

  • Gabrielle on

    Everything in Divine Timing. Thank you for sharing your experience, this message and the spread. I know that your hands are full but know that you are sincerely appreciated and loved.

  • Jocelyn Basley on

    My sistah be encouraged; stay strong for you are blessed beyond measure.❤

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