Mid June 2020: The Oracles Arrived & Brought in a MAJOR KEY (mass reading inside)

Andrea Furtick

I asked Universal Spirit several times, just like many of you were asking me, "Why is this shipment taking so long?"

And all Spirit would say was, "In divine timing, the decks will arrive."

And ohhh, they could have never picked a more important time to arrive.

With Juneteenth quickly approaching and so many emotions stirring in the black community, we now find ourselves standing at the crossroads of what could be possible lasting changes for our world. And in this moment, as we search for both answers and directions, this is the moment that this set of decks chose to be birthed into existence and spread out amongst our people; and as uncomfortable as this journey has been for many of you and myself alike, I intensely honor its choice.

So on this past Friday, June 12, 2020, the Afro Goddess Oracle decks finally arrived.

(LOGISTICAL UPDATE: Shipping will begin tomorrow, Monday, June 15, 2020, in the order of receipt. Thank you all for your patience during production and transport.)

So you know I had to do the first read with the deck! I took one out to ask what it was here to say to us and how it was here to guide us through this so very turbulent time in our existence....and WOW.

So here's the powerful message that I received. (I'll be using the mirroring technique to read the cards, and no worries if you're unfamiliar with this technique, it's well explained in the included guidebook I've written for you.)

"Life is death, and death is life."


At the center of reading, we've received The Coffin...and I must say it seems appropriate for the times. The Coffin card is representative of inevitable changes that are, or are to, occur. And in this moment when we are experiencing so many involuntary and whiplashing changes happening all around us, it is so very important for us to know that even the most painful death carries with it the promise of new life following in its footsteps; but only if we can manage to LET GO enough for our aforementioned new life to be born. 

It's funny how we have to lose something to gain something else, y'all heard Mr. Nansi is our last discussion...FREEDOM AIN'T FREE.


Just about each and every time, we turn on our phones or devices these days, we seem to be having a new moment with The Letter. The Letter represents written (or in our case, digitally circulated) communication that is coming in. So much is being communicated these days! On one hand, we have the outing of countless injustices and conspiracies, yet on the other, we have the formation of ideas and plans for change. There's so much to read and process...so much to feel...and so much to face.

But regardless of our readiness to react, every "letter" we receive pushes us to the moment we've all been waiting for, The Crossroads. 

At the Crossroads, there is a silent acknowledgment that there is no going back; only stagnancy or change to come. So what will it be? It is up to US... for only through combined FREE WILL shall we choose a direction and forge forward into the effects of our own footsteps, a future of our own creation. 

This time, I think we might have the stamina to complete this journey...but the question is...who's got the directions? We do need some directions, even if only for cadence ...and that will take a true leader in the stride.

And I do hope they arise before we tire ourselves out from wandering aimlessly...

(...but again, I know they will arrive in Divine Timing, and we will know them immediately...it will be no one already mainstreamed...we must keep our stamina up, for they are coming...)


 So what are we to do as we await "the cadence?"

Simple, build lasting stability with the Anchor, with BOOKS. The Book card represents secrets exposed, education, and wisdom. This card gives me a few different intuitive messages, so I will have to just list them for you below:

  • We will never, as a people, reach our full potential without first knowing what that potential is and seeing that potential clearly as the gift of all gifts. A gift is meant to be treasured...do you truly know the power of CELf and treasure yourself, your heritage, and the potential of your future? Do know there is a powerful internal reason why we keep having this excruciating external battle... and to have the power of potential, one indeed has the potential for power...so let that soak in, both internally and externally.
  • Secrets Exposed. Sooo many secrets of our high ranking government officials and upper tier of society are currently being exposed and brought to light at this moment. And regardless of if they have enough control to keep the light dim...this is proving to be a moment that they can't get out of the spotlight altogether. However, even dim light is light nonetheless, and it is our duty to pay attention and see the darkness being shown to us open-mindedly with the pure intent for a better existence for the collective in our future. So research what's going on around you, please don't take a meme on Instagram for law or fact. There's a lot of fake news, and there's a lot of real news...that real news is scary, yes it is; but the path it takes us down blindly... is even scarier. 
  • Education. Knowledge is power, and power is control. It always has been this way. How can we change a system we don't fully know the rules of or dominate a society we have no intellectual control over? As I researched for archeological facts for a new project, I found myself skeptical about the facts I was presented with by European archeologists. To be able to authenticate or trust the facts, we must be able to trust the one whom "created the facts." We need to get in positions to create the facts for our future generations. We need BLACK archeologists, BLACK historians, BLACK scientists, BLACK black history (full classes too) teachers, BLACK law firms, BLACK accounting firms, BLACK politicians, BLACK police, BLACK printing presses, BLACK media, and BLACK produce. These won't be loud changes, but these will be the changes that will scream volumes of victory in our people's future. 

So if you can't tell, there's a lot to be learned here with The Book, and only once we each do our individual parts, by "picking up our individually tailored curriculum," will we be able to hear that cadence...and synchronize...because THEN we'll really be going somewhere.


 Final Advice: THE KEY

What has been said here, is literally "The Key" to our liberation. We must be open to forcing the changes brought on by implementing our natural birthright of being Godly creators and manifestors. 

So now that we have "the key"... will we turn it and unlock the door? We'll have to see... but for now, as we all listen for the cadence...appropriate book in hand... we just can't get tired. Not yet.

Blessings yall.

And Thanks Again...

Thanks again for everyone on this journey with me. For those who had to wait months (especially if this was your first purchase with me), I appreciate your trust in a blind situation. Good things always come to those whom wait, and clearly this set of decks came in with clear connections to Spirit, so may they bring lasting change and direction to each of you and your families for generations to come.

XOXO- Drea











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  • T’Fawnia Claire on

    I love this message and love the energy you share. You are an inspiration. Got both my tarot and oracle deck from you and they both gave me life. Such a connection. This is my first time reading your blog but I’ll definitely be waiting on the next. Thank you for your light sis! Many blessings and success to you!

  • Pammy C on

    Your pull confirmed a lot of what I have been seeing and sharing with people. A leveling of the playing field is occurring whether we are ready or not. Plant seeds and wait for the harvest. I love my new deck!

  • macy leblanc on

    i love receiving your blog readings. Thanks

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