Mid June 2022: Same book. New Chapter. A Welcomed Blank Page. (FREE GUIDED MEDITATION. HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT.)

Andrea Furtick

I truly love being a divine storyteller...a scribe. However, know the greatest story I'll ever write is the story of me, and your greatest story will always be the story of you. Write one worth reading again...and again.

The End of a Chapter: And the Beginning of Regeneration

The Internet. The Age of Information...or misinformation. Social Media. All of it. I'm tired. Are you?

I promise I tried...and I was one of the best at it. Facebook. Instagram Reels. TikToking. Whatever "social" sharing system that was poppin... I did it. However again, I exist to sustain, not entertain; so to be honest, entertaining the masses doesn't blend well with the authentic nature of my work.

And yes, "my work"...in fact, my life's work...not to be confused with a "brand."

Brands, by contextual definition, are merely just slightly altered replications of an original.

Think on that, and know that I am an original.

And then consider this: Are you original? As the world is constantly encouraging brands and replication... are you truly living authentic to you? Are you existing in a manner that honors your FULL gift of existence on this Earth? Are you truly... being?

Busy Just Trying to Be.

Believe it or not, I'm NOT very big on pictures. I don't dislike them...I just don't truly care to spend my every waking moment documenting the life I'm supposed to actively be living.

So perhaps I'm just not like most others; as I'm unwilling to lose the natural experience to create a perfect angle.

However, for the intensity of my existence, I presume there is no perfect angle and I subconsciously cringe at what it takes to document my happenings with a photo or video nowadays; because from my perspective, the experience is truly all I crave.

Seems like a choice between immortally of the moment or immortality of one's movements. What choice have you made?

See, I really was (and am) truly busy just existing!

I was laughing. I was crying. I was inquisitively trying to figure things out. I was blind-sighted, and yet still I was brilliant.

I was enthusiastic. I was exhausted. I was depressed. I was befriended. I was betrayed.

I was trying to pay attention, even when I had no attention left to give. I was bracing for obstacles. I was busy fighting for the culture, even when it was not fighting for me. I was hurt. I was healing. I was busy exploring the over thrown around concept of "legacy" and learning the REAL rules of that world.

I was busy being. Growing. Going.

So even if I wasn't busy documenting moments, know I was busy creating them; for I continuously crave a masterful reality.

By not obsessing myself over organizing the perfect shot to remember, I found a truly authentic, real-time reflection.

And with no interest anymore in looking back, I saw, and now see, the path to a better future.

Please, do NOT be a slave to your sight.

How much time does one waste on social media? How have you shortchanged your own dreams and experiences by choosing to quickly "trend" instead of authenticate your own process (...even if it will take longer)?

Do you want to experience the world, or do you want to experience the greatest version of you in this world? Or better yet, do you intensely desire to have the world experience YOU? These are deep questions one must sit with.

I Release All That No Longer Serves My Highest Good.

Should you find yourself in need, immerse yourself in this short guided meditation on RELEASE.

Live. Let Go. GROW.

The birth of a butterfly...or the blooming of a flower takes not time, but the majestic nature of destiny to unfold.

For again, time is man's creation (and the silent killer of most aspirations and dreams). However, when one conspires with the divine...to allow nature to transpire and destiny unfold...one may embody the energy of the butterfly.

Find the courage to revel in transformation. Find the strength to survive the darkness of development and expand into the skies of opportunity. Be the butterfly.

The world's constantly rushing...but where to so suddenly? Do we truly have no faith in the coming of tomorrow?

Slow down. Smell your life's flowers already in bloom and have gratitude for the blossoms you have faith will transform. Support the growth of your garden with patient, tactful action. Witness it bloom in real time when the divine time comes. Accept all blossoms won't remain, but enjoy them while you can. However...some blossoms regenerate...more beautiful, and more plentiful.

(wink, wink)

I hope you pulled something from the channeled messages. <3 Stay blessed. Stay true to YOU.

And now...the page has been turned, and the blank page(s)...is in progress.

...So I Did A Super Cool Thing: TIDE DALLAS, TX 2022

 The International Divination Event: Keynote Presentation & Expert Panel Guest

May 2022 was easily one of the busiest months of my life to date, however, it also held an amazing experience that I'm sure probably pivoted the trajectory of my personal path forever.

Honored by my invitation to be one of four Keynote speakers, I gave a captivating 90-minute presentation on the 12 (psychological) personality types, how they connect to the tarot, and how we as people use storytelling to progress characters and situations in a way that is beneficial in real life.

I had the BEST time at this conference. It was packed full of fun; containing advanced level tarot and divination activities and speakers, panel discussions on the specifics of our independent practices, and featured some of the brightest spiritual minds and creators of our time.

Next: NWTS Portland, OR Oct 6-10, 2022

October will bring another metaphysical meetup for the Spiritual community at the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, Oregon. I'll be Keynote speaking at this event as well; with the sharing of another 90-mintue presentation.

There's going to be so many other wonderful presenters, speakers, and activities... I'm simply just thrilled and can't wait to share my expertise and connect with all the majestic souls in attendance.

Tickets and more information can be found here.

Pssst...New Item Alert: Butterfly Earrings!!! :)

So y'all know I love a unique spiritual adornment. :)

As I've been facilitating my own transformation, I've fallen in love with our new Butterfly Goddess Earrings. Check out this excerpt I wrote about butterflies in the Clear Vision Deck booklet (CV deck currently out of stock):

As a caterpillar encases in a cocoon, it trusts and accepts the natural transformation that is about to occur. It enters willingly into this change, knowing that change is necessary for growth. And as the caterpillar patiently and privately sheds its skin of the now, it embraces the bountiful new change, into the butterfly, that is to come.

 And when the time is right, the beautiful butterfly emerges the cocoon into a garden of glorious abundance.

 Don't let the world rush your magic. Some of the most special and beautiful things take the longest time to create. Trust in your parallels with the Divine.

 Know that the changes you are encountering right now are natural and necessary. So take your time, cocoon, and grow your wings. No worries, Spring will be here soon.

Afro Goddess Deck Announcements: DON'T MISS THIS... ;)

So let's talk about the Afro Goddess Divination Deck Collection!!! Some really phenomenal developments in production and advancement will be announced soon.

The reality is, as one person, what it takes to ship hundreds of decks a week is more than my personal limits. I appreciate each of you for desiring my work; however I have given every moment of my life to the decks for many years, and now with the collection growing and taking on an expanding life of it's own, some restructuring is necessary.

I miss being able to peacefully conjure, create, and teach...so I'm taking my power back in this area of my life...in a major way. I have paintings to make, books to write, courses to teach, tangibles to manifest into the world, workings to do, and guidance to give. And because I was shown my mission and destiny (that's another story for another day), I'm definitely not going to let my Ancestors down.

In order to carry out this mission fully, I have to now announce I will NOT be reordering the deck systems with their current finishes (this includes the popular holographic special edition).

So the logistics at the present moment go as follows:

So if you dreamed of owning these unique decks, this will be your last chance to collect them in their present form. If you already own one, be good to it...

...the value went up. ;)

Coming Soon: A Blank Page...

  • I'll be teaching a virtual zoom course based upon African Spirituality and Hoodoo in the coming months. As a devoted practitioner, I have used rootwork to enhance and protect my life for years. It's time for me to share with others the extensive knowledge that I have obtained as well as some tried and true practices to do proper work. So if you're looking to learn about Hoodoo practices and deepening your connection with your Ancestors, stay tuned for more information on this course soon!
  • New art for a new tarot deck has begun. :) That's all on that for now. lol
  • The Afro Goddess Warrior Doll Collection will be going into sample production in the very near future. So thrilled to finally begin this venture!!! I've been dreaming of expanding my vision with a toy collection for so long... this is a chapter I'm not just ready for, but I welcome.


I hope I've encouraged you to let go of anything holding you back. Stop waiting. Purge. Heal. Forgive. Enjoy your moments. Make room for new opportunities and new growth in life. Write your own story loves. At any moment you're allowed a plot twist, so create the path to the destiny you want now.

Thanks for reading. Blessings and gratitude always.








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