Mid May 2020: The Decks Arrived... and So Did the DOWNLOADS

Andrea Furtick


"And for the one
who answers the call,
and possesses the strength
and will to give all;
shall bring forth the seeds
for the harvests of fall,
and with selfless deeds,
bring abundance to all."

The Decks Arrived.

Whew Chile. What. An. Adventure. This. Has. Been. 

Finally... UPS rang my doorbell yesterday. Yall... imagine the smile you'd have gotten if Publisher's Clearing House had ever actually shown up at your house...that was the feeling in my soul at that moment...pure JOY. lol

Instantly all the stress from enduring the MOST difficult set of manufacturing circumstances (see the previous blog for more details) in the history of my 3 years of production was erased. There sat the decks...again...my babies...your treasures.  

DISCLOSURE: The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas decks arrived only. The Afro Goddess Oracle decks will be arriving next week. (They were placed on a separate boat and are being transported to me via a separate shipping service.) Orders will begin going out on Monday in the order of receipt. If you've ordered both decks, I will ship the tarot first and the oracle will follow. Please read the previous blog post for more specific details about the process of mass shipments.)

So again, thank you to everyone who road this corona shipment out with me. So many of you were so extremely supportive during this time and I appreciate you. As I endured so much, Spirit allowed the words of the patient to outweigh the words of others. So whether this wait has been a test of patience or a lesson in it, our long scoped vision from the Ship has paid off; and I wish you imminent blessings and messages brought forth through the decks. Nothing worth having comes easily...said every Grandma every time, everywhere. Still applies. So celebrate with me sis, we've made it.

And along with the decks, Spirit so graciously provided to me some downloads over this time of the pause in between....check them out below.

With Patience Comes Progression.

To be patient is to have faith in the inevitable; meaning one's eventual, destined arrival. As we live in a society of instant gratification, we have become accustomed to movements that race against that of our neighbor, but with that motion, will you ever really see the path ahead of YOU?

When you're driving, you slow down when you're approaching a turn. If you don't, you risk missing the turn and having to reroute; or even worse, you may even flip over your car when you do try to make the turn because you're simply just going too fast. 

So I guess the "Spiritual Traffic Police" has ticketed the entire world at the moment and instructed us to immediately slow down or even stop.

But, oh how we ALL hate being stuck in traffic!

However, at that moment as you are stuck in the car, this car, with complete faith in your eventual arrival, what are you doing? Are you singing? Are you thinking or daydreaming? Are you reading and writing? Are you communing with someone? Are you listening to something? Or are you just breathing, waiting, and taking in the scenery?

Ohhh...traffic is starting to pick up, sort of. Tell me...did you make good use of that time? Even if you just allowed or are allowing yourself to enjoy a pause, that's ok. We all ride differently, and we've all got somewhere to be, but sometimes we have no choice, no shortcut nor detour, and we all have to wait.

And in that wait or "pause in between," you may have felt all kinds of ways! You may have felt angry to be late or inconvenienced, scared at the change of route abruptly imposed on you, or even just like giving up and turning back...but like I said...you allowed your faith in your eventual arrival to carry you through all of that. And if you're not already, soon you'll be cruising, not speeding; because you absolutely wouldn't want to cause another accident, but cruising with courageous caution...and contently progressing towards your destination. 

Godspeed to both you and me.

What are you?

Not who are you, but what are you... and most importantly, do you trust in it?

Trusting in "what you are" allows your instincts to work properly. When you are fully trusting in what you are at your core, your instincts provide paths to both protection and progression. 

And if you are displeased when you are fully naked with yourself, have you given yourself permission to succumb to the power of death and reinvention?

 "How many times can one reinvent themselves?" one might ask. Please feel free to shed your skin as many times as it takes! The only way to truly be trapped in an energy is to be trapped BY an energy. Be it the expectations of others or yourself, don't stay trapped by energies that hold you down. Trust in what you are, what we are, and emerge anew from all things that no longer serve your highest good.

I, myself, am THE Magician (yet still not a machine lol). I trust that, and no circumstance shall keep me from BEING the magic that I am. There is a special strength in the transformation and reinvention of something solid.

The entire world is in a reinvention phase right now. Me too. Won't you join us?

A Story to be Told 

 Perhaps we are unique volumes, but it's undeniable that we are all living the same story. In fact, have you ever noticed that the Major Arcana itself is a progressive story that cycles over and over again? Pay close attention if you're having trouble remembering the card meanings, hearing this story will absolutely help to embed them in your mind! Check out this snippet from the tale, as told by Spirit and I, through the Major Arcanas in my new mini-book, The Fool's Journey.


Thanks Again!!!

This may have been a lengthy read, but I hope you got something truly special from it. 

I hoped my magic has touched your magic. If you have packages to arrive from me soon, know they will arrive full of magical and loving energy. Blessings. 















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  • Una Sanaa on

    ALL of your products are gorgeous! I have the tarot, oracle, and your candles! I am a member of two tarot FB Groups and your decks are recommended all the time by me as well as others! Thank you for your beautiful representations of melenated people in the tarot. Continue to prosper !! I love when we proper!

  • Kimberly Hudson on

    I just found your decks today and ordered both! Thank you so much for creating these cards.

  • Chakra Khan on

    This blog post is so helpful thank you for the updates. Of course the shipping is delayed, I am just so excited to get my oracle cards! The book is so beautiful and so are the tarot cards. Keep up the good work!

  • Robin Seaborne on

    Thank you for this beautiful update! I’m patiently

  • Jenny on

    Im so excited to await my deck …this was a lovely download an highly resonated with it, it was very impressive had to keep rereading it very deep and inspiring. Thank you an very much appreciate it 😊

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