Mid November 2020: Big Storms Bring the BIGGEST Flowers.

Andrea Furtick

Endings Bring Beginnings.

2020. This year has definitely been one for the record books. The "climate" this year was ultimately decided for us like children peering through the window during a rainstorm at the streets we can't play in; a year of isolation, confusion, and chaos. 

Our "storms" this year spanned further than the physicality of precipitation falling from the sky, but also included people and visions falling from our lives and ideologies crumbling and being swept away in the winds of revolution.

I sent a loved one flowers recently with a card saying, "No rain, no flowers." 

But man was the rain particularly cold and heavy this year...

And even as I, like hopefully all of you, am now standing amidst strongly budding flowers, despite the muddy cocoon of a ground that they may have arose from; I now stand IN the rain. No longer looking for shelter, just here...DANCING.

Dances In the Rain, from not yet avaialable Clear Vision deck)

 So what do you do when the storm rages?  Do you get swept up in it or do you stay and sway with its command?

Quite naturally the initial shock of the storm can stiffen you with freezing droplets attacking you from above, but subsequently....once it rains enough, you may not even feel the cold, as your body's temperature will work to adjust.. and before you know it; you're in it...swaying with the storm.

To have the power to dance joyfully amidst the chaotic rainfall, and throw your hips to the sounds of the thunder, while being illuminated by the bright crackling of lightning bolts, that's true alchemy. 

Because sometimes the true danger that lies within the storm is not the elements, but our own stiffness. Stiffness of mind, body, or spirit will cause stagnancy and the feelings of "being left out in the cold." Stiffness will bring danger as circumstances change rapidly; so one must stay agile.

One must learn to dance in the rain. One must learn to sway in the stormy weather. 

...and before long, this storm shall be a stage. Reign. 

Creating the Coven: What's Divine Appears Always in Divine Time

 So I met a beautiful lady the other day. She was fucking magical. She didn't look like the storms she'd described, and I honestly only aspire to be that graceful amidst my own raging chaos. May she forever be blessed for what she shares with the world.

(And do try some of her awesome ancestral oils and others (photographed in the top right corner), which can be found at https://www.hoodoohannah.com.

Also, I'd been asking Spirit to deliver unto me my tribe. And they came...but not a second before I put myself in the space to find them (that part). Instantaneous harmony and support for each other's evolutions is what seems to be the aura; yessss... I found my sisters, just when I needed the support the most (because even though we dance in the turbulent rains and winds, that does NOT mean it's not hard or exhausting), they came. 

So if you await your tribe, make sure you are ready to be for them what you are wanting them to be for you. Ohhh the strength of two...or even better, FOUR. (all my real spiritualist know ;) )

Perthro Rune, from Onyx Rune Set

So back to the message...I chose a rune from the Afro Goddess Rune Stone Casting Set (onyx)...so if the storms have been raging around you, here is PERTHRO.

Perthro Rune from the Afro Goddess Rune Set

"As destiny is set,

I have no regrets,

in the steps that I've made,

in the prices that I've paid.

What's fated to be,

even unknown to me,

shall be revealed in due time,

as my steps are divine."

Have no regrets y'all. If you've done your absolute best, trust that Spirit will meet you where you lack. 

Truth is, we are all on the same mission: to achieve our own sense of happiness. But know, NOTHING comes without a cost. Sometimes we pay a lot and sometimes we pay a little, but everything in this universe has a cost. (And I do mean more than a lit candle...)

But when you trust that what you are doing is in divine order, you can sometimes not only withstand the storms, but command them.


 Flowers from the Storm

  Yesss....so amidst the storms...certain flowers blossomed here at the Afro Goddess Connection...we're true alchemists over here after all!

(And yes the above painting is from the unavailable, yet up and coming Clear Vision Duo Deck System. This deck is so important, please have patience while I live the lessons necessary to be a legend.)

But for now, enjoy the new manifestations and company updates, as I've been hella dancing in the rain!


The Eye of Epiphany Perception Orb: Shipment Arrived Early!!! Yayyy!

 The Eye of Epiphany Perception Orb

Yesss...so this was one of the coolest things I've manifested in awhile. So who remembers the black Magic 8 Ball we used to play with as kids? The "yes," "no," "maybe," or even "ask later"...ehhh, not really helpful.

But imagine a ball connected to the TAROT!!! 

Ask a Question. Get an Answer. Have an Epiphany.

Ask a question. Get an answer. Have an epiphany. Tarot in a ball. I love it!

The Eye of Epiphany Perception Orb is here for quick readings and conversations with spirit. Each answer (total of 20) is corresponded to a card from the Major Arcana and allows one to think deeper into the situation...because again, it's all about perception.

 If you love this, snag The Eye of Epiphany Perception Orb ($25), here.

The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Explorations: Audiobook released on all Major Audiobook Platforms

 So this was awesome.

Over quarantine, I wrote the book The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Explorations. It was intended to be an adorable storybook containing the concepts of tarot in a beautifully poetic way. So know that I was so overjoyed and honored when Tydef Studios (only black audiobook production company in the WORLD) agreed to not only create for me an audiobook... but an audioDRAMA for the book I'd created.

So full of life, theatrics, and Spirit I present to the world: The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Explorations (the audiobook).

Check out the retail sample here: 

Now available in full version, on over 40 major audiobook streaming sites:

So if you already have an account on one of the above platforms, chances are you can download it at discount of even for free! 

No account? Start one! I personally recommend  Chirp, Scribd, and Kobo for audiobooks. (They may even offer a free credit for a free audiobook...ehh hmm...;) ) 

And remember, reading is funDAmental. lol

Love a traditional book? Me too, especially when it's hardback with a ribbon divider. Snag your hardback collector's copy of The Fool's Journey & the 56 Movements of Minor Explorations, here

Let's Talk about DECKS!!!

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas CLASSIC VERSION

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Classic Version

Our classic version of "tiny little paintings" never goes out of style. This jumbo version contains the cards that will survive your family's lineage for centuries (yes, centuries). This deck is AVAILABLE and shipping now.

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas SPECIAL EDITION

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition

As stated in the listing, this deck's shipment will be arriving in December. Currently in route, via boat to the US, this deck will most likely begin to ship out more specifically around December 14th. Please know we'll do all we can to get the preorders to you before December 22nd, but Spirit's time is fluid. Your patience as these treasures arrive and are signed & shipped is greatly appreciated.

(Still need to order? This decks ALWAYS sells out before arrival, and now sits at 60% sold. Don't miss out on this one of a kind, holographic treasure! So if this is the deck of your dreams, order now!)

Afro Goddess Oracle

Afro Goddess Oracle.

Lenormand based, and melanin laced. 

This Lenormand based oracle deck is phenomenal. Available and ready to ship now, this deck is a great trailer to the movie of your life/situations (whereas the tarot would be the scenes themselves within the movie, the oracle would be the trailer and major events). Snag this now, here.

You read til the end...THANKS!!!

But not just for that. This has been a crazy awesome, scary ride. It's hard to be out here chasing dreams. To once had been just an awkward, black girl from South Carolina and now have created the legacy to be fulfilled as a living, melanated goddess...leaving behind all the treasures that before me neglected to exist...thank you for dancing with me.

And thank you for being along or popping through whenever you have. So use code STORMS for FREE SHIPPING NOW TIL 11/26.











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