Mid May 2021: Maternal Energy 101: She. You. Me. Us. Them. (& A Few Special Offers)

Andrea Furtick

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day this past weekend! As I hung out with my own children, I took the time to reflect on the feminine energy we give to the world as mothers as how that energy transforms yet never dies. 

Let's chat. :)

To Be a Mother: The Job.

There's no better student or teacher than a child.

Two weeks ago, my daughter, Monica,  scratched her arm and didn't say anything to me about it. 

A week later, as I was doing her hair, I noticed the scratch and immediately wanted to know where it came from. Healing process already poorly started, I also knew with no assistance the mark (which she interestingly enough couldn't explain) would indeed scar.

So as I reached for the turmeric stick to hopefully get ahead of the forming hyperpigmentation, I found myself telling her this:

"Don't you ever get hurt and not tell me again. As your mother, it is MY job to get you through life with as little physical and mental scars as possible."

That part.

And as a slight look of confusion overtook her 11 year old face, I wonder if she knew how deep that statement really was? Probably not, but I do and I'm sure you do as well.


She was you, yet still not you.

And as much as we'd like to be, or not like to be, we all are indeed our mother's children. And they are their mother's children.

That breathe of life, your breathe of life, goes back endlessly. However, along with the magic of the infinite continuance that often comes with the acknowledgement of the bloodline, there is also the challenge and conflict of the past decisions that were made in order to bring forth said breathe to evolve through the times. And please know, the unorganized and unheard voices of those around her were ringing, loudly...chaotically…and persistently.

So she did the best she could with not only what she knew of the world, but also what she knew of herself. (Believe it or not, the world didn't always have a structure in which information was freely shared. Many of our mothers grew up blinded by circumstance and unaware of the powers they held inside.) 

And with knowing that, does that activate sympathy, pride, or understanding for you? Quite possibly it could be a combination of all of those emotions. The mix is healthy, as it allows you to honor the authentic breathe of those before you without choking on your own. However, if it brings about anger and judgement, here's a perspective that may bring an easier breathe to the situation.

Just rationalize

"I rationalize that," seems to be one of my favorite sentences these days. lol

I came up with this theory a few years ago as I was dealing with the conflicting breathes of my own maternal bloodline. 

When we rationalize, agreeance and understanding is not necessary. Rationalization allows us to merely just find comprehension with the decisions, actions, and ideals of others. It is not a compromise nor an act of diminished personal values, but merely just an acknowledgement of a breathe taken that was not our own to take in the first place.

But most importantly, rationalization will allow you to breathe. And to not be dependent on the last breathe of another, will make your own breathes deeper, stronger, and more effective in this life; so ultimately know that the concept of rationalization provides acceptance not absorption.

And as the Universe would have it, and we are now in a time where we are learning as a collective how to hear our ancestral voices and breathes effectively, quite possibly the time of loud, chaotic, and persistent outside voices that confuse and overpower us are over or at least nearing their ends. For now our knowledge of the Spirit world allows us the vision of cohesion. What a magical time to be alive and to be the one taking the breathe of the bloodline for the moment, but more importantly tis an honor to pass it freely to the bloodline to come.

Me. You. Us.

As often said, children are indeed the future, as they inherently become the carriers of the torch. But in all honesty, tis us, the mothers of the world, whom are ultimately the future; as all depends on the breathe in which we will ultimately blow into our children. And be one a mother or not, I guarantee there to be some younger girl watching, immolating, and immortalizing one's every move. So be sure to exhale something good enough for another to inhale.

(Remember, second hand smoke kills just like first hand.)


Here lies all possibility.

 As we breathe our breath of life into them, our children, what have we actually passed on?

What are your children watching you do? That’s actually more important that what you strategically try to teach them, because children enjoy the lessons of life not dictation.

For example, to stay in an unhealthy relationship “for the child” hurts the child. Instead of growing up watching a loving union to hopefully blueprint their own union in the future, they see a connection full of chaos thus distorting their views of what a healthy relationship should be at all.

And to spend all your time neglecting the child as you chase money or whatever, that could have the ability to leave that child rejecting the professional world.

So in essence, know that doing the best you can for yourself, is the best you can for them. Breathe deeper.

Personally, it is important for me that my children watch me experience a true vision of love and have an accurate view of what it takes to obtain abundance.

Oh, how important maternal energy is.

So important that it is represented by the 4th House of Astrology: The House of Home and Family

The House of Home and Family is where our maternal energy lies and maps out how it affects us throughout our lifetime. Having an honest understanding of what we felt was positive and negative about our childhood experiences in regards to our maternal energy can be very beneficial in creating the path of do's and don'ts for your own family.

How do you view domestication? Believe it or not, know that our mothering energy gave you your first instincts on that. And are you satisfied with the views you are giving the younger world around you? Think about it.

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xoxo Drea




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