October 2021: It's the Marathon of the Strong

Andrea Furtick

My apologies for missing the September blog. In reality, I'm still a real person and September was a whirlwind of life happenings, business dealings, spiritual growth, and spiritual warfare. (Yes, warfare. But no worries, I'm getting ready to explain it all really well.) Thank you for your patience if you've been waiting for anything from me. The birth of the Clear Vision deck is truly testing me in every way possible, so I appreciate everyone and the part you've played in this movement being realized thus far. Regardless of if you've been with me since 2016 or if you're brand new to the Connection, welcome; and it's about to get really juicy...

Nipsey is LAW.

Nipsey Hussle that is...specifically his song, "Bigger than Life."  The title is linked (definitely worth a listen), but here's a written excerpt:

But I don’t want no help
Just let me suffer through this
The world would not know Jesus Christ if there was never Judas
This knife that's in my back
Will be the truth that introduced us

And the distance in between us
Is the proof of my conclusion
So life is what you make it
I hope you make a movement
Hope your opportunity survives the opportunists
Hoping as you walk across the sands you see my shoeprint
And you follow, til it change your life, cuz it's all evolution


and so now the story begins...

 So let's go back to August...

 The energy of August, well actually of the entire summer, was EXPANSIVE.

If, for a moment, you could imagine a life being a recording artist that continuously created hits...but never ever having the time to touch the stage on tour...that's how I was beginning to feel; drained by the routine and robbed of my full in person potential. 

Everyone knows the album may be great, but it's the in-person concert you yearn...

So with that, I asked Spirit for a stage to hold that concert...now, I saw that being fulfilled by acquiring a metaphysical shop of my own to set roots here in Atlanta. I felt I needed to be able to hire staff members to make all functions, outside of creation, both faster and easier (because I AM drowning in work as the business expands) on me. So, in my mind, a staffed shop was definitely the way to go. Well.... one of the things I love to tell people is, "I wish you a destiny greater than that of your dreams." So this is where I should have taken my own advice and stayed fluid, because Spirit was getting ready to train me in preparation for just that, the entrance into a destiny beyond my wildest dreams.



And yes, I used the word train and not test, as this was definitely an obstacle course designed to prove and not teach. 

The (Not So) Merry-Go-Round

First and foremost, I had (and still have for when the time comes) a very distinct vision for the environment for the shop. I wrote it all down and put it on my altar space for Spirit to bless, protect, and open the pathways for me to produce; and even though I know I will ultimately have a shop (lol, Ima have wayyyyyyy more than A SHOP) let me tell you what happened not so coincidently next.

I had my sights set on a specific shop. I did everything I could to get it, and I got "Pretty Woman-ed." If you remember the movie Pretty Woman, there's a scene where Julia Roberts goes in to buy fancy clothes with tons of hidden cash...however, at that moment, she was dressed as a hooker. (Note: I was NOT dressed as a hooker lol....we're here for the metaphor.) Julia's character then speaks with a condescending shop woman, whom coincidently enough worked on commission, and instantly dismissed her due to her appearance.

I'll leave it there....but ohhhhh how I was Pretty Woman-ed.

Ok, onto my backup shop location...

Gorgeous place, with a spirited leasing office receptionist. We have a nice chat, and she directs me to the card of the agent in which I'm to contact. She's impressed by the products I sell, but offers me a bit of "advice."

I know she felt she was doing me a favor (and in hindsight she was, as she pinpointed the issue for me and made me ultimately stand firm in my decision).

Sis told me, "Perhaps you would consider changing the name of the storefront." Hmm. If you need me to break it down, she was saying the name , The AFRO Goddess Connection, would shy away many developers. I thanked her for her input, told her I would consider it, and graciously left her office.

Not so coincidently enough, as I was processing the conversation in my head and driving home, I literally passed a shopping center called "Asian Square." 

OMG... I had just experienced gentrification at it's best...and they were presenting me two options: Fall in line...or Fall out of the running.

So for about a day following, I irritated my husband with possible storefront name changes; until he sternly said, "Stop it. You're NOT changing the name. Wait it out."

Silence. Blink, blink...."Ok babe."

 So what's the moral of the story? I want a storefront NAMED The Afro Goddess Connection in the heart of Atlanta that truly represents the Goddesshood I have represented and facilitated in the world. That's a very specific desire, and no compromises will be made. However, sometimes when you want something specific and others see you need it, they'll take advantage of that need. BUT, if you place yourself in the position to be needed, you change the total dynamic of the outcome. So now, I become what's NEEDED. Always chess, and not checkers.

Ok, Spirit. Here we go..."the journey to become what's needed not just in the spirit world but also in the professional world as well..." 

It was always Talent, Hard Word, and Magic.

From a child I always wanted to be an artist and an author. And as a college dropout, most of my skill was self developed along the way. Since 2016, I've worked hard to study, map out, and create hundreds of conceptual images to form 3 monumental decks that have and will outlive any physical breathe in my body. I've carefully written 5 books (and counting) to leave blueprints for the future generations and made sure to self produce them in a way that the quality stands the test of time.

I've literally exhausted myself striding on the road to excellence, even when to others my best wasn't good enough.

So, I stand tall at 5'2 when I say I truly did (and do) it for the culture...but I must say I did not do it alone. Spirit has aided and guided me in so many ways over the years every time I connected and asked through my divination practices. They have shielded and protected me, and pushed me both into and away from situations dependent on how they were truly going to affect both me and the mission they gave me to carry out during this life experience on this Earth.

So now we go back to Nipsey, where he says, "Hope your opportunity survives the opportunists."

Clearing the Room both Physically & Spiritually

Have you ever been told, everyone can't go with you? Well that is most definitely true. Know that with a certain magnetism about you, you may at times attract those whom wish to not only gaze at your gifts in marvel, but also suck them dry and take them as their own. 

So as I introduced my Afro Goddess Apothecary to you all, with the soul purpose as to share the back end magic with you so that you could utilize it for yourselves, I must have made one or two of our community's resident herbal magicians a bit jealous. So jealous in fact, they tried to send some really bad energy my way.

I felt it. I felt all the excessive delays in my work happening. I felt the lack of energy and attempt to fill my head with illusions. I felt a stress in my chess I couldn't relieve, and because they're flashy... I saw them trying to steal my legacy right in front of my face...or not. 

Because the fact of the matter is...I too am a skilled Magician. The reversal magic I had to do was so powerful and heavy, my body is currently physically purging in the form of illness...but the ill intent has been broken and all ill will has been returned to sender.

And to the practitioner I speak of, because I know you will too read this...know you shall never take anything from ME but a lesson. And now that I have your attention...enjoy the misery you had planned for me. 

Moral of this Story: Never let a jealous person make you forget who you are. The sight of how powerful you are is what caused the envy from them in the first place, and because they wish to be like you...they clearly aren't as good as you. Stay protected and focused. Pay attention when Spirit tells you someone is dark inside, and know its not your job to light their path.

So as September lessened me a few business partners, it also lessened me a few friends and family members; precisely all the people sitting back just waiting for me to either fall or fly. 

I have certain people in these categories whom love to openly disrespect my craft because they feel their age and hierarchy allows them to. Others listen to me teach them things in conversation and then recalibrate those principles for selfish and mischievous reasons. 

To be completely fair, I'd noticed the issues with these people long ago, however the part of them I enjoyed or felt I needed was masking my frustrations and giving me the illusion they could stay...but know stagnancy comes with dead weight.

My tongue was both mighty and sharp in September, and for this I have no regrets. It definitely cost me a few people, and I'm okay with that. 

And in another not- so coincidence, the very next day after I cut the last cord...a major new opportunity was inked.

Moral of the Story: Perhaps its the dead weight and distractions that keep one from rising. Vampiric energies are always lurking, and when Spirit has something for YOU...its for YOU and not always meant to share. Try to be stubborn and share anyway...you may just find yourself blocking your own blessings.

After the Darkness Definitely Comes the Light.

And only after...so did one or will one release the all consuming darkness? I did, and I do. 

So back to the story, and know emptiness did NOT follow this clearing. Instead...Spirit took me through a series of refills.

Blessed at Brunch

Ever so often I meet one of y'all and we become real life friends. 

A few years back, I met a collector and we clicked. I supported her through a very trying time, and she has since graciously done the same for me time and time again over the years. Being that she lived across the country, we had not yet had the pleasure to meet in person until late September. 

My good Sis called and said she was coming to Atlanta for work, and of course I was going to make sure I saw her. We planned a brunch at a beautiful restaurant and met there with joy. As a pleasant last minute surprise, she brought along another friend whom instantly my heart embraced. 

However, not long into our joyous union, my new friend had a severe medical occurrence. Once I noticed something was wrong, my heart sank and my good Sis and I immediately ran to her aid (including all the other lovely people in the room.) Luckily good Sis is a medical professional and as she instantly went to work, my Spirit also instantly went to work. Within minutes, we had my new friend responsive and then got her the attention she needed.

Do know all is well with new friend. BUT THE REASON I TOLD THIS STORY IS because the next day, as I reached out to the manager of that restaurant to update her on new friends good condition and thank them for their amazing service, the manager burst into tears and explained she'd never seen such a thing. 

Of course she'd seen people become ill before, however she explained she'd never seen her faith happen in real time. 

She explained that after they watched the security footage, she and the staff noticed a particular moment where I took a Moonstone crystal from my hair and placed it on new friend's 3rd Eye. She said that at that exact moment new friend's eyes opened and she began to respond. She told me how she and the staff had watched it over and over, marveling at a spiritual happening right in front of their face.

At that moment, as she concluded that story, my heart overwhelmed and I had a soothing cry. Is this the "stage" I spoke of in the beginning? To ultimately have a concert of gifts played out in the world...again, looks like Spirit's plan is much better than mine.

So, with the release of old plans... I now see a new path open and a gentle nudge being given.

This was definitely one of those life changing events, a day where I and everyone around saw the light within me, and I'm so glad it was with good Sis. (Hey Sis, and new sis. lol xoxo)

And Then Spirit Literally Sent Me a Stage

So I've learned better than to tell too much too soon, and clearly I have some envious people lurking, so as broadly as possible...

Out of the blue I received a MONUMENTAL offer that allows my message to be heard widespread really soon. I'm still in awe to be presented with this, but "Spirit did it and I'm wit' it."

Moral of this? Only after I cut that last bad cord with truth, did this flow easily through. Spirit knew I would had taken that person with me undeservingly. So take a look at your own situations, who's holding you back? 


So even though September took a lot away from me, it allowed me to course correct and bring so much more in. 

The Birthing Process: CLEAR VISION DUO DECK

With hundreds of orders for the FIRST release of this new deck piled up since June, I have to be honest when I say this deck's birth has had me on constant edge. Know that once I pass off the artwork, plans, and book text...I wait just like all of you.

Creating these decks and projects feel a lot like having actual babies, it's unfortunately not always comfortable and no two pregnancies are the same.

Sooo many of you have been so supportive; and understand that production, especially at this moment in the world, is so hard for a large company, let alone a one person operation. You have written me so many messages of encouragement as you sensed my stress and I want to take this moment to thank each of you for every encouraging word you sent. I appreciate you for appreciating that good things take time and that you are patiently awaiting the birth of this developing creation. I honor you for the space you've allowed me and the manufacturing company to work through the issues at a pace so far out of my control.

And after several messages to the printers,  and not so coincidently enough... as soon as the above reversal magic was done, I finally received an answer from the printing team.

Due to all the shortages of material during this pandemic (and quite honestly all the effects of the pandemic itself), and with one hideous misprint behind us, the additional material ordered was on backorder. They, themselves, were resiliently hunting for what was needed to complete the project and just recently the battle was WON.

Printing is now moving at an accelerated rate, and then we fight the shipping battle. THIS DECK WILL COME IN ALL IT'S MAGNIFICENCE AND GLORY, and I can't wait to share it with all of you.

Moral of this story: Patience is a virtue, and although the world has conditioned us to crave instant gratification and instant communication, sometimes a wait is necessary to sustain something worth having. 

As soon as more information becomes available, I'll be absolutely here to share. But for now, the war is being fought, don't fold. 

*All orders placed are reserved comfortably from this FIRST EDITION shipment. All Mega Bundle orders were split and either your order is still open or you've been created a duplicate order to hold your deck. Good things ALWAYS come to those whom wait. Y'all the MVPs.

And Yet Still Never Stagnant 

Even with all the change facilitated in September, progress was made.

After several requests for canvas prints, I finally found a company with the quality I demanded and SUPER FAST SHIPPING TO YOU. I couldn't image it being able to look closer to the original canvas! (reprint on left)

A stock of custom chosen hairpins arrived to not only adorn your hair, but also become a personal article in which you may inscribe you candles with during candle magic. (Tip: Using something personal to you is always better than any ole' safety pin, etc.)

Custom Afro Goddess Matchboxes arrived with long-stem matches...and will now be FREE with each Afro Goddess Apothecary order, while supplies last. :) 

And Finally, I Commemorated the Moment with a Painting. 


Introducing...Elle's Oceanview.

So it's literally been a year since I created an original painting unassociated with a deck system, however the resilience I've had to display as an emotional yet worthy Piscean has been more than note worthy. In tandem, I also recognize that currently, in the world, we are all now going through our own battles...and each navigating our own dark waters, however as I've always said, "All is connected, all is YOU."... so enjoy not only the creation of this piece, but also the recorded dialogue discussing the topic in a way we can all benefit.

And yes, for the first time in a long time, this original (and canvas reproductions :)) are available.


 This was probably the longest blog I've ever written. lol Thanks for being a warrior and getting all the way through!!!

20% off your entire purchase through 10/13 with code WARRIOR. (with exclusion of the Clear Vision Deck...we're all waiting together, so we all will contribute the same...but better get on the list if you want it...as always, the price will go up the second the decks touch down)

Thanks Always 

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  • Summersays on

    I’m so happy all is settled and well! Last month is when I felt a deep feeling of concern for you. I felt feelings that I knew weren’t mine. Now it all makes sense. I’m sure anyone who uses your divination tools and are as connected to them as me could also feel it. Clearly something you put your heart and soul into would be felt by anyone who is connected to them. I continue to send love and light to you sister. I absolutely love what you do. Every time I felt antsy about my order Spirit would remind me it’s gonna be well worth the wait. This next phase is gonna be beyond magical!!! I support your endeavors and the magic that’s making it all happen with the Power if Spirit!! Thank you for your transparency! And a extra thank you for bringing to my remembrance my assignments and purpose. This very blog truly resonated. Abundant Peace and blessings! Asé

  • T'Aaliyah on

    Also I just want to say that Elle is captivating, I’m so drawn to her, as a child of Yemaya I appreciate everything she brings to me and my attention. I was stubborn but now I see it’s Shark time!

  • T'Aaliyah on

    Andrea, you are a God sent Angel! The way u connected to this blog all the way through brought me to ball tears, amazing how relative all you said was. The Nipsey insert was so touching my whole body was pulsing reading it, my hairs were giving standing ovations..I’m at a loss for words yet I feel so light now and more powerful (since June sometime A LOT has been taking place, changes, shifts all of it. Messages and downloads I’ve received from Spirit praises TMH just graciously amazing is all I can say. Definitely a Warrior on this journey and I never thought I’d be doing it alone, but I did, I do and I prevail! Real quick, about a week or so ago I was getting ready and dressed, doing my hair in the mirror and I suddenly stopped and paused for a second because I was suddenly hit with a download, as my eyes shift to looking at my own reflection I don’t look like me, I look like The Afro Goddess’ The Fool!! Except instead of a flower and bag I’m holding a makeup brush straight up like a wand lol I thought of you, I wasn’t sure why this happened at the moment but I do remember thinking too myself that I wanted some guidance from Spirit, just send me some sign because I felt lost with no direction. I me it was something I needed to just do, given I was holding a wand I also thought of The Magician… I look forward to what my harvest brings, I’ve been steadfast and though it was hard at times I pushed through just like a Taurus does :)
    This blog is soul touching, beautifully written, I felt as if you were having a conversation with me lol thank you for sharing you have no idea how much better this made me feel, clear vision kept playing in my head while reading like that part of SZA song Hit Different.. it truly is clearer, when I got to the Clear Vision part of this blog, the tears fell and I thanked Spirit because I knew it was for me.

  • Tia on

    I appreciate you sharing your truth, experiences, and the lessons learned along the way. I feel encouraged because similar things like this have happened to me as well. Your awareness and your quick intuition to switch up is what moves me. When the Clear Vision deck gets to me, I know it will be right on time. I too trust the Universe’s timing. Until then, Sis keeping doing what you do, and know that there’s a group of us out here who are definitely benefiting from your work, your teachings, and your gifts. Thank you and Ashe’, Ashe’

  • Tanya on

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. There were so many gems 💎 within it that I too have experienced, and it was inspiring. I was lulled by the painting video. It’s soothed me after such a long day. The painting Elle’s Oceanview is captivating and beautiful! I said this before everything you touch turns to gold! I’m patiently waiting for the Clear Vision Deck, I know it will be awesome. Thanks for providing updates!

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