THE PROCESS: The Decks are coming!!! YAY! All you need to know is inside...

Andrea Furtick

Oh how often we predict our own fortunes...

The Ship from the Afro Goddess Oracle Deck

"Designed to withstand the turbulence of the water, The Ship card eludes to us a worthy journey that was simply not meant to be short. Propelled by the actions of the well-intended, it is clear that their faith in their eventual arrival to this glorious destination (that is out of sight for now) is vast. Know that this voyage, blessed by Ra, may take some time; however, it will be a positive catalyst for positive change. Exercise some patience, you will arrive exactly when you are supposed to. For now, stay focused and enjoy the view. Bon Voyage."

I wrote these words in the booklet of the Afro Goddess Oracle deck...and now we live this life... literally.

If you missed our last update, here's a brief rundown: As coronavirus spread over the world, literally our supply and shipment chains broke down. Factories were shut down for weeks and merchandising flights canceled without notice. So being the true Pisces that I am, after I had a hard cry about it all, I adjusted and flowed. My original bag vendor literally went out of business without notice during our transaction and I had to replace them. One of the shipments got wet due to inactivity in the factory and had to be remade. Then after all was confirmed air shipments were halted immediately. After more crying and a little research, I then had the decks placed on a boat to the US, which generally takes three times the amount of time to arrive (versus the usual transportation method of air). So now that the decks are almost here, the exact date is still to be determined due to factors such as customs inspection, exchange from boat to the carrier, and carrier to me. So in conclusion, the waters have been rocky AF, but I've been swimming my ass off.

Coupled with all of the above, I've gotten an OVERWHELMING amount of emails for just little ole me to handle. lol So I sincerely hope each of you waiting to join, the 2000 collector strong :), Afro Goddess Connection with the receipt of your decks; understand I am doing all that I can, you have not been ignored, and the decks shall begin shipping out to all of you sometime within the month of May. I deeply apologize and do wish I had more detailed information, however, the variables are currently out of my control.

So let's talk about what happens when the decks arrive to Afro Goddess Headquarters...AKA "me":

When the truck pulls up, I'll do a happy dance and cry some more... this time tears of joy.

Then, I'll run to Instagram to share the good news (and here of course)....this news always travels hella fast. lol You will then share in the excitement with me, and also maybe run to your email to see if you have tracking information already. But it may not immediately be there... this is why... The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas and the Afro Goddess Oracle decks are very special and unique; so they are often awaited by hundreds of preorders, (to date approx. 375.) The packages are individually prepared by me in the order of receipt. (Meaning if you were a February order, you will go out first and all others then to follow.) If it sounds like it will take forever, it won't...about 3 weeks to be exact. lol  To know more, there is a process:

Going down the order list, beginning with the eldest order, I will print batches 30 to 50 orders at a time. (At that moment, your tracking information will be created and automatically generate to your email through the system) I will then sit Indian style on my floor and hand sign and bless each of those decks.

Each one blessed and hand signed.

This is a tradition I refuse to give up, regardless of the volume of orders. I believe the hand signing is what blesses the deck with all the remarkable knowledge you have heard about. Spirit and I made this deck together, so we release it to you together, and we thank you wholeheartedly for your patience as we do so.

 I will then very carefully pack each deck to ensure safe delivery against what is often mysterious postal handling. lol 

Drop off then repeat, until all outstanding orders are filled. Once, you see movement on your tracking information, it usually takes 2 to 3 business days to arrive at your US address or 7 to 15 days to arrive at your international address. (However please be mindful there may be additional delays internationally if there is some type of restrictions due to coronavirus.)

Quarantine cause you to need to change your address? Please email with your order number and change of address. (Please don't write in again however if you have already done so.)

Ultimately, I want to thank each and every one of you for riding these turbulent waves with me. I'd done this shipment many times, and this time... just as I had plans of expansion, Spirit provided me with the ultimate test of devotion to the creation I had brought forth into this world. As this project has grown from a Kickstarter to a full-on silent revolution, know the wands have been heavy but all of your love and support have provided life rafts in times of distress. I can't wait till you all experience the magic of the decks. As I watch businesses around me sadly crumble to nonexistence, I am humbled and grateful to have to strength to navigate the storms of our world. Thank you again for being along for the ride.

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  • Ayana Brown on

    Omg Ms Drea,
    I just got my package today and I’m loving it!! I waited sooo patiently for this package and today is the day that it come!! Also loving the message you wrote on the back as well. Thank you soooo much!!! Muah! 💋

  • CHAUNTE on

    Bless You! This deck will arrive right around my 44th birthday. Wow! Perfect timing, I do believe this is divine. I am expecting great things!

  • Summersays on

    Omg sis! Thank you for explaining this. I too am I Pisces so I’m going with the flow. I am super excited to get my deck. I feel like coming across the water as did our ancestors makes this batch very very special!!! Oh the story my cards will tell…can’t wait! Thanks for all that you’re doing for the universe and the culture. Peace & Blessings

  • Tanya on

    Peace & Blessings 👑 Queen! Thanks so much for the update as I’ve been patiently waiting with great anticipation for my Afro tarot deck. You are the “real thing” a gifted artist with spirit connections. Your talents have impacted us all who seek connections with our heritage and ancestors. Thank you for creating the link! I will be doing the happy dance 💃🏽 with you once my beautiful deck arrives.

  • Sharon Harper on

    The innerG here is a beautiful one.
    Thank you for keeping us in the loop.
    Peace & Wholeness Star🦋
    Patiently Awaiting……

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