The Real Houses of Astrology: Part 2

Andrea Furtick astrology blog tarot

Enjoy these spreads with your Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas decks!
Feel free to save and share for future use!!!
Happy holidays and the brightest New Years to you all!!!



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  • Marie on

    This is wonderful. I agree with the other comments about making this into something tangible to reference. Excellent and beautiful work!

  • Zenovia Palmer on

    I think you should make a card deck out of this and call it exactly what you call it here. The face of the cards would be the Wheel and you could make the writing description of each House be on inside of the card that way we don’t need a book. You could just do a pamphlet. Or you could just have the Wheel as the box cover and then give us the print in the wheel for each house. I love it. Beautiful.

  • Macy Leblanc on

    As a life coach this is amazing information to read. I love it!! And i am always inspired by your work.

  • LaTasha on

    I love these spreads coupled with the clarity of the houses!!!

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