This Game Called Life

Andrea Furtick

I wrote this article this week for a publication on However, I thought it was truly a "word." So I'm sharing it here as well.

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So I have this theory about life.

I, like most people, love a good game. 

From the youngest child giggling during a hand game to the eldest gentleman strategizing at advanced chess, we all love both a good mystery and a good (and hopefully clean) win.

So why would “The Game of Life” be any different?

Life — is a GAME; and one in which we have very little choice on if we play it, but we do get many of the choices in how we play it.

I’ve come to believe that our human existences are literal obstacle courses that propel us through different life cycles in hopes that we can overcome our surroundings, “win,” and at the end of it all…deservingly ascend into the ancestral plane.

So go with me for a moment…

My Theory on “The Journey of Our Spirits” — 

Could you imagine it possible that we all go through each zodiac sign in twelve lives, in order, from Aries to Pisces? Each level has it’s own obstacles (each sign’s worst traits) and its own superpowers (each sign’s best traits).

For example, at level one, an Aries may need to overcome their obstacles of temper and impatience with the use of their “superpower,” optimism. And at the end of that life cycle, should they have succeeded, they could possibly be reborn into level two, as a Taurus; in a new level with a new devil. One shall “play this game” all the way to level twelve, Pisces. (And perhaps this might explain some unexplained memories or connections we may have that we think don’t belong to us, or at least not from this lifetime.)

Now are there cheat codes? Absolutely. Shortcuts? Maybe. But above all, never forget the point of a game — there are benefits to collect, powers and skills to harvest, and (self-)mastery to be had.

Yet, games are also naturally designed to be full of traps —  many, many traps

However, one thing is for sure. Because you’re here — YOU MUST PLAY. And should you choose not to play or spend all your time “playing around”, well, then you will become a pawn — in someone else’s game. 

The choice is yours.

How To Win at The Game Of Life:

So what do you need to know to win any game? 

Well, first you need to know your opponent and what you’re trying to accomplish.

On the surface level, a colleague in your field of work or person competing for your lover may appear to be your opponent in this “Game of Life.” We are all playing the same game, yet not necessarily together; with varying circumstances of scenery, advantages, disadvantages, levels completed, levels fails and replayed, and more…we are all playing the same game with the same rules — yet only playing truly alongside one another, and not really together.

So with that said, I believe your most valiant opponent stares back at you in the mirror every single day. For it is undoubtedly true that the toughest opponents in life you could ever have — are all the parallel versions of YOU.

So here’s where one begins to wonder “what if…”

What if you had tried harder at all the things that mattered? What if you went to or back to school, on that date, to that interview, or to the doctor? What would happen if you made the “right” choices?

Thing is — there are no right choices. Yes, it is true that some choices do have a tendency to produce more favorable circumstances than others, but very few singular choices will end you completely in the game of life. Why? Because quite often, it takes a string of “bad” decisions for a game to be over; causing a “loss of life” in a game. The funny thing is, you usually get more than one life — meaning “chance” in playing the game before you die or have to start over, however, ironically we do not get to know how many lives we get… in this Game of Life!

It’s ok to lose a few rings…you can still keep going and WIN!!!

Now, let’s think about falling into a trap on a game… once you fall in — there may be no way back to where you were — and you damn sure may have gotten the rings knocked out of you, but you just pick up and go on…because you’re STILL in the game. All roads lead somewhere, even dark ones. So, you just still have to play until either you win or lose, but you don’t get to quit just because of that one “bad move.”

So what do you do when you get tired of playing? Well, you don’t just allow your avatar to stand still as time runs out. You pause the game; and if you pass that principle on to the Game of Life —  you would know to learn to rest, not quit. You accept that breaks and moments of rest are necessary, and that victory could absolutely still be ahead in due time with due effort. 

You reenergize and then strategize. 

Every Player Needs A Strategy.

The best strategy in playing a game — is to actually accept that YOU ARE PLAYING A GAME. 

Games have winners, and games have losers. Everyone simply can’t win, so do all that you can to come out on the right side of that coin. Others, unbeknownst to their real competitors, will try and trip you, and that’s ok — just as long as you are mindful ahead of time, thus rendering their efforts to be in vain. Protect you. Protect your both destined and unwritten future. I’m absolutely not telling anyone to go out and become a thieving con-artist, but I am telling you not to feel bad if you’re winning and others around you are losing. Don’t feel bad if you’re working hard amidst laziness and entitlement… and then one day you find yourself finding “the golden coin.” 

Because when you accept that your opponent is you, you will do all you can to be the best you. This thought process allows you to realize that you have the potential to become great, and you have the potential to become nothing. Circumstances are just what they are — circumstances; however, the power of free-will combined with courageous action often can overcome circumstance and provide a win that everyone else “playing” will see.

And will the others feel happy for you or jealous of you? Depends on how much knowledge they have about playing the game, but know that that is not your concern. Why? Because deep down they too wanted to win (which would mean you would have lost and they would have been fine with that), but either they didn’t play the game at all and became a pawn, or you just simply played better than them. And that’s an honest win.

Play Hard. Win Hard.

The Game of Life is a game of self-mastery; and by self, I am referring to that of our spiritual self.

And when you play the game with valiant force over these twelve lifetimes, both conscious of your efforts and unconscious to your future circumstances — know there's something very special that may lie beyond that twelfth win. Keep pushing through the journey. Keep playing the game.

Quite possibly cosmic level ascension is ahead.



Thanks for reading!


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