To Destiny with a Destined Direction

Andrea Furtick

It's more than just "Where am I going?"...but HOW will you get there?

There's nothing worse than a long trip, with detours, uncomfortable conditions, and backseat drivers. But somehow, doesn't it slightly lessen the disappointment when you know ahead of time that a detour is coming up? There inadvertently is a lessened sense of panic, as you know you are still well on your way to your destination. However, you also know the road ahead of you is not clear. So, with that warning, you are prepared with resourcefulness and patience to await your destination in its destined time.

For progressive movement comes certainly when we accept the route and travel time to be variables; but the destination itself, to be both divine and fixed. 

And just like that road full of detours, the road to the Afro Goddess Oracle was full of unexpected occurrences. It took resourcefulness. It took patience. But it was destined, and now it's here. For the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas and Afro Goddess Oracle have finally joined forced, and it's first joint reading EVER was just magical. 

One of the most popular questions I receive as the creator is, "What is the difference between the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas and the Afro Goddess Oracle decks?

 So, understand that the Oracle shows you what is and what's to come, and the tarot instructs and illuminates the actions into that destined coming. Get it? If not, no worries! Check out the very first joint reading below.

And may this message bless you with insight and the energy of forward motion.

This is such a beautiful reading about allowing rebirth to happen. (I was absolutely warm and tingly inside when Universal Spirit allowed the Ankh to be the center of our very first reading with the two decks together!!!) 

With the Ankh card at the center of the reading, we know that rebirth is approaching for us in some area of our journeys. Positive transformation is most certainly ahead; however patience, faith, and strategic action will be required of you if it is to happen.

"A destined rebirth is happening. It is necessary. It is by design. Allow the clouds to roll. In their movements you will obtain clear vision. Allow the fires to burn. For the flames of destruction bring on the ashes that fertilize transformative growth. Allow the waters to flow, as the fluidity will carry you to a place of truth and release. And also allow the trees and flowers to flourish, as they will protect and shade your journey of spiritual immortality."   

(from the Afro Goddess Oracle Guidebook)

So with the Ankh at the center of the reading, know that a painful cycle is ending and your continuous life-force now has the opportunity to grow and flourish! Have faith, and let's look further.


To read this set of Afro Goddess Oracle cards, we will use a technique called mirroring. It is here you will blend the meanings of the two outside pairs of cards, and then we will clarify with the cards from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas.

Our first pair consists of the Fish and The Clover. 

The Fish card represents harmonic flow within our finances and material wealth. As each fish joins in the school, know it contributes to their vast and powerful forward movement as a whole. So in this moment, the Afro Goddess Oracle is inviting you to be mindful of how you allow your outward going energies to positively collect and propel you forward in the material world. And when combined with the positive and lucky energy of the clover, you can know that luck is indeed on your side with your efforts towards this rebirth. However, the Clover card also reminds us that it may just be by a destined stroke of luck, so you must be alert and ready to accept a fast coming opportunity at a moment's notice. 

Excellent. A fast coming opportunity! Positive energy flow in the material! And luck from the Universe! FABULOUS!!! But how???? What do we need to do?

Now we turn to the clarification cards we chose from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck.

Beginning here with the Two of Pentacles, this illuminates that you may have recently been, or are still, "juggling." You've been juggling finances, obligations, and responsibilities galore. Juggling can be impressive, but tiresome; however often it is necessary. But be aware that NOW is a time to be sure you find and maintain balance within that juggling act. Know that your potential is limitless when your efforts are infinite. 

However, within this pursuit of balance of your present circumstances, the VII of Swords warns us to both plan and save for ourselves when necessary, as well as to be mindful of those trying to deceive us in one way or another and to ultimately rob you of your blessings or possessions. So just stay alert and stay on task. SAVE what you need to for you, your own happinesses, and own dreams (be it financially or energetically) because a time is fast approaching with the VIII of Wands for you to shoot your shot at destiny. Your energy here needs to be high right now, and your sights need to be intensely focused. That opportunity IS coming, because with your abundant efforts your abundant flow of reward shall flow aggressively in. For it is destined.

Now let's move on to our second pair.

This pair consisting of The Moon and the Crossroads, is a pair of having confidence in yourself, your decisions, and the BRIGHT future ahead. 

"The Goddess of the Crossroads has many opportunities or options to choose from with little guidance to do it. Being the card of "free will," this card represents making a choice but also having feelings of doubt, worry, and hesitation arise about doing it. But you can't stay here. You have to choose. And even though it is what is beyond that choice that gives you a sense of nervousness, know that it is also what is beyond that choice that will take you to your next destination."

(From the Afro Goddess Oracle Guidebook)

So with the Crossroads, it's time to make the decision to commit to a certain direction. And even though the Moon card in the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas is designed to represent illusion, the Moon card within the Afro Goddess Oracle deck is all about how beautifully the light shines on us when we succeed at our deepest fantasies and dreams. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. And as always, when the Moon rests the Sun appears...

So now let's clarify this pair for more instructions.

Judgement invites you to accept the calling that Universal Spirit has for you. You can't ignore it any longer, it's time to be both vulnerable and strong as you commit to going forward in your stride. However because our Star card is reversed, you may be having a moment where you don't actually believe you can. Don't lose faith. Trust that the Universe conspires with you and not against you, and that it most importantly has your greatest good in mind with all happenings.You can do this, and if you embrace this new opportunity with all the most positive and beautiful efforts of YOU that you can, your enormous success is destined. 

So stay focused, and see with your EYE. 

And what is our final advice from Spirit in this reading?

Our Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas bottom of the deck card, the X of Wands, gives us the absolute truth by illuminating that this existence is no easy burden to bear. Even though you can feel that you are almost there; you are indeed very tired and drained. However, you must find the strength to carry on! The Universe is supporting and assisting your desires into reality. 

And with the final advice from the Afro Goddess Oracle being (and didn't I say it above, after the Moon comes...) the Sun, know that good fortune, success, and victory is at the end of this journey for you. So persevere!!! We, the melanated, are a resilient people.


So I've really hope you've enjoyed this reading using both the Afro Goddess Oracle and Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas decks! I am so beyond amazed at how beautifully these two decks flowed instantly together, and I can't wait for you all to experience this collective magic.

Blessings to you. Ase.



The decks landed here in Atlanta, GA on Friday November 22nd. Tracking information and packages are being made for the 300+ preordered decks. Thank you all so much for your patience!!! I bless, sign, and package each deck myself so the shipping process is extensive at the moment. All pre-orders can expect tracking information by December 4th. Still need to place your order for this magic? Supply is limited, but currently available.

Also, yes, the original design of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas is currently out of stock HOWEVER the Special Edition is currently printing (same images with holographic effects + one MORE card :)) . So if you'd like to get in on that preorder, please do so!

And thank you all for your support, trust, and patience as I attempt to quietly be a massive voice. I couldn't create these visions without you and I appreciate you being apart of this moment in time with me.

FREE SHIPPING with code DIVINE for reading all the way to the end! lol 

Blessings again.



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  • Mandisa on

    Sooo dope! I’m looking forward to receiving my deck! Thanks for being such a light in the melanated community ❤

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