The Will to Find the Anchor: Realigning Committed Black Love

Andrea Furtick

To truly be committed to a lover, for all of your earthly days, is nowadays scarce. The convenience of self enwrapment has coincidentally become a fort of self entrapment; that for whatever reason has caused many to have become conditioned to find it to be more desirable to be a solo spirit, flying freely about the world. However, our Spirits are designed to connect, exchange energies, merge, expand, and reproduce even amidst the obstacles and chaos of this physical space.

And if you agree, you are one of the last of us whom is committed to the selfless act of true and endless love. Circumstantial love may presently be the craze, but your choice to love unconditionally through the difficult times within the alignment of your committed union is both admirable and divinely guided. Sometimes, when you KNOW the love is real, but the circumstances have broken your flow of alignment, it can be difficult to heal and reconnect.

Therefore if you're in a committed relationship, and find you're in a moment of misalignment with your lover; then this reading is for you. Using the spread below and the cards of both the Afro Goddess Oracle and the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas, we will examine both you and your partner; as well as the energies that have and are contributing to your misalignment. Knowledge is power, right? Let's face those feelings of fear and uncertainty that have added shadows in the dark. For only through the darkness do we see the light.

And here is our Spirit-selected spread:

Believe it or not, the massive power of Ra shines on this Union. With the Sun card from the AGO at the focus point of the reading, you can relax in the respect of knowing that this union, itself, is destined. 

The Sun card of the AGO eludes to us that happiness and victory shall always overshadow the darkness. So whatever problems that may be plaguing the two of you at this time, know that a grand potential is there for them to be cleansed and healed away...should you put in the effort; despite your potential fatigue from the heat.

However, be advised that one of the bitter sweet aspects of the Sun, is that it is indeed very bright. So, at this moment you may no longer be able to ignore some inconsistencies and hidden issues that are now simply just "boiling over" from the high temperatures of the times.

In this moment, in order to recreate balance in your union, it will be important for you to be honest about what the light of the sun has illuminated to you both. Honesty and the mutual desire to continue will guide you into a more balanced and fulfilling time for you both as individuals and a couple. So let's examine the energies of you. (*Energies can be interchangeable should you see fit.) 

 Oh my dear, you've been taking quite a beating. The energy of the Whip (AGO) shows that arguments and problems have caused you to not only lose focus but are now also beginning to restrict you in other areas of your life. But it's time for you to make a decision, because in the end, you must always be the best version of you. So decide what you want, and drive the whip; DO NOT let the whip drive you any further. 

Le'ts look further with some clarifiers from the AGTA deck.

 The Moon card shows us that you've been trying to be brave as you have blindly been navigating through some sort of situation. Secrets and surprises have arisen and now you are way more aware of your surroundings on your journey. But at some point, you arrived at the Five of Swords, meaning you decided you were going to win at all costs. This can be by using said bravery to slay the obstacles in your way, or by viciously cutting out a situation completely.

However, on your stride to victory, these obstacles may have snuck up and got the better of you with your Eight of Wands in the reverse; leaving you feeling frustrated by this rift in connection to your partner. So what should you do? Be the Goddess of Cups.  The Goddess of Cups is the pillar of emotional control. She allows her emotions, and her love, to flow from a place of deep subconsciousness and can see past the turbulence of the now. Basically, it's time for you to exercise the notion of for better or for worse. You and your partner may be having some circumstantial hard times, and that may have caused some things to be done or said that left some soreness in your Spirit. Forgive the one you love if your heart is calling you to do so. Love them from a deep subconscious place that can overshadow the pain of the now. For with your contribution of that action, forward movement is abound.

Now let's have a look at your partner, because understanding all the perspectives will give you all the power.

(And I do mean the power to mend not manipulate.)


 Two cards actually fell out for your partner, and this particular combination I find quite interesting. I see your partner appearing as the Black Fox. The Fox is smart and his heart is in the right place, as all he wants is to provide for himself and his family. However in that quest, the Fox may use some trickery and cunning ways to get ahead. But why the tricks? Attached to him/her is the Mice. There may be a situation or group of individuals feeding from him in a heavy and infectious way. Often we are quite judgmental of others' actions, but here we see that there is an underlying, deeper issue with your partner (that honestly has nothing to do with you) and his "tricks" or  argumentative nature have all stemmed from this growing need that he/she may be struggling to fulfill.

So let's go deeper with clarifiers from the AGTA deck.

There comes a time when change is necessary, and your partner is in that moment. The Judgement card, illuminates to us that your partner is currently opening their EYE and seeing the awakening that is to take place for them (and you). With the Nine of Cups being reversed, it is clear that balance has been thrown off as there is now some aspect of their life that your partner is now gravely unsatisfied with. And being followed by the Devil, your partner is feeling trapped, because he/she is tightly and uncomfortably bound to those "mice." So what should your partner do? The Devil card shows us not only our traps but also our treasures. Nothing or no one can hurt you worse than someone(thing) you love, so it's time for your partner to enjoy giving in moderation. The job of a provider is indeed a burden and heavy weight, but it most definitely shouldn't weigh you all the way down. Your partner needs to lighten his load, but it will be up to them to make that decision to answer the horn of Judgement.

So now that you know what the two of you should do separately, let's look at what you should do together and where that action will lead you.

It's time for the two of you to bask in the energy of the Star together. The Star calls for us to be vulnerable and at peace with the idea that the two of you are all you need to light the night sky. Perfect your flow of giving and receiving emotionally, and the Ace of Pentacles will be there to follow! This will be a new opportunity of a new time in tangible results of your union. Growth is here, but you will need to both protect and nurture what you have if you'd like to see your love manifest into abundance.

And finally, what's the overall advice from Spirit?

Now's the time to put true effort into your relationship. With the actions of willful destiny, the Sun card from the AGTA deck shines brightly on the future of your union. However, first you must open your hearts and enjoy compassion, gratitude, joy, and love with each other again. Your union is blessed, so just stay optimistic as your stride towards...or swim towards....the Anchor of the AGO. The Anchor being at the end of this reading is a beautiful indication that stability is ahead for the two of you. You will get through this storm, because just like the weight of the mighty anchor, the love you share is solid.

I do hope this has helped you in some way or another. Feel free to leave me a comment if it connected!




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  • Destiney on

    Hey! I’m a lil late to the party…lol BUT I just found your site and I feel like I found you by divine intervention. I’ve been struggling trying to find out who I am as a woman and spiritually has been a HUGE struggle since leaving the church. I’m sooo happy I found you, I ordered both tarot and oracle decks and this reading truly resonated with me. Thank you so much sis for all you do, I pray you have success, continued blessings and renewed strength, especially during this time.

  • Lotus Ra-El on

    OMG!!! This reading was 💯 spot on for me and my marital situation. Especially his reading the Fox and the mice feeding from him and weighing heavy, and him being a good provider. The trickery all of it made perfect since to my situation. The whip as my reading was also so very true. God only knows the emotional beating I have taken over years, and then I’ve lost so many family members who have transitioned, my father my biggest supporter in 2017, and including my precious baby daughter in 2014. It’s been so rough for me. I’m still wounded about my daughter’s passing no matter what I do. It’s been difficult but I do my best to move forward and carry on. The moon card and the five of swords is also 100 percent accurate for me. As I have been very bravely but blindly at times trying to move forward. The five of swords represents my fierce warrior spirit that will CUT down anything that threatens my wellbeing. With that being said I’ve been ready to throw in the towel for quite some time now and have been teetering on the edge of just moving on. Because he just doesn’t seem to get it, you have to put your wife and your marriage first at all costs! This is the foundation for peace, but also prosperity in every direction.
    It’s been extremely challenging as those “mice” have created so much division between me and my spouse. The other day spirit let me know that he is aware of the division and disruption that the “mice” have created and which has driven a wedge between us for years. However, it’s up to him what he is going to do about it. Finally, the anchor and sun ☀️ Did deeply resonate with me and knowing there can be light at the end of the tunnel, and that our union is blessed. It’s very hard to see that when you’ve given your best and gone through so much. Thank you so much for this reading, and I’m so glad I took the time to visit your website. The work you’re doing is deeply important as many of us struggle to connect with oracles that seem too “fluffy” generic and redundant. Many often lack images that resonate with the connection of our ancestors. Your spiritual energy is definitely felt through the creative and beautiful imagery of your cards. This reading in particular provided clarity from what my own spirit guides were telling me. It’s amazing how the universe works and is always on time! I just ordered the Afro goddess tarot! But now once I get my coins right I’m going to also order the Afro goddess oracle deck as well. I love the way they complemented one another in this reading. I’m looking forward to doing my readings daily again.

    Thanks so much for all you do! Never stop creating!

  • NaVe on

    This reading has been incredible! It is a bit of tough for us right now & we just talked about things will get better; so to read this has really renewed my hope & faith. Thank you so much! This means more than words can describe; I want to cry tears of pure joy

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