What IT Takes to Dance with Destiny: The Truth About the Process of Manifestation

Andrea Furtick

"For all that we see before us, tis merely a personification of our spiritual strength." 

"I wish, I want, I need." 

As our spirits evolve within our physical bodies, it is our human nature to want to see those changes manifest into our physical space. 

Fortunately for us, they absolutely can; but to receive said desired blessings, one must often release a series of transgressions along the way; and quite often it is that realization through our human eyes that causes our human existences to often go lacking the things we so deeply desire. 

In a world where religion replaces the aspect of free will, to condition our psyche to perform through the physical can be tricky when you feel the odds are stacked against you. But if you're a true God or Goddess, you know all things happen with reason and most importantly, your Ancestors and Spirit Guides are waiting to assist on your journey, so along with that and resilient perseverance and perspective; know that your greatest power is within and in all honesty, you might possibly be only a few steps away...so no use in giving up now...

However, do know that the ascended majesticness that the Spirit realm offers to us, in exchange for our obedience and service, is never to be taken lightly. Everything has a price. If it's the materials you want, it may cost you time, sleep, or other joys. Want a specific relationship? It may cost you the freedom of frolicking with others, so again EVERYTHING has a cost... and please understand that there is no spell in spellwork that doesn't require actually work (be it spiritual, emotional, or physical); so with that in mind, it should never be a shock when the obstacles within your journey present themselves and you know the tests have begun. So now the question is, how bad do you want it? 

Well, I certainly would hope you would want it more than an inconsistent recitation of an impersonal chant or alighting a too often unattended candle. Rituals work only when we do. To attract the destiny you desire, you must also emit the frequency you need in return...no matter what the circumstances (even in the hardest moments); you must complete the work and always with the highest faith in its pure success within your head and heart.   

A surprisingly short while ago, I petitioned to Universal Spirit for an existence very particularly designed. And even though the destination is by my design; clearly the compromises or costs of Spirit's assistance was and is a journey of their intricate creation that I will have to forge through if I want the reward at the end.

So sword in hand, we charge in. Right? Wrong. The world has distorted the perception of true manifestation. Sometimes it is not about quickly rushing in, but actually a calculated dance with destiny full of quick steps and balancing acts...leading to a finale' of glory and applause. 

But what is true manifestation like?

It's definitely not sitting with your eyes closed watching it happen in your head. It requires you to open your EYE and see all that is truly before you. Space must be made for your requests to come in with comfort. Strength must be formed to carry the load of your successes, and perseverance must be built up for you to endure what's ahead with stamina. So are you ready, or more so willing, to lose in order to gain...or to know the pain in order to know the pleasure...so tell me; with that principle in mind, will you hold yourself back?

The truth is, the journey to your greatest manifestation is dark. For it is the ideas acted upon in blind faith within the shadows and the quiet steps that are trailed with tears that ultimately bring us to the brightly lit table in the Garden of Abundance. It is loneliness. It is solitude. It is reflection. It is seeing without seeing, and being touched without touching.

In a way, the journey itself is a test. And the "finale" before your manifestation is complete, maybe the most difficult dance of all. And as you flow and move through, know that Spirit sees when it's hard. They see because they designed it. You must be deserving of the glory you desire and nothing worth having comes easy. So know that after the most difficult dance... comes the most glorious applause.

You are almost there. Keep dancing.

In my latest dance with destiny (the manifestation of my latest Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas Special Edition deck), Spirit gave me some pretty tricky moves to follow. Obstacles arose and so did my anxiety. But as anxiety leads to error, I did trip up a bit but never did I allow myself to fall. Instead, I allowed myself to regain balance. Every. Single. Time. 

So just keep regaining balance beloved. To be tripped up is often uncomfortable both physically and emotionally, but you must continue to have the will to recover. As this dance is designed by Spirit, allow them to truly lead you in a way that is harmonious and pure. And in the end, they will lift you and the crowd will applaud you for not just the end pose but the entire dance you've done from beginning to end. 

Encore my love. 


And as always, feel free to use your Afro Goddess Tarot and Oracle decks to help guide your way. :) Blessings beloved. 

Happy New Moon in Pisces.




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