Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath, 8oz
Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath, 8oz
Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath, 8oz
Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath, 8oz
Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath, 8oz
The Afro Goddess Connection

Forever A Phoenix Spiritual Detox Bath, 8oz

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Take away the stress. Take away the mess.
Take away anything that makes me feel unblessed.
Give me back my light. Give me back my fight.
For resilient is the God(dess) that has no fear at night.


When it's all too much, it may be time to let it all go. 

Life is often heavy, and "the road to hell is definitely paved with good intentions." So when you've tried your best and all around you may seem to feel like it is burning down, grab your last seed of hope and be Forever a Phoenix.

Based in Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt, this blessed spiritual bath will not only aid in the cleansing of your spiritual impurities but also your physical ones. Known to not only relieve stress and tension, but also improve digestion, this mineral embodies also the energy to protect, banish, and shield from negativity.

Along with this magical base, comes some mystical additives. With a carefully crafted blend of 4 herbs and a selection of intentioned spiritual oils, this spiritual detox will aid one in facilitating a complete emotional reset of self-esteem and confidence. 

This blessed blend will indeed improve your overall personal resilience, enhance your self-knowledge, expand your inner wisdom, and clear the chaos within your mind. And as you soak, it will cover you with protection to ward off black magic and evil spirits. 

So within this place of transition from resistance to alignment, the dark will leave but the light will enter.

Allow this soak to provide the door for all you wish to vanish and the gateway for self-confidence, courage, and positivity to enter into you.

Great for those under immense professional pressures, this soak will detox the feelings of inferiority and literally evoke the God in you. 

Tip: After soaking, air dry and follow with the Mrs. Pentacles Supreme Manifesting Body and Ritual Oil. You'll be so glad you did.



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