High John de Conqueror Oil Roller
The Afro Goddess Connection

High John de Conqueror Oil Roller

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History of High John & the High John Root

Known as the son of an African Congo king, High John de Conqueror holds the legacy of being the African prince unbroken by slavery.

As folklore holds, High John was proven to be a trickster to his captors and praised among the enslaved for his confident and collected spirit.

In love with the Devil's daughter Lilith, it is said the two were able to escape European captivity and return to Africa by means of High John's own trickery— or rooted magick.

However, when High John left the Americas, he left all his enslaved brothers and sisters quite a unique gift within a southern plant scientifically classified as Ipomeoa Jalapa or Ipomoea Purga; now known to the world as the powerful High John root.

High John root is now one of the most popular Hoodoo roots used in workings.

The possession of the root (or a root infused oil) easily symbolizes courage, success, and happiness— BUT WHEN YOU CALL HIS NAME— "High John, hi!"... an activation of luck, love, success, and achievement can be had.


contains High John Root and four other complimenting herbs/roots to enhance the magick of this (6 week) aged and "worked" oil roller.

Directions for Use

There is so much power in the use of speech. So line your lips, say "High John, Hi." and speak into existence the desires of your heart.

Want a more personal boost to this oil? Upon receiving, carefully open the roller and add one cleaned strand of one's own hair to the bottle.

Thank us later.

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