Protect & Prosper Hoodoo Powder Combo
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Protect & Prosper Hoodoo Powder Combo

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Hoodoo is a practice with two goals—to protect and to prosper.

And forever sacred to our African culture, dating all the way back to ancient Egyptian times are the use of onions (and a few other things) to do just that.

Protection: White Onions (in Blue Vile)

Used/burned to clear away obstacles, protect from the "Evil Eye," & absorb magickal attacks

Prosperity: Red Onions (in Clear Vile)

Used/burned for prosperity, good luck, favor, love, & lust

How to Use Hoodoo Powders

First, be aware, a little of this powder goes a long way.

Can be used:

  • When "blowing desires" into the air
  • In Candle Dressing
  • In Circle Casting
  • In Burning Work
  • Plant Magick
  • Spiritual Baths
  • Lining Doorways
  • and more!


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