The Supreme Collector's Necklace
The Supreme Collector's Necklace
The Supreme Collector's Necklace
The Afro Goddess Connection

The Supreme Collector's Necklace

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This antique copper necklace is adorned with the energy and imagery from The Supreme card of the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck. 

"...for the realization of the absolute majesticness you are, will evolutionize your control of time and revolutionize your methods of manifestation." ✨
All is connected. All is you. From stardust our immortal souls arise into form. And just as rare as the sight of an eclipse, can arise a true force, THE SUPREME. This Goddess, of absolute power, has no fear; for she knows she is all connected as both the creator and the creation. And with that, there is no moment she cannot control, as SHE is the moment...divinely blessed with intuition and the guidance of her ancestors, she is in full control.✨

Antique brushed copper pendant (size 2×1.5 inches) on copper chain approx. 18" in length

Limited quantity available. 

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