Thank you all for an amazing 2019! We will push the envelope for CLEARER VISION in 2020. What a time it is to be alive!
Thank you all for an amazing 2019! We will push the envelope for CLEARER VISION in 2020. What a time it is to be alive!
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F.A.Q. & Policies

The Afro Goddess Connection has grown so much, it sometimes gets difficult to keep up with all the questions you all may have. No worries though! So before you write that email (but you are most definitely welcome to do so!), please check out some of the most frequently asked questions that I get and see if you can get your answers below.

Have a more specific question? No problem, email I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

1. What is a Pre-order? And why do we do them?

Pre-ordering a product means you actually are paying for the product before it is physically available. This process often allows me to offer the products at a discounted rate in exchange for your trust and fund the sometimes extensive creation of these products. In this aspect, teamwork absolutely makes the dream work!

2. My order is "late." When can I expect my order to ship?

I do understand that we live in the age of Amazon two day delivery, however as each product at The Afro Goddess Connection is handmade and packaged with positive vibes and blessings by myself personally, that type of delivery system is can not be guaranteed. What you can expect is your order will often be cleared for shipment seven days after purchase, making most wait times about 10 days during regular, not heavy, shipping schedules. Also, please note, if it is in pre-order phase----there is a risk of minor delays in production, but it will be shipped out as soon as possible. It takes a lot of time to sign hundreds of boxes, wrap hundreds of candles, write readings, package, and most of all PAINT!  I'm also a wife and mommy too. :) I say all of this to say, it takes much to do the work of the ancestors. I work on DIVINE TIMING, so I do promise your product will arrive exactly when it is divinely meant to...and you will rejoice as it's ALWAYS worth the wait. 

3. Drea! Your business is experiencing rapid growth...why are you still working alone?

Well this is the thing: I'm a REAL spiritualist. Those feelings of fiery, passionate positive energy you get from your packages, are deliberately sent to you by me. That's right, Drea got the sauce. :) Therefore I can't allow just anyone to taint this distribution of elevated consciousness. So until I meet someone I can trust to give what I's just me. 

4. Do you do commission painting?

Thank you  for the consideration, however at this moment I am in a SOUL contract to only be commissioned to the Ancestors. (So unfortunately, no.)

5. Do you wholesale?

Select products are wholesaled to PHYSICAL locations only. I only wholesale to one store of my choosing per city. I am currently particularly interest in finding stores in (but not limited to) New Orleans, Miami, Cleveland, Brooklyn, and Houston. I reserve the right to respectfully decline wholesale at my own discretion. Please email with the subject: WHOLESALE INQUIRY: STORE NAME & CITY.

6. Where are you located?

I quietly live in Atlanta, GA, (USA) but the Afro Goddess Connection is internationally recognized.

7. As new cards are added to newer versions of the decks, is it possible to purchase single cards to add into my existing deck that I already have?

 I know this seem like a great idea, however this is not feasible. Quite often the deck's physical appearance (card size, back design, etc.) will change from edition to edition. This makes an insert virtually impossible. The meticulous attention to detail and spiritual commitment to visual elevation is what makes The Afro Goddess Connection's products worth building the collection. Therefore the decks are sold in complete sets only.

8. Do you offer cancellations or refunds?

Cancellations and refunds are not available. Exchange is available unlikely defective items only.