Terms & Conditions

The Afro Goddess Connection
Terms & Conditions

Forever and always…the Art is for sale, but the vibes are FREE.

This will never change. When I began the Afro Goddess Connection in 2016, I was always overjoyed to drop off the three or four orders I had each week. However, now in 2020, I find myself both humbled and blessed to often be delivering hundreds of packages weekly to the postal office… to be sprinkled, like true fairy dust, all over the world.

With the now drastic increase in both customers and orders, my workload has exploded, and my email is overflowing. I appreciate every one of you; but as I am but one individual, effective immediately (08/12/2020), the following rules will apply to all purchases and interactions.

By purchasing, you understand and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


Interactions With Drea:

  • The Afro Goddess Connection receives tons of emails and messages about how much the decks and products are loved. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! It’s very hard to answer everyone, so please, please do not be offended if you didn’t receive a written response; but know I read your message and sent you the most beautiful energy imaginable…as your kind messages truly keep me going in this one woman show. I thank you again, and hope to keep making you proud with my creations.
  • Emails that do require response, due to volume, may take up to 48 hours for response. Thank you for your patience.
  • Thank you for the consideration, however I am not accepting Commission work
  • I also am not offering personal readings at this time.
  • I am not able to email out interpretations to personal readings you pulled. Please use the included booklet for detailed information on each card.
  • If you have sent in a suggestion for creation, thank you. However, I am not able to create every idea submitted. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Please do not email for discounts or free products.
  • My list of vendors and methods of production are incredibly unique and often unorthodox. I respectfully ask that you not email with inquiries for these details.
  • Please respect the nature of my work. These are spiritual products, tools, and collectables. I obviously cannot tell you what to do with what you have purchased, however please keep in mind these items are connected to the Divine and should be treated as such.

Interviews, Press, & Appearances:

  • Please submit all interview, press, and appearance requests to theafrogoddessconnection@gmail.com
  • Email interviews do work best for me right now. If your question list is available, please send it along with your inquiry (However I will consider a video meeting if scheduling permits)
  • Due to our current Covid culture, appearances are a “maybe,” however you are more than welcome to ask!
  • Also, should I not feel aligned to participate at this time, please take no offense, as I also reserve the right to respectfully decline.

Interactions with the Decks & Other Products

  • All images and text distributed by the Afro Goddess Connection are copywritten and not authorized for resale, distributive use, or publication unless provided written permissions by Andrea Furtick.
  • As a purchaser, you are free to use the decks and products for personal use and in professional readings/ spiritual work and teachings performed by yourself via in person or online
  • When using the decks on social media, please tag @art.goddess.drea for credit
  • Please do not claim us to be business partners or associates unless true.
  • Feel free to use the deck on YouTube and other streaming platforms with adequate credits.

Pre-Order Process

  • Decks and products from the Afro Goddess Connection seem to always be in extremely high demand. To be sure to secure an order for a currently out of stock, but in production deck or item, most collectors take advantage of the Pre-Order. This allows you the security of knowing that when the next shipment arrives, one will most definitely belong to you. (You can keep up with the progress of preorders via the listing itself or in the update blogs.)
  • Please note that there are many variables within production, and there are times when a projected shipment date may change due to several different situations (printing, shipping, etc.). I will do my best to keep you abreast, however your patience as these timeless creations are made is greatly appreciated.
  • As delays are almost always out of my control, impatience will not entitle you to a refund should you feel the production is running too long. I assure you all is going as fast as possible to ensure a quality item is fashioned.

For one to believe in Divine Timing,

one must believe all that is to happen to be divine.


  • Wholesale inquiries may be sent to theafrogoddessconnection@gmail.com
  • To control area saturation, I reserve the right to respectfully decline.
  • The Afro Goddess Connection wholesales exclusively with brick and mortar establishments. Please do not inquire if you are solely an online business or not yet open for business.


  • No refunds, as all orders are final once placed. Please double check that you have selected your correctly desired deck or product, as the order cannot be adjusted later.
  • Again, please do not email for discounts or coupons.
  • Exchange or correction to unlikely defective/damaged products must be requested by email within no more than 5 business days of postal’s scanned delivery. Please include your order number, photo of discrepancy, and description of issue.
  • Interested in something marked Out of Stock? Simply add your email to the notification box for In Stock alerts.
  • Interested in Original Artwork from the decks? Email to check for possible availability.


  • Shipping time often averages less than 14 business days (US, international is extended to 21 days) for IN STOCK decks and items. However due to the shift in package culture, please be both flexible and understanding with postal and delivery workers and offices.
  • Due to Covid culture, the drop off of packages will take place every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Tracking information will generate to you as your order enters the preparation and packaging phase. Please allow up to 3 days for the information to update.
  • To change your address prior to receiving tracking information, please email with your name, order number, and new change of address.
  • To change your address after your package is in transit, please contact the company providing delivery directly (USPS or UPS). I am unable to adjust the address after the package is exchanged to postal!
  • If for whatever reason you provide an incorrect address and your package is returned to me, there is a $10 US reshipment fee, and a $20 international reshipment fee.
  • International Shipping: Please be aware of if your country has customs fees. The Afro Goddess Connection is not liable for any overseas customs fees.
  • The Afro Goddess Connection is not responsible for the replacement of packages delivered to and missing from temporary third party acceptors such as hotels, resorts, ect. If this delivery is necessary, please email the same day as the order is placed and request a signature requirement on the package.
  • Please note all discrepancies, of any kind, must be communicated within 5 business days of scanned delivery.
  • If your package has been marked delivered and you have not received it, please check with your neighbors and if not recovered, IMMEDIATELY alert the delivery carrier (USPS or UPS), and then email me with the issue, your order number, AND a copy of the filed complaint. Should your package not be recovered within 5 business days, another will be promptly sent out to you with a signature requirement.
  • If your package is in transit, but appears to be stagnant, there can be many reasons for this. The mail system is overwhelmed right now, and we must all work together. So if your US package sits for more than 7 business days and your international packages sits for more than 21 business days, email and I’ll try and work it out.
  • If your package is missing items or items have arrived damaged, please email with your order number, name, and issue (photo if applicable) for correction.