Ace of Cups
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Ace of Cups

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Collect this ORIGINAL PAINTING of the Ace of Cups from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck.

Size 12x16 inch acrylic on canvas (embellished)

Available to ship within 2 business days.


Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups brings to you a brand new, passionate endeavor in emotions. As a hand extends out from a cloud, it overflows with five streams, representing the five senses overflowing with intuition and emotion. Divine love soars above, as to show that this positive emotion is consistently flying all around you. Floating gracefully in the overflow, is a small lotus; symbolizing the awareness of the awakening of the human spirit. And as the Sun shines down on the fluidity of the water below, it embraces the fact that at all times, as the water is never still, divine love and compassion flow through you.

 At this moment, you are being offered a divine cup full of emotions. Know that ultimately you ARE love, and giving and receiving love go hand in hand. At this moment, your "love cup" is beginning, as this is still an Ace card, to overflow. Do not fear this development of emotion. Embrace it, nurture it, and reciprocate it; for this love is a gift to you.

 In it's reversal, the Ace of Cups could point to a need to nurture your love of self. In this position, this self love card invites you to truly get in alignment with yourself and appreciate all that you truly are. You may be withholding important emotions, and it's time to stand in your truth. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to be yourself.

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