Thank you all for an amazing 2019! We will push the envelope for CLEARER VISION in 2020. What a time it is to be alive!
Thank you all for an amazing 2019! We will push the envelope for CLEARER VISION in 2020. What a time it is to be alive!
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Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas First Edition: Special Edition
Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas First Edition: Special Edition
Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas First Edition: Special Edition
The Afro Goddess Connection

Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas First Edition: Special Edition

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Since release in 2017, the dreamy, melanated artwork of the First Edition Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas has been celebrated by thousands of new and seasoned collectors all over the world. Together, we have all rejoiced in it's vibrant and colorful artwork; and been revolutionized by it's mystically connected messages that many were effortlessly able to "hear with their eyes" and "see with their hearts."

And now, we, here at the Afro Goddess Connection, joyously present the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas First Edition: Special Edition.

So if you thought you were in love with the details of the classic version of the deck, you'll be absolutely intoxicated by the details and effects of the Special Edition 2019 deck set. Continuing with the gorgeously traditional yet modern melanated artwork of the original set, this 79 card deck is now 80 cards with it's newest card inclusion, Nova: The Universe.

And as it is a Special Edition, this deck will be covered in holographic majesticness to produce a deck that literally sparkles and oozes the magic we all feel bursting inside. 

The deck set includes:

  • 80 standard cards (superior cardstock, holographic detailing, and gold gilt edging)

The original 78 cards of the tarot, plus the First Edition addition card The Supreme, AND a new addition card NOVA: THE UNIVERSE

Card sized: Standard 

  • The "Guide-Booklet" 

Best tiny book about tarot EVER. 90 full pages of information that leaves even the newest beginner feeling like a competent and gifted reader (also includes a branded magnifier for ease of strain on the eyes)

  • Magnetic Flip Box for storage

Luxurious matte and holographic effects

  • Velvet Protection bag with logo
  • First 100 Orders: Free Gift

For your trust and patience as these creations are birthed, the first 100 orders always receives a spectacular gift with purchase. Teamwork makes the dream work and we appreciate you helping this project live, so enjoy a free gift on us!


Shipping Details:

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. These decks are set to be complete from the printer early December and begin shipping out mid December in the order of receipt. 

It is my full intention that all packages ordered before December 18 will be out in time for the holidays. However, please understand this is NOT a guarantee. However, you will be able to find full updates on the deck's progress here or in your subscription emails. 

Please note, no refunds will be issued. By pre-ordering you understand that the shipping date is flexible and may be adjusted due to production scheduling, etc. however know ALL efforts to adhere to the initial schedule will be made. 


And as always, thank you so much for supporting this movement in Spiritual Consciousness.

Blessings to you! 



12/3/2019: The production of the Special Edition deck is well underway! The printers and I have been working diligently to get the magic of this deck flowing effortlessly for you all. I appreciate your trust as we create these timeless creations and hope they become treasured heirlooms to your families.

The digital files have been approved (there are literally over a hundred files to be made and sent to them in China)! Yay! And the decks are in currently in print and production. So this is where we wait, together. Can't wait to share my vision of sparkly holographics with you! I'm very proud of and pleased with the design upgrade that was made to the Afro Goddess Tarot for the Special Edition, and oh, the edition card Nova: The Universe is EVERYTHING.

 (FUN FACT: I failed my Photoshop101 course in college. It was literally like trying to read a foreign language... out a crowd...everyday. BUTTTT, fast forward 7 years and it flows to me now like second nature; as I'm sure an Ancestor whispers gentle and clear instructions to me as I create these digital files. Point'll come to you when it's meant to come to you. Just listen.) 

As far as shipping is concerned, we all (ME INCLUDED) have our fingers crossed that these decks make it in time for the holidays, but if they don't (which we must be ok with...DIVINE TIMING) I think I may have a special idea for those of you whom have purchased this as a gift. Stay tuned. 


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